The HDR for Ricoh Theta cameras app allows you to capture multiple images with different exposure, ISO, and shutter time (bracketing). The images can then be stitched into a single HDR (High Dynamic Range), well-exposed, noise-reduced, image using other applications such as Photoshop. Third party apps have to be used for stitching.


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HDR for Ricoh Theta S
Theta S Remote for Ricoh Theta Cameras
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HDR for Ricoh Theta Cameras alternatives

Blocker by AfterNow

Blocker is an augmented reality directors viewfinder. It makes it easy for filmmakers to communicate their vision. With the Complete Camera Pack you get access to over 400 camera models.

  • rating 3.8
  • size 110 MB

Vertical Studio

Vertical Studio lets you film your toughest aerial shots with a few simple strokes. Vertical Studio is the simplest way to capture the most incredible and challenging shots with your drone. Recommended devices:* iPhone 5s or newer* iPad Mini 3 or newer* All iPad Air* All iPad ProNote: The X5 camera/gimbal is supported, but there are currently no focus controls within Vertical Studio.

  • size 46.1 MB

HDR 360 Bracket Pro for Ricoh Theta

YOU MUST HAVE A RICOH THETA or THETA S CAMERA.Do you need 360 degree HDR Images for Visual Effects, Video Game Development, or Virtual Reality? Welcome to the best value for the process. Ricoh Theta is Copyright Ricoh Company, LtdThis is a 3rd party app using the Ricoh Theta SDK

  • size 21.6 MB

Lume Cube

Lume Cube - Staff pick on Kickstarter, named USA Todays Best of CES and VideoMaker Editors CES Choice Award winner. With this intuitive companion iPhone app, you can simultaneously sync and individually control up to 5 Lume Cubes to create dynamic, dramatic, professional quality images and video to add to your portfolio or upload directly to social media. so its unique to you Photo Credit: Eddie DiCrocePhoto Credit: Matthew Cummins

  • size 3.6 MB

True HDR

Create beautiful full-resolution HDR (high dynamic range) pictures with your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch Includes fully-automatic capture mode and semi-auto/manual modes if you want more control. Offers slider and effect controls for you to easily customize final results. With TrueHDR, you can get the best of bright and dark areas and merge them into a single realistic-looking picture that is much closer to what your eyes originally saw.

  • rating 4.04082
  • size 16.0 MB

More Information About alternatives

HDR for Ricoh Theta S

HDR for Ricoh Theta S cameras allows you to capture exposure series with the Ricoh Theta S 360 camera.# Futures:- Compatible with the Ricoh Theta S camera.- Adjust white balance, exposure time (shutter time), exposure compensation, and ISO sensitivity for each picture.- Capture up to 24 differently exposed pictures.- Up to 60 seconds exposure time for each image.- Use the images for HDR and other post processing steps. Note: The app does not merge the images but only creates source images for post processing.

  • size 1.5 MB
  • version 1.04

Theta S Remote for Ricoh Theta Cameras

The Theta S Remote app allows you to control Ricoh Theta S cameras over Wifi. Features:- For Ricoh Theta S cameras only.- Live preview (photo and interval mode only).- Change all settings (shutter time, exposure compensation, white balance, ISO, power off and standby delays, filters, hdr filter, noise reduction filter, ).- Download photos and videos over Wifi.- Self timer.- Unlimited number of presets.- Supports image, interval, and video mode.- Set camera date.- Disable shutter sound. Demo video:

  • size 43.2 MB
  • version 1.01

HDR for Ricoh Theta V

The HDR for Ricoh Theta V cameras app allows you to capture up to 24 pictures with different ISO, white balance, and shutter time.# Features- Works only with the Ricoh Theta V.- Shutter times from 1/25000 to 60.- White balance modes.- ISO 64 - 3200.- Up to 24 pictures.- Option to disable shutter sound. More information: video:

  • size 3.8 MB
  • version 1.0

HDR Bundle

Unveil your photographic skills and create professional, amazing high dynamic range images on your iPad (or iPhone) in few simple steps using the most accurate and advanced HDR processing engine. The bundle include two popular applications at a discounted price: HDR Photo Camera (applications features):* multilevel HDR processing engine* three operation modes: Classic camera (single frame), HDR (bracketing + processing), Bracketing only* automatic/manual exposure points* single focus point (advanced settings)* geo-tagging* exif metadata* pinch to zoom* focus lock (when supported by the device)* independent focus and exposure points* instant preview* HDR batch processing (The only application capable of capturing multiple sets of bracketed photos and processing them later with a press of a single button. )* Post processing tone map HDR filters* Color and contrast image adjustment controlsMobile HDR (key features):* three (3) frames multilevel HDR processing engine* automatic and manual ghosts removal* composition filters (Natural, Vignette, Dynamic, Vibrant, Sky Map)* anisotropic alignment for handheld HDR shooting* HDR enhancement (tone mapping)* post-processing color adjustment* adjustable parameters* automatic reference image detection* 16 Mpx (and more) compatible

  • size 7.5 MB


The VFX HDR for Ricoh Theta S is an app to prepare HDR (High Dynamic Range) images with different exposures and 360 degrees. If you are a CG or VFX Artist you will understand this application. 3rd Party apps are required to join the images and create and HDRi file.

