ForgeRock Authenticator works in conjunction with the ForgeRock Identity Platform to deliver easy, yet secure access to apps and services. Users can register their phones, using QR codes, to receive notifications or generate One-Time Passwords which can be used to securely log in. Features include:- Automatic setup via QR codes- Support for multiple accounts- Support for TouchID to authorize access- Support for Time and Counter based One-Time Password generationForgeRock Authenticator works with OpenAMs ForgeRock Authenticator (OATH) or ForgeRock Authenticator (Push) authentication modules.


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2Pass: easy way to genarade 2 factor auth password
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ForgeRock Authenticator alternatives

Sophos Mobile Security

Sophos Mobile Security helps you to work safely on your iPhone or iPad. It informs you when a new iOS version is available, and it lets you view the content of iOS updates. NOTE: If you have any problems with Sophos Mobile Security, please check our monitored support forum for help before leaving a 1-star review:

  • rating 4.64286
  • size 6.3 MB

IBM Verify

IBM Verify brings a new layer of strong verification to your online services. With multi-factor authentication, you can protect your accounts from the bad guys even if they have your password. Features: - Works even without a data connection - Works with services that require a password for login - TouchID fingerprint identification - Yes/No authentication - Supports multiple devices - Supports multiple services

  • size 25.2 MB

Star Citizen Authenticator

Once 2-factor authentication is setup, your account will be better protected against unauthorized access, keeping your account safe. After enabling the 2-factor authentication on your account at, this app with provide you with one-time-use codes to help you gain secure access to your account, in addition to your existing password. Secure your account today at - Supports multiple accounts

  • rating 4.4
  • size 12.9 MB

Authenticator Plus

Authenticator Plus generates 2 step verification codes to protect your online accounts with your password and phone. Backup / restore - Accounts can be backed through iTunes file sharing and can restored in your iPad or iPhone Additional protection - App can be protected using Touch ID or PIN lock Customisation - Rearrange the frequently used accounts for easy access Easy search - Search your accounts right from spotlightUNLOCK THE FULL POTENTIAL OF AUTHENTICATOR PLUS THROUGH AUTHENTICATOR PLUS PROUpgrade to Authenticator Plus Pro and add many great additional features: Authenticator Plus for Apple Watch : Now with Authenticator Plus for Apple Watch accounts can be viewed from your wrist Automatic sync - Accounts are synced across iPhone, iPad Automatic backup / restore - Accounts are automatically backed up to cloud (iCloud or Dropbox) and can be restored easily in your iPhone / iPad / other smartphones Organise - Group accounts with categories Sync across your smartphones - Automatic sync between iOS devices and other smartphones (using Dropbox)

  • rating 4.625
  • size 41.0 MB

SecSign ID - 2 factor authentication (2fa)

More Information About alternatives

Thomson Reuters Authenticator

Introducing the Thomson Reuters Authenticator: one app to verify your identity to access to Thomson Reuters software, providing an additional layer of security when signing in, helping you protect your data. Whether using this app to access Thomson Reuters software for work or personal use, multi-factor authentication adds an extra layer of protection to your data, wherever your software or data are stored. Software that works with Thomson Reuters Authenticator allows you to authenticate on three levels:1) Something you KNOW (your login and password)2) Something you HAVE (your mobile device with the Thomson Reuters Authenticator app)3) Something you ARE (your fingerprint, if your device has Touch ID enabled)Features include: Automatic setup via QR code Support for multiple accounts Generate verification codes without a data connection

  • size 22.3 MB
  • version 1.2

2Pass: easy way to genarade 2 factor auth password

Description:This application provides one time passwords to be used with the two factor authentication of Dropbox, Facebook, GitHub, Google Mail, Vk, Evenlope and others. Make your accounts safe again Features:- Copying passwords into pasteboard- Scan QR codes that include accounts- Supports time-based as well as counter-based passwords- Works offline- Works with 6-8 digits codes- Secure application by password or TouchID - Ads free- Backup accounts to ICloudThe app does not collect information about you either. It will not upload your accounts to someone else Get in touch here:

  • size 27.5 MB
  • version 1.0.2

Garena Authenticator

Garena Authenticator works with 2-step authentication for your Garena Account, providing an additional layer of security when managing account details and playing games. Garena Authenticator will generate authentication codes directly on your iPhone without the need for a network connection. Features include:- Support for automatic account linking by scanning QR code- Support for time-based authentication code generationNew feature:- Support for multiple accounts linking on the same device; To use your Garena Authenticator, you will need to have 2-step authentication enabled on your Garena Account and then link your Garena Account to your Garena Authenticator.


