Description _Compatible with iOS 4, 5, 6 and 7_ xBackup is a simple app that will allow you to back up your APT/DPKG sources and installed packages so when you restore you can restore from a backup to get all your apps installed automatically without having to install then individually from Cydia. Please note you will have to sync your device to your computer and after restoring/updating your firmware you will have to restore from backup so that the Cydia backups are placed back on the device. Upload your backup to xBackup server where your backup can sit safely until you need to restore then just tap the download button and your backup will be downloaded back to your device. Useful when you do not want to do a restore from backup in iTunes. xBackup server will only hold the information ne

xBackup alternatives

  • Titanium Backup

  • Extremely powerful backup tool for Android phones. Backup/restore all apps, protected apps, app settings, market links and much more !

    tags: Root backup-and-restore backup-apps
  • Helium - App Sync and Backup

  • Helium is the missing app sync and backup solution for Android.Helium does NOT require root. All Android users can use Helium to backup and sync Android applications.Helium lets you backup your apps and data to your SD card or cloud storage. With Helium, you can sync app data from your other Android devices-- even if they are not on the same network. Set up backup schedules with Helium, and never lose data again.

    tags: android-sync app-sync backup-apps
  • PkgBackup

  • PkgBackup is a backup application for jailbroken iPhones that backs up & restores all of your Cydia apps, your Cydia sources, and even your homescreen layout. Simply sync your backup with iTunes or Dropbox- then, when you update or restore your device, bring back all of your Cydia apps by redownloading PkgBackup afterwards.

    tags: Jailbreak backup-and-restore backup-apps cydia-apps facebook-integration
  • MyBackup

  • MyBackup Pro empowers users of Android mobile devices to backup their Android's Applications, Photos, Videos, Music, and Data onto the SD Card or to the Cloud (our Online Secured Servers). In the case of a lost, damaged, reset phone, or upgraded phone, users can restore their information easily on the existing or new Android. All cloud/online data is kept private and secure.

    tags: backup-and-restore mobile-backup
  • AptBackup

  • With AptBackup, you can backup the Cydia apps on your jailbroken iOS device. After you restore your iPhone in iTunes, redownload AptBackup, and it will redownload all of your other Cydia apps.

    tags: Jailbreak backup-and-restore backup-apps cydia-apps iphone-apps
  • Contacts Guard

  • Contacts Guard is a new way to backup all of your contacts from phone to a highly secured online cloud server from where you can transfer them to your phone.

    tags: backup-contacts contacts contacts-group group-sms