To lose is to win. Please be defeated by a computer. The higher the computer level is, the weaker the computer is.

White and Black alternatives

Pachinko 70s

70s style Japanese pinball machine. Retro pinball games, unforgettable good time. Hope to give you a long forgotten mechanical feel.

The Impossible Triangle - Challenge your mind

Can you find the solution for this devilish triangle puzzle?The Impossible Triangle is one of the most fun brain puzzles out there,and you can play it now for free The Impossible Triangle features simple controls,but is a devious puzzle to crack Challenge your mind Get in touch [email protected]://

  • size 88.4 MB

Black VS White (Board Game)

Popular Game Black VS White squares with multiplayer Black And White is a board game of classic strategy and played on a board with 8x8 set. Pieces typically are disk with a light and a dark face,each side for a player. Features 4 levels of AI for challege 1 player,2 player and multi-player mod Scoreboard and turn tip Optional sound effect Automatic game save and resume Global and friends leader boards Statistics Unlimited undos Easy to play

  • size 29.4 MB


A miraculous, game-changing combo:Classic Reversi strategy meets shoot-em-up mechanics Your Reversi is in my shoot-em-up Your shoot-em-up is in my Reversi A new breed of action puzzler Who will reach Level 99 first? Tap a row to move your craft and fire a chipChips bounded on both sides by the same color will reverse to that color. If your stock exceeds the Game Over Gauge, youre out

  • size 26.3 MB

Light Tap Advanced - Challenge Your Brain

Light Tap Advanced is a simple game of memory and recall. Remember the sequence of tones and lights and repeat it. If you are using Game Center, you can compare your scores with friends and players from around the world.

  • rating 5.0
  • size 7.3 MB