The VFX HDR for Ricoh Theta S is an app to prepare HDR (High Dynamic Range) images with different exposures and 360 degrees. If you are a CG or VFX Artist you will understand this application. 3rd Party apps are required to join the images and create and HDRi file.


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HDR for Ricoh Theta Cameras
HDR for Ricoh Theta S
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VFX HDR alternatives - Video Review and Collaboration

HDR 360 Bracket Pro for Ricoh Theta

YOU MUST HAVE A RICOH THETA or THETA S CAMERA.Do you need 360 degree HDR Images for Visual Effects, Video Game Development, or Virtual Reality? Welcome to the best value for the process. Ricoh Theta is Copyright Ricoh Company, LtdThis is a 3rd party app using the Ricoh Theta SDK

  • size 21.6 MB


Panono is the highest resolution one-shot camera for 360 photography (108 MP total resolution, 16K x 8K output size). The 360 camera creates unique spherical photos of the highest quality, which can be accessed online, embedded and shared on social networks. App features include exposure settings, HDR, remote triggering, instant panorama preview, administration of all panoramas in your user account, sharing and embedding to external websites and social networks.

  • size 23.9 MB


A new way to enjoy photographyRICOH THETA exceeds your current world, capturing your entire surroundings with a single shutter click. You can view and share on a computer or smartphone the images and videos you shoot. * Compatibility information may be changed at any time.

  • rating 3.08333
  • size 59.7 MB

Auto Stitch Pic - Merge Panorama Easy

The AutoStitchPic app combines several photographs into one continuous image. For example, you can take 3-20 overlapping photographs of a city skyline, and then merge them into a panorama. iOS provides integrated support for: Twitter Facebook Flickr Vimeo Sina Weibo Tencent Weibo Blush and Mascara You can add your account in Settings, after adding your account, you can configure additional settings or download the official iOS app for that service.

  • rating 3.01481
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More Information About alternatives

HDR for Ricoh Theta Cameras

The HDR for Ricoh Theta cameras app allows you to capture multiple images with different exposure, ISO, and shutter time (bracketing). The images can then be stitched into a single HDR (High Dynamic Range), well-exposed, noise-reduced, image using other applications such as Photoshop. Third party apps have to be used for stitching.

  • size 1.4 MB
  • version 1.01


Take & generate high quality 360 HDR images with RICOH THETA with one click and upload them directly to your PanoCreator tours. Get the most out of your RICOH THETA camera by this new HDR App. Quick GuideStep 1 Install the HDR AppStep 2 Establish a connection to your RICOH THETA camera via WiFiStep 3 Start the HDR app, click on the button Connect Theta and move the button Activate HDR to the rightStep 4 Push the Start button to take a 360 HDR picture

  • size 36.9 MB
  • version 2.2.5

HDR for Ricoh Theta S

HDR for Ricoh Theta S cameras allows you to capture exposure series with the Ricoh Theta S 360 camera.# Futures:- Compatible with the Ricoh Theta S camera.- Adjust white balance, exposure time (shutter time), exposure compensation, and ISO sensitivity for each picture.- Capture up to 24 differently exposed pictures.- Up to 60 seconds exposure time for each image.- Use the images for HDR and other post processing steps. Note: The app does not merge the images but only creates source images for post processing.

  • size 1.5 MB
  • version 1.04

Theta 3D

Theta 3D is a hardware accessory and iPhone app that allow you to take stereoscopic 360-degree images using two Ricoh Theta S cameras. Images are stitched on the device and be viewed within the app using Google Cardboard. Join us and see what a difference 3D makes Note: To take full advantage of this app you must have a two Ricoh Theta S cameras and a Theta 3D device.

  • size 43.7 MB
  • version 1.0


ManualHDR helps professional photographers capture High Dynamic Range (HDR) photos. Different from conventional HDR apps, which take three photos at most for HDR, ManualHDR takes seven photos at once to accommodate a much wider dynamic range. Users can choose to generate HDR images right on the device, or simply export the raw images for further processing on desktop.

