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FoilChat messenger

foilChat is truly secure chat application. Encrypted with strong state-of-the-art algorithms on both ends and a huge amount of tinfoil to prevent mind reading, foilChat will provide a safe and convenient way to communicate for any individual or organisation concerned over their privacy. Features:- Messages- Audio messages- Video messages- File sharing- Contact sharing- Location sharing- Cloud Storage- AES 256 CBC- RSA 4096- FORTUNA(PRNG)

TIMU Messenger

Stay connected to Timu using the official Timu Messenger mobile app.

Samba Messenger

Samba is where moments come alive. Its got a ton of amazing features all integrated in a beautiful design unlike any other app in its category Important - Samba is a brand new social platform. Samba was designed for rich media so please connect to WIFI or LTE networks for an optimal experience.


K-Messenger(K-) []* . * , , , . :

Vopium Messenger

Vopium Messenger is a cross platform FREE messaging app that uses your phone and tablets internet connection to let you communicate with your friends and family via TEXT, VOICE, STICKERS, PHOTO and VIDEO.- Express yourself with fun stickers. Vopium store has free stickers to choose from. You cant access emergency service numbers through Vopium.

Gambusy Messenger

Social network functions blog, music, business pages, forums, events, classified ads, videos, social ads, games. Have fun with your friends in this great social network.

Dialog Messenger

Dialog Messenger is the FREE app for instant messaging and file transfer. It is included in the infrastructure of the eponymous unified messaging platform. Dialog is the perfect communication space for solving corporate tasks, automation and optimization of business processes.

Bubblelingo - Messenger

Bubblelingo is a FREE MESSAGING APP * Free Texting and Video messaging with E cards meme builder and animated speech bubbles* Built in Store with high quality images and animated bubbles * Send voice notes, videos & photos * Customize your photos & create ecards by adding colorful resizable fonts, graphics & animated speech bubbles * Send group messages to friends and family

Saudi Messenger

Messaging became easier with Saudi Messenger, wherever you have internet access (Wi-Fi, edge or 3G) you can benefit from the different features of Saudi messenger such as: push notifications, sending pictures, read receipts, nearby people, channels, etcSaudi Messenger enhances users to chat and meet new people through this service, and to better communicate with your friends by accessing your phone book. All you have to do is register by entering your phone number and filling your profile to enhance the service experience. ( ) : /


SMILES is a cross-platform instant messaging application for smartphones. Not only give additional features to basic messaging like send each other images, video, and audio media messages, SMILES offers multimedia features like video-audio streaming and also SMILES provides store that allow users to download virtual items. Features:- Multiplatform - Share photos, videos, music and more with people- Send Ikonia, stickers and emoticons to friends- Create and join groups where you can chat and share media with your friends- Join to Neighbor-chat, an open-group-chat provided by apps administrator*- Optional address book syncing- Real-time confirmation when messages are sent and delivered- Timeline and Home page features- Video-audio streaming- Stores