The Vectorworks Nomad app allows you to access your Vectorworks documents wherever you arewhenever you need themwith your mobile device. It gives you more freedom not only to share files, but also to make design decisions from any location. Operating Prerequisites: Vectorworks files uploaded to your cloud library or Dropbox


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Vectorworks Nomad alternatives

Luminair 3 - DMX/Art-Net/Smart

Luminair 3 is a professional-grade lighting control app, exclusively for iOS, that gives lighting designers, filmmakers and TV professionals, musicians, artists and other enthusiasts advanced control over DMX-enabled lights, as well as the next generation of Smart lights like Philips Hue. Luminairs unparalleled, multi-touch friendly controls were first developed back in 2008 in the first days of the App Store. Please visit for full details Please follow us @SyntheFX on Twitter for the latest Luminair news *FX engine and movement generator require iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad 3rd-generation, iPad mini 2, iPhone 5, or iPod touch 5th generation or greaterIMPORTANT: Luminair 3 requires external DMX or Hue hardware to control lights, but can also be used in an offline mode for building projects and as a learning tool.

  • rating 4.82258
  • size 128 MB


Apollos iGobo(TM) for the IOS(TM) allows everyone involved in the art of lighting design to conveniently view full screen images of the companys extensive library of standard metal and glass patterns. The Apollo iGobo feature list includes: - 2000+ metal, SuperResolution glass, 1-Color glass, 2-color glass, and ColourScenic gobo designs.- Search the gobo library by name, number, category or keywords- Compare up to four gobos at a time on the screen- Rotate an image at variable speeds, either clockwise or counterclockwise- Stack two images and rotate the bottom image in either direction- Maintain a favorites list- Email a single gobo or your complete favorites list- View similar gobo patterns to gobo selected on a search

  • size 143 MB


oscRFR is the total remote interface for Electronic Theatre Controls (ETC) EOS Family of Consoles. oscRFR is currently formatted for Tablets. Full feedback from the console insures you know what attributes you are modifying and what cue you are in.

  • size 7.6 MB


The ARRI Photometric App gives you the ability to quickly reference the photometric characteristics of all of the ARRI light fixtures. The following information is available:- Luminous Output- Beam Diameter- Beam Angle- Flood, Middle and Spot Photometrics- Luminous Distribution Graph- Camera Exposure and Aperture Information- Light Properties including: Color Temperature, CRI, Protection Rating, Dimming, Dimensions, Weight, Power Draw, Lamp Holder Type, Mounting, Reflector Type, Lens Type, and Scrim Size- Metric and Imperial Units- Create projects and save preset fixtures- Bulb Selection- Compare Lampheads- DMX Implementation Tables- DMX Conversion Calculator- CCL Calculator- Discontinued Product Data- Electronic Ballast Information

  • size 99.4 MB

Lightwright Touch

Lightwright Touch provides mobile viewing and editing of Lightwright 5 or 6 lighting equipment data. If you use Lightwright, or schedules and hookups printed from Lightwright, this is the portable, navigable, editable worksheet tool you have been waiting for.+Export your show from Lightwright and sync to Lightwright Touch through iTunes, or email, or file sharing+View and Sort your worksheet using familiar Lightwright functions+Columns can be added, removed, and rearranged to best suit your mobile needs+Log feature speeds selection of prior view/sort displays+Edit worksheet data quickly with item pick-lists+Add a note to any worksheet row, or to a general notes page+Store multiple shows on Lightwright Touch+Transfer shows back to Lightwright for reconciliation with the original show file+View and email notes or your changes+Supports any device orientation, and multiple font sizes Please note that Lightwright Touch does not do everything that Lightwright does. Works with files exported from Lightwright 5.0.22 or later, and Lightwright 6.0.9 or later.

  • size 3.7 MB

More Information About alternatives

ActiveCloud Lite

Note: This is the free Lite version which only allows browsing of your local storage and cloud storage accounts, and the viewing of files. This version can be upgraded to the pro version within the App. In this version:- Manage your files on your device, iTunes File Share,, and DropBox- Seamlessly copy and paste files between local and cloud based storage services- Access files in your account- Easily send files to others via Email- Print documents using AirPrintSend printable documents to AirPrint enabled printers such as:- Word- Excel- PowerPoint- PDF- Pages- Numbers- Keynote- Images and photos- and more

  • rating 4.27273
  • size 3.5 MB
  • version 1.0.10

PDF Converter - Convert Document To PDF anytime any where

PDF Converter is an application which allows you to convert Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Pages, Numbers, Keynote files, HTML pages and Photos , Maps or any file you have to Adobe PDF format . - View presentation, read documents, and share your documents whenever you need it. - Export your document to Box, Dropbox, FTP, WebDAV, or other Apps Using Open In approach, print files from many popular online storages: Dropbox, MobileMe iDisk, GoogleDocs and other cloud storage applications.

  • size 2.4 MB
  • version 1.0

ClouDrop for Dropbox

On sale for a limited time Get it while its 99 centsClouDrop for Dropbox is the most revolutionary and beautiful way to use Dropbox on your iOS device. Share, upload, rename, and view files directly from ClouDrop. ClouDrop includes features never seen in any other Dropbox application on the market FEATURES - Upload to ClouDrop in the background > you can close out the app and copy as many urls/text snips/photos you want and they will all be uploaded to Dropbox without even going back into the app.- Upload existing files from things youve copied to your pasteboard or your photo/video library (Choose Multiple Files at a time).- Create text files from within the app- Create archive (zip) files when choosing multiple items to upload if needed.- Use your camera to take photos or videos to upload them to Dropbox.- Add files from apps that support document interaction (open in) - View all your Dropbox files natively in the app.- View photos in a great built in photo viewer- Natively view photos, music, videos, text, PDFs and all Office/iWork documents in the app.- Built-in Music player- Play Music in the background- Background uploading so you dont have to wait while your files are being uploaded.- View information about items- Share items to Twitter/Facebook- Delete Items- Beautiful UI and design- and much more

