My Own Diary for the iPhone, you can carry it everywhere. You can now record your thoughts and events on the iPhone, too. Note: My Own Diary requires iOS 5 or above.My Own Diary supports the following functions: Create several diaries Dictate your experiences using Siri Dropbox import and export PDF export in the App layout 11 different fonts Send your diary as e-mail Calendar function Voice recordings Mark your location

My Own Diary (Journal/Diary) alternatives

Lunar Calendar - The Art of Timing

Live in the rhythm of nature with the Lunar Calendar: Your daily companion and assistant will help you find the right timing This app for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad includes an extensive guidebook and comes additionally with 3 months of free Lunar Calendar data, starting on the initial day of usage. Additional Lunar Calendar packages are available through In-App Purchases. There is also an option to create graphic displays of different peoples biorhythms and to carry out partner rhythm comparisons.

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  • size 26.4 MB


Diary is the most beautiful and simple way to collect your daily thoughts and experiences on your iPhone or iPod touch. Feature Highlights: Password & Touch ID Protection Choose a theme Add photos (incl. Camera+ support) Add voice memos Full text search Export as email Fully encrypted if the device is protected with a passcode key Choose between different font styles and sizes.

  • size 14.1 MB

My Secret Diary With Password

Secret diary with password is a personal diary that allows you to lock and protect all your secrets, thoughts, feelings and moments away from curious eyes. Features:- password to protect your secrets- very easy to use- create, modify, and delete diary entries- rate your entry with color that matches your mood- attach and add pictures or photos to the diary entry- search your journal through text, mood and calendar filters- choose from multiple font types- customize you diary background to match your style (pink, red, blue whatever suits your mood ) - password recovery - just in case you forget your password- unlimited entries- emotion icons(for new phones with Android 4.4+ and Android 5.0)- image gallery - relive great momentsThe perfect secret diary for all your secrets locked up with password. Have fun writing

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My Diary - Journal

It does not take much to write your own diary, - this diary app and a little time. Write down what makes you happy today, or did make you sad in the past. (currently only iPad)- Export entries and photos to your iCloud

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My Diary

Keeping a traditional, private diary is different from blogging on the web,Its about finding your inner-most feelings instead of sharing stories with your friends. Writing down your true feelings and reviewing them later will allow you to get to know yourself more and act as a memory of your experiences to look back on in the future. Want to know more about yourself and make yourself better?Get started now with My Diary features:1.password protection2.paging by months3.mail out4.landscape mode editing5.change font size by pinching 6.delete by wiping on list7.backup and restore8.tagging by color

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  • size 1.4 MB