Helium - App Sync and Backup!

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Helium - App Sync and Backup alternatives

  • Titanium Backup

  • Extremely powerful backup tool for Android phones. Backup/restore all apps, protected apps, app settings, market links and much more !

    tags: Root backup-and-restore backup-apps
  • Degoo

  • Degoo is a backup app for Windows, Mac OS X and Android that lets you back-up your data in the cloud. You also get 100 GB of free secure cloud backup storage so you'll never lose a file again.

    tags: backup-and-restore cloud-drive cloud-service cloud-sync directory-monitoring
  • oandbackup

  • oandbackup - backup manager for Android

    tags: Root backup-and-restore android-apps foss
  • Apps2SD

  • Apps2SD is an application manager that enables Android 2.3+ users to move/link applications to external SD card. Using Apps2SD you can easily manage installed applications and their storage on your device. Apps2SD has an inbuilt partition tool to partition the SD card. The tool will save you from doing the tedious work of partitioning your SD card.

    tags: software-management sd-card partition-tool link-apps partition-sd-card
  • SyncDroid

  • SyncDroid is a free yet powerful Android to PC transfer software that enables you transfer SMS, Contacts, Call Logs, Bookmarks, Audio, Videos, Camera Photos and SD Card Photos between PC and your Android devices.

    tags: backup-and-restore backup-contacts sms-backup android-backup
  • G Cloud Backup

  • The easiest Android Backup app that secures your contacts, call logs messages, music, videos, family photos, and other personal (irreplaceable) data to secure, cloud-based servers for Free. So you don’t have to ever worry about theft and/or accidental damage (e.g. dropping your phone). 2 simple steps to setup your backup and you are done. G Cloud will automatically backup your data without any intervention.Be one of the 1M+ users who trust G Cloud to protect their Android with easeRecommended by Android central“The app itself is so incredibly simple to use, with a very simple user interface. But, you'd be foolish to let that temper opinions. G Cloud Backup has a pretty extensive feature list.”http://www.androidcentral.com/g-cloud-backup-isn-t-made-google-does-pretty-good-job-backing-your-android-device CNet“You won't find many other backup solutions as complete and adroit as G Cloud Backup.”http://download.cnet.com/G-Cloud-Backup/3000-2242_4-75749505.html Please note that this app requires the privileges to backup and restore your SMS, call logs, system settings, calendar and to locate your lost device, we do not erase your data off your phone, send messages or locate your device without your consent. Disabling these options will also disable the use of its privilege, please review our data privacy for more info.FEATURES:?? New: Cloud Gallery: Your life memories in a Timeline ???? New: Locate your lost android on a map and so much more! ??? Backup Messages (SMS), contacts, call logs, documents, settings, photos, videos and music? Start with 1 GB free and earn up to 10 GB easily? Access your messages, call logs, download contacts, share music, videos and view photos from the web: http://www.gcloudbackup.com ? Protect the App with a passcode? Upgrade to unlimited storage for only $1.99/mo.? Protect more than one device? Secure data transfer (Secure Socket Layer) and storing (256-AES)? Backs up to the secure and reliable Amazon AWS cloud sto »

    tags: android-backup backup-contacts backup-messages
  • App Backup & Restore

  • Backup & restore apps for android deviceApp Backup & Restore is used to backup and restore apps for android.Features:- Backup apps to SD card- Batch backup- Backup market link for protected apps- Restore apps from SD card- Batch restore- Quick uninstalling- Sort apps by name, install date, size- Auto backup on install- Show storage usage- Multi version backup- Search app from Google market- Send apk file by email- Share market link- Support App2SD

    tags: android-apps backup-apps
  • MyBackup

  • MyBackup Pro empowers users of Android mobile devices to backup their Android's Applications, Photos, Videos, Music, and Data onto the SD Card or to the Cloud (our Online Secured Servers). In the case of a lost, damaged, reset phone, or upgraded phone, users can restore their information easily on the existing or new Android. All cloud/online data is kept private and secure.

    tags: backup-and-restore mobile-backup
  • Koofr Backup

  • In case you lose your phone, need to make repairs or need to replace it – Koofr Backup is your perfect helper!

    tags: backup-and-restore backup-contacts sms-backup
  • SyncMate

  • SyncMate syncs data on Mac with Android and iOS devices, Windows services (Outlook, Office 365 Business and Office 365 Home accounts), other Macs, Google, Dropbox and iCloud accounts, any mounted storage devices, MTP devices.

    tags: android-sync-mac ios-sync-mac mac-synchronization sync-mac synchronize-mac
  • My Phone

  • Backup your phones content automatically (up to 200MB free):With the My Phone service, information on your Windows® phone is backed-up to a password-protected web site hosted by Microsoft. If you lose your phone or upgrade to a new phone, you can restore your information easily.Send photos to your PC and favorite social networking sites Microsoft My Phone makes it easy to share photos taken with your phone. From your My Phone web account or directly from your Windows® phone, you can share photos to Facebook, Flickr, MySpace, and Windows Live. Find your lost phone The My Phone service can show you the last known location of your phone on a map (based on where it last synced or shared photos using My Phone). User activation required. Access your contacts, text messages and more online From the web you can organize contacts and appointments on your phone, and search through your old text messages. Changes appear on your phone the next time you sync. How much does the My Phone service cost? Its free (max.200MB)! Except for a few optional services, Microsoft does not charge for use of Microsoft My Phone. However, your mobile operator may charge for data usage so please ensure that you have an appropriate data plan. If you are unsure of your data plan coverage, contact your mobile operator. What type of information can I back up? The recommended (default) settings will synchronize your contacts, calendar appointments, tasks, photos, videos, text messages, songs, browser favorites and documents between your phone and your My Phone web account.With the "My Phone" service 200 mb of free storage space on the "My Phone" web site are provided. »

    tags: backup-and-restore share-photos contacts-management mobile-sync sync-contacts
  • AptBackup

  • With AptBackup, you can backup the Cydia apps on your jailbroken iOS device. After you restore your iPhone in iTunes, redownload AptBackup, and it will redownload all of your other Cydia apps.

    tags: Jailbreak backup-and-restore backup-apps cydia-apps iphone-apps
  • Contacts Guard

  • Contacts Guard is a new way to backup all of your contacts from phone to a highly secured online cloud server from where you can transfer them to your phone.

    tags: backup-contacts contacts contacts-group group-sms
  • xBackup

  • xBackup is a simple app that will allow you to back up your Cydia sources and installed packages. So when you have to restore your device, you can get all your apps installed automatically, without having to install them individually from Cydia.

    tags: Jailbreak apt backup-and-restore backup-apps cydia-apps