Easily keep track of all your favorite shows and which episodes you have seen/yet to see. Integration with TVRage enables you to only enter the name of the show you want to track and Show Tracker will manage the rest. Entirely free and no ads.

Show Tracker alternatives

Simkl Lists: TV, Anime, Movies - TV Show Tracker

This is NOT a TV, Movie streaming app. Simkl Lists is a perfect app to keep track of your favorite TV Shows, Anime, and Movies. Visit https://simkl.com and gain access to more features like:- No ads on simkl.com when signed in- Mark full seasons or multiple episodes in one click- Get full Show, Movie and episode information- Advanced Profile statistics & charts- Compare your watchlists with friends to find what to watch together- Automatically track what you watch on Netflix, Hulu, Crunchyroll, Kodi, Plex, Windows- Import your watchlist from multiple sites- Find best movies to watch- Discover hidden gems and new favorite Films and Anime- See full TV Show Calendar- Receive Email, Computer, Facebook Messenger notification about new shows, movies, and episodes- Read reviews about best Movies, TV Shows and Anime- Watch Movies & TV Shows directly from Simkl website that are available on Hulu and CrunchyrollVote what features should we add next at http://support.simkl.com/forums/264009-top-ideas-from-the-community

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Epilog is the perfect app for everyone who follow one or several TV series, but have a hard time remembering when they air or want to organize their viewing more efficiently. Epilog will keep track of your favorite series and notify you whenever an episode is about to be aired. This way you will always know which episodes you have seen and which you have still left to watch Some feature highlights:- Completely free - Completely ad free - Unlimited number of series to track- Notifications when an episode is about to be aired- User configurable sorting of series by most recently aired episode, days until next episode or alphabetically - Episode databases of both already aired and soon to be aired episodes- Possible to create lists of episodes to watch (both aired and future episodes)- Possible to mark episodes as already watched- Powerful filtering functionality of episodes by season, watched and bookmarked episodes.- Search support to find the episodes you are looking for- Cast summary with images- Guest stars per episode- Highly configurable which series or episodes should be displayed to the user- Huge amount of content provided from TheTVDB.com - increasing every day - Links to IMDB.com

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TV Note - Movie & TV Show Library Manager

TV Note is your ultimate TV companion where you can manage both your tv shows and movies collection. Dont you hate it when you forget which episode you were at or which scene you stopped at before you need to pick up your kids or do something urgent? Just great. StevensJust what i needed for a tv show n movie management app :) Great app Selena Fun

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Show Tracker!

Not sure what season to rent? or what episodes to watch? Has nearly every show ever.

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Jackal - TV Show Tracker

Jackal helps you to track TV shows in a simple, yet intuitive way. If you are an avid TV watcher this app can help you by letting you know what you have watched and notifies you when new episodes and seasons air. Features: Browse through popular, trending and anticipated shows updated daily Easily search for the show that you want A calendar to show you what episodes are about to air iOS 10 widget to easily see upcoming shows at a glance 3D Touch support View personal stats such as total hours spent watching TV Find links to trailers Read episode descriptions Beautiful dark and light themesPlease note that this app is only for tracking shows, not for viewing them :)

  • size 53.2 MB