Remotie 2: Samsung TV Remote!

Remotie 2 is the second version of the popular remote control for Samsung Smart TV which has been downloaded over 4,000,000 times Easily interact with your TV using your phone or tablet. Navigate the Smart Hub and applications content, search in the Browser, control playback, enter text, control in games, change volume and switch channels Remotie 2 will help you to uncover all the possibilities of your Smart TV.Key features: - Pleasant and simple design in iOS 10 style; - Fully functional remote control for Smart TV; - Customizable remote control with unlimited number of buttons; - Large touchpad (In-App Purchase); - Keyboard (In-App Purchase);- Automatic connection to a device; Text input limitations:Text input is only available in the Smart Hub apps which support Samsung keyboard. Some services, like Netflix, YouTube and others, have their own keyboards and are not supported by Remotie 2.Disclaimer: Kraftwerk 9, Inc is not an affiliated entity of Samsung Electronics, and Remotie 2 application is not an official product of Samsung.