Meet Iris, your customizable voice assistant Tell Iris what to say or do in response to your voice commands + Says anything you want in response to your commands (useful or silly) + Plays ambient noise to help you sleep. Includes several high quality nature sounds.+ Plays funny sound effects.+ Calculations based on dates (how many days until your birthday, how long until your vacation, how many days until your anniversary, how old is your nephew, etc).+ Quotes from the Bible, Buddha, Douglas Adams, Einstein, and Gandhi.+ Tells jokes + Snow forecasts (future snow) for all ski resorts in the USA.+ Snow reports (recent snow) for Beaver Creek, Breckenridge, Heavenly, Keystone, and Vail.+ Fun for kids Make your phone say silly things + Have trouble remembering your license plate number or anniversary? Most commands use two speech transactions (one to listen to your request, and another to speak the response).Upgrade to the full version to double your speech interactions, remove ads, and support a small independent developer Have fun

When I Say X, You Say Y (Lite) alternatives

Voice Dictation Voice to Text

Voice dictation Pro Free is a easy voice dictation Only by speaking into your phone and immediately replies in one of 42 languages, which you have selected. Very Helpful When you are running out of time or just dont feel like typing on a keyboard this new App will both save your time and prevent any misprint Very easy to use Edit & share & Save (SMS, E-Mail, Facebook and Twitter )Unlimited Voice Dictation (not included in the price)Supported languages :Arabic,Catalan (Spain),Croatian,Czech,Chinese (Cantonese - China),Chinese (Cantonese - Hong Kong),Chinese (Mandarin - China),Chinese (Mandarin - Taiwan),Danish,Dutch (Belgium),Dutch (Netherlands),English (Australia),English (Canada),English (India),English (Ireland),English (New Zealand),English (Philippines),English (Singapore),English (South Africa),English (United Arab Emirates),English (United Kingdom),English (United States),Finnish,French (Belgium),French (France),French (Canada),French (Switzerland),German (Austria),German (Germany),German (Switzerland),Greek,Hebrew,Hungarian,Indonesian,Italian (Italy),Italian (Switzerland),Japanese,Korean,Malay,Norwegian Bokml,Polish,Portuguese (Portugal),Portuguese (Brazil),Romanian,Russian,Slovak,Spanish (Chile),Spanish (Mexico),Spanish (Spain),Spanish (United State),Swedish,Thai,Turkish,Ukrainian,Vietnamese

  • rating 4.74
  • size 17.3 MB

Smartest Alarm Clock

Do you want a smart alarm clock that will wake up in the morning with your favorite music and read you the weather, the latest news and your upcoming events? Try Smartest Alarm Clock, you can not use another alarm clock - COMPLETELY FREE - If you dont like the banner ads check out Smartest Alarm Clock PRO.Smartest Alarm Clock is a smart alarm clock, fully customizable but with an edge over its competitors, the ability to have a voice that tells you the weather, news, and your events for the day. Report Due to a problem with iOS 7 the alarm may not sound, to solve the problem just go into Phone Settings -> Notifications Center -> Search Smartest Alarm and verify that the field Sounds is enabled.

  • rating 3.3125
  • size 39.4 MB

Swift for Alexa Voice Services

Swift - for Alexa Voice Services is a smart AI powered by Alexa Voice Services. It listens while you speak, then answers your questions. FEATURES Try Alexa and Echo for free and the only thing you need is a free Amazon account Ask Alexa many different questions like news, weather, math, science Re-order products from Amazon Ask Swift powered by Alexa to give you a Flash Briefing for your news Find out if there is traffic on your commute Add items to your shopping and to do list Check sports scores Check movie listings and times Get recommendations for local restaurants Get information about local businesses Ask about the weather forecast Use any Alexa Skill availableSwift - for Alexa Voice Services REQUIRES AN AMAZON ACCOUNTSwift - for Alexa Voice Services DOES NOT SUPPORT MUSIC PLAYBACK, READING AUDIO BOOKS, OR TIMERS AND ALARMS.You can change some Alexa settings in the Amazon Alexa app or if thats not available you can try the Alexa web app (you need to request the desktop version or open it on a laptop or PC)

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  • size 31.1 MB

Scribblr Keyboard

Message friends in your own handwritten font Scribblr combines the speed of typing with the personality of script. Create your font by drawing characters with fluid and natural strokes in the Scribblr app. Now you can

  • size 27.7 MB


- Wakes you by speaking the time, your next appointment, the weather forecast, and plays your music.- Tells you when you have to leave and reminds you with a countdown.- Cant see your clock at night? Tap the screen and TalkingAlarm speaks the time.- Integrates with the Home app and uses the HomeKit framework for home automation, e.g. turn on lights, open shades with alarm.- EZWake option for very slow music volume and screen brightness fade-in.- Background alarms work with the app turned off.- Snooze function lets you pause the alarm, but gets after you for doing so. Developer welcomes feedback and suggestions.

  • rating 4.68
  • size 48.7 MB