OpenOTP Authenticator is a mobile authentication solution which provides secure access for websites, VPNs, Citrix, Cloud Apps, Windows, Linux, SAML, OpenID, Wifi and much more. With OpenOTP Authentication Server, it provides the most advanced user authentication system supporting simple registration with QR Code scan, Software Token based on OATH standards and Approve/Deny login with push notifications. Features include:- Simple enrolment with QR scan on self-services- Secure QRCode with online secret exchange- OTP with OATH HOTP and TOTP standards- Handy OTP display with Push notifications - Approve/Deny login with Push notifications- Unique fishing protection feature- Spoken OTP with voice speech- Touch ID and PIN protection- Encrypted mobile storage- Login Requests history- Offline Mode with OpenOTP Windows Credential Provider- OTP PIN prefixe


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OpenOTP Token alternatives

Subnet Plus - Subnet Calculator

A free Subnet Calculator for the iPhone and iPad that lets you save your calculated networks. For those learning subnetting it has display options to show complete binary and hex info for calculated subnets. This Subnet calculator is used by network engineers to calculate subnet masks, number ranges of useable IP addresses, broadcast ip addresses and network numbers.

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  • size 8.5 MB

FreeOTP Authenticator

FreeOTP adds a second layer of security for your online accounts. This works by generating one-time passwords on your mobile devices which can be used in conjunction with your normal password to make your login nearly impossible to hack. Contributions are welcome

  • rating 3.75
  • size 0.8 MB


NSLookup is an internet utility to get domains DNS information. It will help you to find the target IP address of a domain or see what name servers are set on a specific domain. Its also possible to force it to get an authoritative response from main DNS server of the domain.

  • size 29.6 MB

HDE OTP Generator

HDE OTP Generator is a virtual device application for multi-factor authentication (MFA), so-called two-step verification, which generates time-based one-time passwords (OTP) complying with RFC 6238 (TOTP: Time-Based One-Time Password Algorithm).HDE OTP Generator supports multiple authentication source. You may use QR codes, or URLs copied onto the clipboard to add authentication config. Limitations- To make OTP work, make sure your clock is in sync- Only supports 6-digits

  • size 6.2 MB

SecSign ID - 2 factor authentication (2fa)

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Crossmatch Altus Mobile is an OATH based TOTP authentication credential to be used for the DigitalPersona Altus secure, composite authentication solution. Features:- Time-based OTP generation- Push Authentication (Push OTP)- Adding OTP via manual entry of account info and secret key- Adding OTP via scanning QR Code- Ability to add multiple accountsRequirement:- iOS 10.0 or later- WatchOS 2.2 or later

  • size 46.4 MB
  • version 2.3

Token2 Mobile OTP

Token2 Mobile OTP | One Time Password generator for two factor authenticationSupports proprietary Token2 algorithmSupports TOTP as per RFC 6238Supports additional PIN code protection for standard TOTP profilesSupports Classic MOTP (with client side secret generation)Supports MOTP with QR based enrolment

  • size 7.1 MB
  • version 0.1

LastPass Authenticator

LastPass Authenticator is a two-factor authentication app for your LastPass account and other supported apps. LastPass Authenticator offers simple, secure authentication to your accounts by generating passcodes for login, or receiving push notifications for one-tap approval. Enter the code into the login prompt on your deviceFEATURES- Generates 6-digit codes every 30 seconds- Push notifications for one-tap approval- PIN and Touch ID support- Support for SMS codes- Automated set-up via QR code- Support for LastPass accounts- Support for other TOTP-compatible services and apps (including any that support Google Authenticator)- Add multiple accounts

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  • size 23.4 MB
  • version 1.5.0

Ezio Mobile Token

DescriptionWant to feel safe when banking or shopping online?Ezio Mobile allows you to secure your digital operations: accessing your bank account, adding new beneficiaries, transferring money, managing your cards, and buying online. It protects you from the most advanced cyber-attacks, such as man-in-the-middle and social engineering, and mitigates mobile malware attacks. Ezio Mobile use cases include:- Online banking: log in, add new beneficiary, transfer moneyFeatures:- Biometric authentication with fingerprint- PIN authentication with randomized secure Pinpad- Device binding- OATH (HOTP/TOTP) and OCRA- Out-of-band authentication for non-mobile channels- QR code support for enrollment and transaction signing- Push notifications- Secure Channel- Secure storage- Jailbreak/root detection, anti-debug, anti-hooking- Advanced obfuscation- HSM-based key protection- Offline mode support

