Readerware 3 (Music) is not a standalone app, it works with Readerware on your desktop, (Windows, Mac OS X & Linux).The easiest, fastest way to catalog your music collection, nothing else comes close. Have a large collection? Support for multiple platforms, Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.Learn more about the complete Readerware system for cataloging your books, music and videos by visiting our web site.


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Emoji 3 FREE - Color Messages - New Emojis Emojis Sticker for SMS, Facebook, Twitter

STICKERSLots of different Smiley sticker EMOJI WORDSCreate huge words that are completely built with Emojis. SPECIAL ICONSKeyboards with lots of different unicode symbols TEXT STYLESFor example: ASCII WORDSCreate words with huge letters JAPANESE EMOJIS(=^^=) BIG EMOJIS (PRO version only)Emojis with giant size COLOR MESSAGES (PRO version only)Colorize your text message bubbles. Enjoy this great and helpful App

Collectors: Movies, Games, Books, Comics, Music

Catalog, collect, inventory, organize, and manage your own database of movies, books, video games, comics, music, LEGO, Hot Wheels, watches, action figures, Funko, and any other collectables you may own with this awesome app. Also available on the iPad Using barcode scanning, database search and manual barcode entry, this app can help you manage the following collections:BooksMovies (Blu-ray, DVD, VHS, more)ArtMusic (CD, Vinyl Records, Cassette, more)CoinsShoes and Sneakers (Nike Jordans, Heels, more)WineToy Cars (Hot Wheels, Matchbox, more)LEGOAction FiguresVideo Games (Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo, more)GunsBeanie Babies (Tsum Tsums, Plush, Teddy Bears, more)CurrencyComic Books (Marvel, DC, Image, IDW, more)Snow GlobesStampsDolls (Barbies, etc)PezBobbleheadsOrnamentsKnives and SwordsPlaymobilAlcohol, Beer, and LiquorBoard GamesMagazinesModel TrainsModel PlanesWatchesPuzzlesPins (Disney, Olympics, more)and more Here are just a handful of the features you get with this app:- Create a free account and store your collection list in the cloud online. All of our data is user driven so correct it as need and it will fix it for everyone - Support for all formats, countries, regions, and more.- High resolution art for each item.- Bulk Scanning to add your movies to the application even quicker.- Full Facebook and Twitter integration.- Shake to select a random item in your collection.- Offline viewing of collection, export your collection, extra themes, and more (in-app purchases)Better than Collectorz, Discogs, Delicious Library, and others

  • rating 4.73684
  • size 60.8 MB

Lee Valley Library

The Lee Valley Library app enables you to view our Woodworking, Gardening, Hardware and Gift Catalogs in one place, on- or off-line, at your convenience. Lee Valley is a family-owned business that has been serving users of woodworking and gardening tools since 1978. Library Bookshelf features:-Download catalogs through an Internet connection-Catalogs range from 5 MB to 90 MB in size-Catalogs are stored locally on your iPad/iPhone and can be viewed with or without an Internet connection (off-line viewing)-Navigate between catalogs within the bookshelf-Receive notification of our newest catalogs right on your iPad/iPhone-Manage catalogs sort or delete by accessing the edit functionCatalog navigation features:-Finger-swipe navigation-Pinch to zoom-Slider bar for easy page maneuvering -Alternate to single or double page viewing by simply rotating your iPad/iPhone -Jump to specific pages using bookmarks-Add notes to bookmarked pages -Keyword search-Table of Contents browsing-Jump to index-Navigate to pages directly from Index-Send an email with a single page or a range of pages from the catalog-Print catalogs (if connected to a wireless printer)

  • size 68.1 MB

My Book List - Library manager

Includes Barcode scanner to make adding books super fast The ideal repository for book recommendations gathered from friends, reviews, and other sources, the app will locate the actual book cover and store it on its iBook-like shelf or as an entry on a list. The app can also access all the book titles, charts, covers, descriptions, and acquisition options in any of the iBookstores worldwide, Amazon, and the free texts at Google Books.A simple and beautiful layout will help you keep track of the amazing books you come across. My Book List is the personalized book list of all the books youve been meaning to read, and those youve read.

  • size 31.7 MB

Movie Database - Blu-ray DVD My Movies UPC Library

Catalog and list a Blu-ray (Bluray, Blueray Blue Ray), DVD, VHS, 4K, TV, and movie collection with a built-in barcode scanner. Manager, scanner, profiler, releases, and more.

  • size 61.7 MB

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Readerware 3 (Books)

Readerware 3 (Books) is not a standalone app, it works with Readerware on your desktop, (Windows, Mac OS X & Linux).The easiest, fastest way to catalog your library, nothing else comes close. Have a large collection? Support for multiple platforms, Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.Learn more about the complete Readerware system for cataloging your books, music and videos by visiting our web site.