  • size 22.3 MB
  • version 2.3

360 HDR Bracket Tool

This app is actively developed by an FX TD (Visual Effects Technical Director), aiming to allow fast and no-brainer preparing 360 images for producing HDRI images efficiently with Theta S, Theta SC or Theta V. Images taken need to be exported to another app or on computer to merge them into the .hdr or the .exr file. There are lots of options to do that, it is suggested to use Photomatrix, PT Gui, Photoshop or Lightroom with plugin. Last Edit, 2017-09-14, By Jianming Guo

  • size 7.6 MB
  • version 2.4.1

LookAround - Virtual Tour App

Create stunning 360 VR virtual tours using the LookAround app within minutes The LookAround virtual tour app allows you to capture 360 tours using various 360 cameras, fully compatible with VR (VR tours). Hotspots allow you to freely move within a virtual tour and get a truly immersive experience of real estate. The most important features of the LookAround virtual tour app are:- Create virtual tours using a 360 camera: It only takes a few minutes and you can do it yourself- The entire 360 tour is created within the LookAround Ricoh Theta Tour app- Support of various 360 cameras: Ricoh Theta S, Ricoh Theta SC, LG 360- Share virtual tours with clients and friends: They dont need to install the app, we provide you a unique link for every tour- Integrate virtual tours into your website or supported property portals- Support for VR headsets: View your VR tour using a Google Cardboard and most other VR headsets- Encrypted storage and data transfer: Your data is safe with us, we store all your data in a secure and encrypted wayIf you have any feedback or questions, please send us an email [email protected]

  • size 69.9 MB
  • version 1.0.1

Fusion - HDR Camera

a new HDR app that pushes the envelope for what is possible on the iPhone camera - Life In LofiFusion sets the bar on all other HDR apps - Combo Apps: Mobile Extreme Editingshows you what truly great HDR photos can look like - iPhone Photography SchoolFusion creates HDR (high dynamic range) photos by capturing different exposures and then combining them into one perfectly exposed photo. The result is an image that overcomes the limited range of a digital image sensor and reflects what the human eye can actually see. Tech SpecsCamera features spot meter manual exposure adjustment histogram display shake detection timer multi-shot session captureEditor features adjustable highlight and shadow bracket fusing auto alignment exposure, contrast and sharpness white balance saturation and warmth cropSession features thumbnail display of the three brackets delete sessions re-open sessions in the editor store up to 200 sessions

  • rating 4.13636
  • size 26.3 MB
  • version 1.2.4

HDR Camera Pro

HDR Camera Pro creates high dynamic range pictures by combining three different exposed pictures into one well exposed picture. Picture can be directly captured or imported from the photo gallery. Features include:- Create well-exposed pictures from camera and gallery images- Automatic and manual aligning and cropping of images- Control over saturation, contrast, brightness, tonemapping- Version 2.0: new aligning method (to get back to the old method disable Automatic image aligning in the Settings)If you get black images or using older devices such as iPhone 4 or iPad 1 then please deactivate Hardware acceleration under the HDR Camera settings.

  • size 6.7 MB
  • version 2.62

Mobile HDR

Unveil your photographic skills and create professional, amazing high dynamic range images on your iPad (or iPhone) in few simple steps. Connect your DSLR camera to the iPad and transfer the bracketed images (usually exposed with aperture priority at -1 EV, 0 EV, +1 EV intervals). Key features:* three (3) frames multilevel HDR processing engine* automatic and manual ghosts removal* composition filters (Natural, Enhanced, Vignette, Dynamic, Vibrant, Sky Map)* anisotropic alignment for handheld HDR shooting* HDR enhancement (tone mapping)* post-processing color adjustment* adjustable parameters* automatic reference image detection* 16 Mpx (and more) compatibleNOTE: Devices with only 512 RAM (iPad2, iPad Mini first generation) will not be able to process images at the finest granularity.

  • size 15.9 MB
  • version 4.2.07