  • rating 4.59999
  • size 6.6 MB
  • version 1.1

Privat Cloud

Securely store, manage, edit, and share all your files, photos and documents with free cloud storage from Privat Cloud. Whether using a mobile device, a desktop computer, or the web, Privat Cloud gives you the ability to put the right files in the right hands at the right time on any device in one simple-to-use, secure, private and controlled solution. With Privat Cloud, you can: Safely store your files and access them from anywhere Easily share files and folders with others Upload PDFs, Microsoft Office documents, photos, videos and other files Share huge files with just a link - no need for attachments See activity feed to find recently viewed or edited files Access your most important files offline Quickly view your content online, from your desktop, and on your iOS smartphone/tablet Share important documents, contracts, visuals and more

  • size 36.8 MB
  • version 1.4

Cloud Player and File Manager

Cloud Player and File Manager for Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, OneDrive* Powerful playlist manager for audio, video files* Audio video player with background playback and lockscreen controls* Switch account if you have more than one* Search for files by name and content* Share files and folders easily with others* Transfer files from one account to another account* Upload photos, videos from library to cloud* Download files to local for offline use* Move files around within an account* Rename, delete, copy files* View documents, PDFs, photos, videos and moreDisclaimer:* This app does not provide content. By conforming to each Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, OneDrive API Terms of Service, this app allows users to manage their files. It uses OAuth2 protocol to gain access to files via API.

  • size 97.1 MB
  • version 1.2.1


BrilCloud is your hard drive in the cloud. It securely stores everything you need from data, music, videos, photos, and documents online. With BrilCloud, you have the freedom to access your files from anywhere anytime with just an internet connection.

  • size 28.6 MB
  • version 3.4.9

Quick PDF Converter - Convert Documents To PDF

Quick PDF Converter is an application which allows you to convert Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Pages, Numbers, Keynote files, HTML pages and Photos , Maps or any file you have to Adobe PDF format . - View presentation, read documents, and share your documents whenever you need it. - Export your document to Box, Dropbox, FTP, WebDAV, or other Apps Using Open In approach, print files from many popular online storages: Dropbox, MobileMe iDisk, GoogleDocs and other cloud storage applications.

  • size 4.7 MB
  • version 2.0

KOMI Cloud Mobile

KOMI Cloud Mobile is an app that transforms your Apple device into a mobile document management system (DMS). Use KOMI Cloud Mobile anytime you need to access an important business document (*) when you are on the road and away from your desk. Easy to use, KOMI Cloud Mobile for iOS gives you the following features: View files Retrieve any documents within seconds through the powerful search engine File and Share pictures taken with your device with co-workers Save files to your device for offline access View Dashboards to access favorite documents or to follow documents threads (*) Documents need to be filed into an KOMI Cloud application, Various file types supported: -MS Office: Word, Excel, Powerpoint -image files (png, jpeg, tiff, gif, bmp,) -video files (mov, mp4, ) -Other file formats

  • size 58.4 MB
  • version 6.7.5


OneCloud helps you to manage all your files from different cloud storage services. Following are the main functions of the app:- Setup your GoogleDrive, SkyDrive, Dropbox and BOX account in One App.- Multiple account support for all the above mentioned cloud storage services.- Perform basic operations such as rename, move, delete and share.- Video and Audio streaming support for Files stored in Dropbox and SkyDrive.- Editing text / code files inside the app.- OneSearch; you can search all the different cloud accounts from one place- Photos can be uploaded very easily. Thanks

  • size 12.5 MB
  • version 1.0.1

TITUS Classification for Mobile

- Easy to use email and document security solution for mobile devices that prevents data loss- Allows users to classify messages sent from native iOS Mail. - Provides a secure container for viewing corporate documents and files, keeping them secure with FIPS-140 compliant AES 256-bit encryption. - Allows administrators to control cloud storage options available to users (such as Microsoft SharePoint, SharePoint Online (Office 365), Box, and Dropbox).- Provides support for viewing of Microsoft Rights Management Services (RMS) protected files on mobile devices as well as RMS protected email - RMS on iOS support.SUPPORTS EMAIL & DOCUMENT CLASSIFICATION- Allows users to classify native iOS Mail messages- Inter-operates with TITUS Message Classification and TITUS Classification for Office*- Allows users to classify files and documents- Raise user security awareness by clearly displaying the email or documents classification*- Enable security policy based on classification* SECURE ACCESS TO CONTENT REPOSITORIES- Administrators can control users access to cloud storage*- Access, open and upload files with Microsoft SharePoint (limit of 10)- Access, open and upload files with Microsoft SharePoint Online (Office 365)- Access, open and upload files with Box without the need for the Box app- Access, open and upload files with Dropbox without the need for the Dropbox appSECURE CONTAINER - CONTROL FILE DISTRIBUTION- Documents and files are encrypted using AES 265-bit encryption- Can be set as the only app for opening email attachments, and accessing SharePoint, Box or Dropbox files- Ability to control a users ability to: print, copy, open, email, and upload documents to cloud storage* - Expire documents after a set period of time*SUPPORTS MICROSOFT RMS for iPhone and iPad- Allows users to open RMS protected Microsoft Office documents, or PFiles on the mobile device *- Allows users to RMS protect files on the mobile device (Pfile)- Allows users to open and view RMS protected emails received via Apple Mail*- Supports both ADRMS and Azure RMS*these features require the use of the TITUS Administration Console which must be obtained from TITUS.

  • size 37.8 MB
  • version 3.1.2