The SUMMIT+ APP gives you the ability to fine-tune your SUMMIT+, made by VAPIUM. With the SUMMIT+ APP, you can monitor the battery level, adjust the temperature, session time, and update the firmware of the SUMMIT+. Connect now with the SUMMIT+

Vapium SUMMIT+ alternatives


RealifeChange is your own portable life coach, designed to take all of the social interactions, moods, decisions, discoveries, and emotions that you experience each day and provide you with meaningful, actionable feedback to help coach you in your journey towards a better life. Discover how the apps unique technology - Life Autofocus - helps you create the best version of yourself and transforms your life by turning your experiences into instant invaluable insights visible on intuitive dashboards, and personal guidance from your virtual coach, AKA ME. Please refer to

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Beyond Meditation Binaural Beats

The advanced brainwave meditation audios in this app give you a powerful ten-level progressive program which is beautiful to listen to, ultra-relaxing, blissful and reliably enables your meditations to be deep and a pleasure each time, without fail. You use each level for one month before progressing to the next deeper level, i.e. from Level 1 to Level 2, and onwards. It takes 30 days to complete each level.c18457ea1e

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QS Access

Access your data from HealthKit in a table so you can explore it using Numbers, Excel, R, or any other CSV compatible tool. We hope our app helps you with your health and fitness projects. If youd like to share what you learn, or need support with data collection and analysis, please take advantage of the Quantified Self Forum, come to a QS meetup.

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Theta Waves - Binaural Beats for Mindfulness Meditation and Biofeedback

What are Theta Waves, and how can they help you?They are high amplitude but slow cycled brain waves that are associated with a state of deep meditation and mindfulness. They are extremely slow, and cycle about 4-7 times per second. For any suggestions, problems or requests please contact us at [email protected]

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Wim Hof Method

Strengthen your body and mind. With this app you can train and begin applying the Wim Hof Method (WHM) - Ignite your Innerfire. Personal video instructions of Wim Hof Track your results with a trainingcalender Stopwatch for your breathing excercises The backing of the WHM in PDF and videos New functions in the future

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