Spin The Wheel. Just put your options and let the wheel decide for you. Simply select the type of wheel and number of options, change the options and start spinning The best of all, its completely Free 0d8ca24f86

Spin Da Wheel alternatives

Thumbnail Maker for YouTube Videos

Spin the bottle (original)

The famous spin the bottle game on the iphone. Here without the chance to trick or need to discuss who the bottle is pointing to Still designed to be thrilling. Plus you can define the probability that everybody has the turn between 5 to 50%.Have fun, and please dont complain you could use any other bottle too This electronic bottle is environment friendly, portable and lasts long :-)-> Check out all our products on www.plaincode.com

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  • size 5.1 MB

Roundom: Decision Maker

Life is full of decisions, spin the wheel to point you in the right direction Preloaded with a selection of spinners:+ Weekend Activities+ Takeaway Food+ Wheel of Fortune+ Magic 8 Ball+ 6-Sided Die+ Gift Ideas+ Much moreCreate your own spinners by entering words or choosing an icon for each possibility. Possible custom spinners include:+ Name Picker+ Team Chooser+ Local Cafe PickerAlter the fraction of any option to change its likelihood. Have fun :)

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Wadado - The Decision Maker

How often do you have difficulty making decisions regarding problems in your everyday life? Now there is a simple solution to that annoying problem Just add some suggestions and spin the wheel. It is fun and easy at the same time Suggestions on where the app can be used:- What to eat- Choosing bedtime story- Determine the wall color in the new housing- What to do on Saturday nightOr if you just should eat, sleep, rave repeatAs you can see, you can use the apps simplicity in countless areas What will the wheel of decision, decide for you?There is a Best out of X-function as well, if you dont want to give up your life entirelly to chance. Its available for your iPad as well, bigger is better

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