FindeXer customize your Explorer windows locations area for quick access to your most frequently used folders. After you install FindeXer, you need...

So, I guess apologies are due since I did promise to update more often (and have been receiving numerous threatening emails demanding that I do just that…, but sometimes you find out life has other plans for you. I have recently been touring in Japan for 3.5 weeks with the Mrs. and while that's a story on it's own (I have some posts I am writing on those, it does factor into the whole delay of posting. While we traveled I had no easy way of updating, and once I got back workload had piled up so much, It felt like drowning for a little while. Later I struck some difficulties with my previous webhost now, if you are hosting a website, let me give you some advice I had to learn the hard way: always have your site hosted with a different company than your domain registrar! It almost c

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FindeXer alternatives


RecentX gives you fastest access to your files, folders, programs, websites and also clipboard history in Windows. What's special is that it automa...

tags: Portable app-launcher app-search application-launcher bookmark-manager
platform: Windows

Folder Menu

Folder Menu - a tiny, portable folder switching tool and file launcher.You can quickly jump to your favorite folders in explorer, open/save dialog ...

tags: windows-explorer-extension folders shell-enhancement system-extension
platform: Windows Windows Explorer

Direct Folders

Access your folders from anywhereJust double click on an empty area located on the Desktop, Explorer or File Open/Save dialog box to bring up a men...

tags: Discontinued explorer-addons explorer-extensions folders shell-enhancement
platform: Windows Windows Explorer Discontinued

Chameleon Explorer

Do you need to open a folder? You can open folders everywhere from a menu of your favorite folders, including dialog boxes for opening and saving a...

tags: folders favorites windows-explorer save-as
platform: Windows

Folder Guide

After quick install it will appear in context menus of Windows Explorer and Open/Save dialogs as "Folder Guide" item. With Folder Guide, you no lon...

tags: shell-enhancement open-folder shell-tool explore-folder
platform: Windows


CFDButton is a tiny app that installs a button on the windows common file dialog to provide time saving functionality. It adds three functions:

tags: file-dialog
platform: Windows