  • size 15.2 MB
  • version 3.55

Remote File Explorer

Remote File Explorer helps you to access files on your remote computer (Mac, Windows, Linux), Web and Cloud Storage (Dropbox) from iDevice.1) Access Remote Computer/ServerSupported OS and device: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux with SMB support. Access network shares on above OS and device by SMB protocol. Music Player:Support MP3, AACDocument Reader:MS Office: Support Word, Excel, Powerpoint documentsiWork: Support Pages, Numbers, Keynote documentsAnd more formats: plain text, RTF(Rich Text Format), HTML and Web Archives

  • rating 2.14634
  • size 7.0 MB
  • version 1.0

Paranoia Text Encryption Lite (free version)

Paranoia Text Encryption is the universal text encryption application for iOS (iPhone/iPad/iPod) by Paranoia Works. Just copy and paste to and from your favorite applications or save to a file for later use. A free cross-platform desktop version (Mac OS X, Windows, Linux, ) and an online (web-based) version (AES, client-side JavaScript) is available on the apps homepage (download section).

  • size 18.2 MB
  • version 2.3


Remotely monitor and manage your IT systems securely from any smartphone or tablet. Pulseway gives you complete control of your computers and applications from anywhere, at any time. Operating Systems supported: Server: Windows 2003 or higher Desktop: Windows XP or higher Linux: All major distributions Mac: OS X 10.8+

  • rating 4.86667
  • size 50.1 MB
  • version 5.3.1

iRemote Suite

Mac OS X is now supported Shell access is now onboard Screen zooming is introduced In this release of iRemote FREE professional solution for manipulating your desktop iRemote Suite allows you to manipulate your desktop or notebook remotely via mobile device like iPhone. The application allows you to simulate keyboard and/or mouse input of any kind. iRemote Suite features:- Desktop screen sharing with zooming support;- Configurable image quality;- Mouse control (mouse movement, mouse clicks, tap-to-click, scrolling);- Keyboard control;- Master volume control;- Fully-functional shell access;- Authorization feature (with the list of known hosts on the device).Supported desktop platforms:- Mac OS X 10.6 or above (Intel only);- Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8.Follow the link below to download host application for your desktop:

  • size 6.5 MB
  • version 1.3.503

Wild Rabbit

Ladies and Gentlemen, above all Ladies Theres a new 2D game exclusively of Black Raven, WILD RABBIT Our nice bunnies will know how to distract you with this new adventure breathtaking, in the name of survival Wild Rabbit is available even for WINDOWS and MAC OS X platforms, check our web site Have fun

  • size 99.8 MB
  • version 1.0


Use your iPhone or iPod Touch as a quality wireless headset for your PC or Mac with this smart unique app iPhone version also works on iPad. Unique call recording functionality Use Mobiola Headset during Skype or other VoIP services calls to talk and record your conversations. iPod Touch 1st Generation is not supported.- Mac OS X 32bit or Windows XP, Vista or 7.- WiFi connection to connect Mobiola(R) Headset app to desktop.

  • rating 2.61702
  • size 0.8 MB
  • version 1.1.14

Song Exporter Pro

Song Exporter Pro lets you transfer via Wi-Fi the songs you have in your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to any computer in your network. No iTunes required Now you can backup your songs and stream them to almost any media player FEATURES: Access your devices music library using an intuitive and powerful web interface with instant sorting and searching. Works with Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, Internet Explorer and Opera, on Windows, Mac and Linux systems.

  • size 1.6 MB
  • version 3.1

Sync Photos to Storage

MAC OS X CLIENT APP is available in Mac App Store WINDOWS CLIENT APP is available from the web site www.syncphotostostorage.comSave all new photos and videos from your Camera Roll to any computer in just one tap No iTunes or cable connection is required, only the free client app Sync Photos to Storage is a universal app for iPhone and iPad. It allows you to browse and save new content from Camera Roll to the selected computers or Dropbox. The limitation is that in free mode it can save new photos only one by one.

  • size 13.5 MB
  • version 1.5


Read your own ebooks or download new titles for free. Tomes (formerly BookShelf) is an e-book reader which provides many features that set it apart in the AppStore: * Hands-free auto-scrolling * Download supported formats direct from the Internet or save any web page for later reading * Built-in access to, the Baen / library and Project Gutenberg * Handles large multi-megabyte ebooks without a problem * Supports Numerous ebook formats with images & formatted text (see below for list) * Transfer your own ebooks from any Mac, Windows, or Linux computer (WiFi Required) * Follow Hyper-links in documents * Lookup works in on-device dictionary or on Wikipedia * Search book contents * Table of Contents & custom bookmarks * Custom color, font, and background pattern themesSupported formats: * Plain text (in various character encodings) [DL] * HTML [DL] * Palm OS (Plucker, PalmDoc, and most Mobi, no-DRM) [DL] * ePub (no-DRM) [DL] * FB2 [SS] * CHM & MHT [SS] * RTF, MS-Word DOC (not DOCX) [SS] * PDF (text-only) [SS]Formats marked with [SS] must be downloaded via ShelfServer on your Mac, Windows, or Linux PC (Java 1.6+ required).Formats marked with [DL] can also be downloaded direct from the web without requiring a computer. Email [email protected] or use the support forums on the website if you need any help.

  • rating 3.57143
  • size 10.2 MB
  • version 3.2