[Caution] This application is compatible only with LG Smart TVs which are released in 2012 or later. If you own a LG Smart TV released in 2011 or before, please use the LG TV Remote 2011 application. On Now recommends programs suited to your personal tastes, based upon your pre-selections.

LG TV Remote alternatives

Remote Mouse - wireless keyboard & trackpad

Remote Mouse turns your iPhone, iPad or Apple watch into a wireless user-friendly remote control for your Mac / PC. Itll surprise you with fully simulated touchpad, keyboard and featured remote panels which make your remote experience simple and efficient. Open Remote Mouse App, Click Start to connect.

  • size 17.7 MB

Smartify - LG TV Remote

Smartify is an easy-to-use remote control unit with a keyboard, a touchpad and a list of channels for your LG smart TV. Just connect an iPhone and a TV to the same Wi-Fi network and you will be able to control the TV using a mobile device after a simple pairing routine. Disclaimer: Kraftwerk 9, Inc is not an affiliated entity of LG Electronics, and Smartify application is not an official product of LG.

  • rating 4.58333
  • size 52.5 MB

Sonymote : Remote for Sony Bravia TV Smart

SonyMote is a virtual remote control that lets you control your Sony Bravia TV. To use the sony remote control, you must have your iPhone / iPad on the same wifi network as your TV and you accept the message that appears on your TV (or register the pin code for the new model) Because the application runs through the wireless network , it is not necessary to be close to the TV . Sonymote control works with all the sony bravia smart TV.For any question : [email protected] Sonymote is neither an official Sony product, nor are we affiliated with the Sony company.

  • rating 3.72727
  • size 16.0 MB

SamRemote: remote Samsung TV

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Remotie: remote for Samsung TV

Remotie iPhone Remotie Remotie - 2010-2013 - - - 50 - - - - - - Remotie 2010-2013 Smart Hub / NetflixYouTube Remotie :Kraftwerk 9, Inc Remotie Kraftwerk 9

  • rating 4.72727