Do you have odds or chances you want to calculate? Playing a board game and dont have any dice? It is the easiest, simplest, and most straightforward app for multiple types of probability simulations with more to be added in the future Features: Roll two dice, with shake-to-roll functionality Flip a coin, heads or tails Randomly generate numbers with a configurable maximum and minimum up to 7 digits Today widget that provides three quick shortcuts to each simulation Modern, clean interface with no clutter Very lightweight app that runs well on old devices Up to 9 sides on the dice roll

RNG Master alternatives

Roundom: Decision Maker

Life is full of decisions, spin the wheel to point you in the right direction Preloaded with a selection of spinners:+ Weekend Activities+ Takeaway Food+ Wheel of Fortune+ Magic 8 Ball+ 6-Sided Die+ Gift Ideas+ Much moreCreate your own spinners by entering words or choosing an icon for each possibility. Possible custom spinners include:+ Name Picker+ Team Chooser+ Local Cafe PickerAlter the fraction of any option to change its likelihood. Have fun :)

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Counterpicks Guide for Blizzard's Overwatch Hero Characters

Wallpapers for Overwatch + Stickers & HD Photo Filters

Custom Wallpapers for Overwatch Free is here to bring you only the best HD wallpapers for your iOS device The best part? Customize the wallpapers to make them entirely your own using our suite of photo filters, and stickers. All images are copyright to their respective owners, and usage for this falls within the Fair Use guidelines.

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Characterize - Character Creator & Random Name Generator for Fantasy Names, Pirates, Aliens & More

Characterize is the perfect creator tool for writers, role-players, storytellers, and anyone who needs to come up with original characters on the fly. From super heroes to pirates, aliens to anime, Characterize will create your perfect character in seconds Save and Share Your Favorites- Save your creation for reference with a few quick taps, or share with friends Then, view your saved characters anytime from the selector. Download the Characterize character maker today generate your next hero today

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Spin Da Wheel

Spin The Wheel. Just put your options and let the wheel decide for you. Simply select the type of wheel and number of options, change the options and start spinning The best of all, its completely Free 0d8ca24f86

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