  • size 3.6 MB
  • version 1.2

Theta 3D

Theta 3D is a hardware accessory and iPhone app that allow you to take stereoscopic 360-degree images using two Ricoh Theta S cameras. Images are stitched on the device and be viewed within the app using Google Cardboard. Join us and see what a difference 3D makes Note: To take full advantage of this app you must have a two Ricoh Theta S cameras and a Theta 3D device.

  • size 43.7 MB
  • version 1.0


Capture High-Dynamic-Range photographs with HDR. By combining twice the image data of a standard photograph HDR is able to mix an over-exposed and under-exposed photo with incredible results. Featuring:- Automatic and manual modes (To set exposure manually: drag exposure loupes to dark and light area of photo, double tap to return to automatic mode)- Import from Photos: Select light and dark photos from library to mix in HDR.- 4 different HDR mixes: Auto, Optimized, Vivid, Contrast- Alignment: Photos are automatically aligned for the sharpest possible results.- Native device camera resolution support- Save in photos- Speed: Fastest possible capture and merge of HDR results

  • size 5.3 MB
  • version 2.4

Action Camera Toolbox

The Action Camera Toolbox controls action cameras from different companies, including GoPro, Ricoh, and Xiaomi. The app offers live preview, multi-camera support, and a powerful scripting language, which gives you full control over the camera settings. Check for details.+++ Example use cases +++- Change action camera settings without having to worry about privacy or deal with automatic sharing features found in stock action camera apps.- Control multiple action cameras.- Script custom camera scenarios for instance for exposure bracketing (e.g. for HDR), focus stacking, surveillance, time-lapse, repeating tasks, etc.- +++ Disclaimer +++- We are not affiliated with GoPro, Ricoh, Xiaomi/Yi cooperation.- The app uses GPS to set the GPS coordinates for cameras which support this (e.g. Ricoh Theta).

  • size 69.4 MB
  • version 1.02

True HDR Bundle

Enjoy TrueHDR and AutoBracket, two different ways of shooting stunning HDR photos, at reduced price AutoBracket gives you pro-level auto-bracketing control previously only seen in high-end DSLR cameras. TrueHDR automatically determines the best exposures to cover the dynamic range, and uses smart algorithms to seamlessly align and merge photos. -TrueHDR Features- * Easy, fully-automatic HDR capture with AutoCapture mode * Greater control over exposure points with SemiAuto capture mode and Manual mode * Capable of handling up to 18 mega-pixel photos (e.g., photos imported from other cameras) on iPhone 4 & above, iPad 2 & above* Uses state-of-the-art techniques to automatically align and merge photos * Custom sliders and effect controls - easily make adjustments to the merged HDR photos to get the final image just the way you prefer * Automatically saves original images for use with desktop HDR programs if desired * Full support for front and back facing camera * Supports geo-tagging, printing, timer, composition grid* Convenient sharing features (Facebook, Twitter, email, Instagram) - AutoBracket Features -On newer devices (iPhone 5, 5S, 6, 6+, retina iPad):* Merge 3 exposures to capture much higher dynamic range* Precisely control the 3 exposures via a bracket slider* View color coded histogram for optimal choice of center exposure* Control focus and exposure independently* Speed - capture and merging is fast* Fine tune highlights, shadows, and vibrance using sliders* Timed capture, thirds grid to guide composition, effect filters* Convenient sharing features (Facebook, Twitter, email, Instagram)AutoBracket features on older or lower-memory devices (iPhone 4S & below, iPod Touch, non-retina iPad) are reduced because of device constraints:* Precisely control the 3 exposures via a bracket slider* View color coded histogram for optimal choice of center exposure* Control focus and exposure independently* Timed capture, thirds grid to guide composition

  • size 29.5 MB


PhotoBuddy - your personal assistant in all photographic matters - was in your pocket from the very first iPhone. Get ready to have it on your wrist withe your very first Apple Watch. You to continue right where you left- Added Support for the new Micro Four Thirds Cameras as well as several new Models introduced at Photokina 2008- CoC Calculator (based on desired print size, resolution and viewing distance)- Change the CoC multiplicator for your cameras to fit your needs- Support for ISO values up to 25600- Bulb Timer: Allows you to take long exposure shots (up to 13 hours) in the bulb mode of your camera- Interactive DoF graphic (change the depth of field settings with a flick of your finger)- Bellows exposure compensation- Camera presets for Red One and Hasselblad- Angle of View Calculator- HDR Bracketing Calculator (determine correct shutter speeds for multiple exposures used for high dynamic range images- Quick camera selection

  • size 7.8 MB
  • version 1.33