The Clareity Authenticator is an OATH compliant One Time Password application for use with the SafeAccess and SafeMLS identity systems. Features include:* Easy set up via QR code* Time & counter based support* SHA256 security standard* Support for multiple tokensThe Clareity Authenticator is for use by members of TREB (Toronto Real Estate Board), CMLS (Consolidate MLS), and RMLS (Realty Multiple Listing Service). Other Clareity customers supported as well.

  • size 17.8 MB
  • version 1.1.3


Authenticator is a simple, free, and open source two-factor authentication app. It helps keep your online accounts secure by generating unique one-time passwords, which you use in combination with your other passwords to log into supporting websites. Easy: Simple setup via QR code, otpauth:// URL, or manual entry Secure: All data is stored in encrypted form on the iOS keychain Compatible: Full support for time-based and counter-based one-time passwords as standardized in RFC 4226 and 6238 Off the Grid: The app never connects to the internet, and your secret keys never leave your device.

  • rating 4.94118
  • size 20.1 MB
  • version 2.0.0

Authenticator for TOTP and HOTP

This application provides one time passwords to be used during the authentication as 2-step verification codes. Time-based One-time Password Algorithm (TOTP) and HMAC-based One-time Password Algorithm (HOTP) are supported. Features:- Support for multiple accounts- Add account data via QR code- No Internet access needed

  • size 4.7 MB
  • version 1.0.0

Loqr Authenticator

The Loqr Authenticator application provides multiple types of login authentications and transactions authorization to end users accessing applications integrated with Loqr Dynamic Authentication as a Service Platform. This application enables push notifications and displays one or more time-based OTP, single-tap, passcode, password, fingerprint, facial recognition, voice and localisation authentication, providing users simple access to multiple applications and networks. Prerequisites:The Loqr Authenticator application only works in conjunction with an existing integration with Loqr Dynamic Authentication as a Service Platform, and requires end user enrolment to deliver the functionalities presented above.

  • size 28.2 MB
  • version 3.3.0

LastPass Authenticator

LastPass Authenticator is a two-factor authentication app for your LastPass account and other supported apps. LastPass Authenticator offers simple, secure authentication to your accounts by generating passcodes for login, or receiving push notifications for one-tap approval. Enter the code into the login prompt on your deviceFEATURES- Generates 6-digit codes every 30 seconds- Push notifications for one-tap approval- PIN and Touch ID support- Support for SMS codes- Automated set-up via QR code- Support for LastPass accounts- Support for other TOTP-compatible services and apps (including any that support Google Authenticator)- Add multiple accounts

  • rating 3.625
  • size 23.4 MB
  • version 1.5.0

NixMoney Auth

NixMoney Auth works as a software token, generating timed one-time passwords (TOTP). Increase security of your social network, banking and email accounts by using two factor authentication - and no one, except you, will be able to log on. You can automatically add new tokens by QR scan, or use manual setup.

  • size 16.6 MB
  • version 1.03


Accessing locations and providing secure credential & identity information has never been easier. RACNET enables secure authentication and transactions to its users; Powered by RAC Systems. RACNET allows you to:- Manage Identity and Credential information- Access Locations- Generate Access Codes- Authorize Access- View Live Transactions- Make facility bookings and access events- View Communication- Receive Push Notifications & AlertsSimply install the app, link your ID/ Drivers license and access virtually any site displaying a RAC Credential.

  • size 25.3 MB
  • version 1.0.4