  • size 75.6 MB
  • version 1.6.0


Vancokey is a mobile-based authentication solution that authenticates a user by sending a login notification to a smartphone. A user simply approves or denies the request on their smartphone screen. Key features:- Proximity support distance lock/unlock- Uses PKI and AES encryption algorithms- FIDO USB U2F- Password Manager for operating system and web application authentication- Plug & Play USB HID with self-contained BLE chipset and driver- Supports OATH, OTP, TOPT/HOTP/OCRA- One-to-Many dongle support- Windows 7/8/10, Mac OS and Linux supportPlease contact Vancosys for USB key ordering information.

  • size 30.7 MB
  • version 1.7.0

ForgeRock Authenticator

ForgeRock Authenticator works in conjunction with the ForgeRock Identity Platform to deliver easy, yet secure access to apps and services. Users can register their phones, using QR codes, to receive notifications or generate One-Time Passwords which can be used to securely log in. Features include:- Automatic setup via QR codes- Support for multiple accounts- Support for TouchID to authorize access- Support for Time and Counter based One-Time Password generationForgeRock Authenticator works with OpenAMs ForgeRock Authenticator (OATH) or ForgeRock Authenticator (Push) authentication modules.

  • size 5.8 MB
  • version 2.0.2

Loqr Authenticator

The Loqr Authenticator application provides multiple types of login authentications and transactions authorization to end users accessing applications integrated with Loqr Dynamic Authentication as a Service Platform. This application enables push notifications and displays one or more time-based OTP, single-tap, passcode, password, fingerprint, facial recognition, voice and localisation authentication, providing users simple access to multiple applications and networks. Prerequisites:The Loqr Authenticator application only works in conjunction with an existing integration with Loqr Dynamic Authentication as a Service Platform, and requires end user enrolment to deliver the functionalities presented above.

  • size 28.2 MB
  • version 3.3.0


A simple, secure cybersecurity solution in the palm of your hand. This LoginTC app works with LoginTC-enabled digital assets (VPNs, websites or applications) to protect your logins via two-factor authentication in three easy steps: receive, decide, unlock. Approve or deny with the tap of a finger

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  • version 2.2.0


AirOTP is a mobile application that generates the OTP (One Time Password) in 2-Factor Authentication solution V-FRONT AirCUVE company .VPN, Web Service, VDI, network equipment (Telnet login ), etc. You can do more with enhanced authentication as a secondary authentication in the user authentication , enter an OTP generated by the AirOTP when requesting an OTP.AirOTP can protect your private information using secure from leakage of personal information .For more information, please visit .Function:* Conveniently the device registered with the QR code* Registration allows multiple clients* PIN Code Setting* Support for Multiple Languages

  • size 8.2 MB
  • version 2.0.2

Salt mCode

Salt mCode Mobile Token is designed as a convenient iPhone-based second factor user authentication mechanism. Salt mCode provides a robust cryptographically based, PIN protected and standalone solution that does not require ongoing availability of the mobile network. Salt mCode featuresinclude:-Operation and features akin to dedicated hardware One Time Password, Challenge Response and Signature devices, except on a mobile handset-Full OATH OTP support available-Issuer configurable profiles including PIN length, PIN retry thresholds, weak PINs, token display timeouts, OTP and Response lengths, language support, issuer branding-Re-deployable in the field, anywhere in the world-Full browser independence-Familiar user interfaceApplication areas:-Access to Internet based banking and finance and government services-Transaction authentication through the use of Challenge-Response or Signature modes-VPN and WiFi network access control-IVR application access controlMany organisations that are seeking to improve the assurance level of user authentication for online services are electing to utilize two factor authentication mechanisms whereby a user will have an independent hardware authentication token with the following characteristics:-PIN protected access to the token and associated authentication service-Authentication is completed using a One Time Password (OTP) that is displayed on the Token and then submitted through an Internet or IVR system to the organisations online site and validated via a standards based interface to an authentication service-The OTP is algorithmically based with robust protection of the cryptographic keys within the Token-The OTP verification service is robust and network connectable and provides for cross-authentication of the service with requesting application or network systems

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  • version 2.2.130904