This application is a tool to show all device information and statuses. Some information that we monitor:- Memory usage- CPU usage- Number of process- Battery level- Disk activities- Network information and settings- Process management- Other device informationThe application also make use of iOS 8 widget so you can see all system info by swipe down on the home page. To be update:- Memory release functionsDOWNLOAD and ENJOY

SysInfo - your system stats alternatives

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SnapStats: Device Systems Info

SnapStats is a sophisticated devices stats tracker. Want to take a quick peek at your essential device stats but dont want to jump through all the hoops? Give SnapStats a try and see for yourself

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System Information Lite

System Information Is The Highest Rated App To View Information About Your Device System Information Provides:~ Disk Information (Total Disk Capacity, Used Disk, and Available Disk) ~ Network Information (IP Address, SSID, BSSID, External IP Address)~ Cellular Data (Carrier Name, MNC, MCC, Country Code, And If Your Device Allows VOIP)~ CPU Consumption Data (Used, Idle, and Load)~ RAM Information (Total Memory, Memory Used, Wired, Active, Inactive, Free, Pageins, Pageouts, Page Size)~ General Details (Battery, Boot Time, Uptime, Device Name)~ Rearranging Of The Sections So You Can Prioritize What Information Is Important To YouSystem Information Is Well Designed And Beautiful To Look At. It Is Incredibly Easy To Find And Share Information About Your Device Like No Other Application Of Its Kind.

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