MemorKeys is the very simple yet highly effective App for storing your most-used texts and inserting these with a single tap from your keyboard. Most commonly used for storing e-mail address, post address details, bank accounts and names of co-workers, the idea is to avoid re-typing those words, details and phrases that you so often use. :)MemorKeys Free: store 30 texts, retrieve the first 3, use Share optionMemorKeys Pro (in-app purchase) unlocks all 30 texts and the special keyboard functions


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MemorKeys alternatives

Microsoft Excel

Excel is ready for iPad Pro and looks amazing on the 12.9-inch screen. View Excel spreadsheets on iPad Pro for free. Terms of Use:

  • rating 4.75939
  • size 341 MB

Microsoft OneDrive

Do more wherever you go with Microsoft OneDrive. Get to and share your documents, photos, and other files from your iOS device, computer (PC or Mac), and any other devices you use. Terms of Use:

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  • size 220 MB

TeamViewer: Remote Control

TeamViewer provides easy, fast and secure remote access to Windows, Mac and Linux systems. TeamViewer is already used on more than 200,000,000 computers worldwide. Enter your computers TeamViewer ID and password

  • rating 4.5
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Verizon Cloud

New Verizon subscribers: Download and install the Verizon Cloud app on your iPhone for a 30-day Premium trial. Verizon Cloud Premium lets you back up your contacts, photos, and videos to secure cloud storage, so you wont lose your important content if you lose your phone. Go to for the complete list.

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Wunderlist: To-Do List & Tasks

Wunderlist is a simple to-do list and task manager app that helps you get stuff done. Whether youre sharing a grocery list with a loved one, working on a project, or planning a vacation, Wunderlist makes it easy to capture, share and complete your to-dos. Our Terms of Use: Privacy Policy: more about Wunderlist at

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Ditto Keyboard

Whether its texting, dating, business, or just regular daily communication, we tend to repeat ourselves quite often. With Ditto, save your most commonly used texts, phrases, and templates, and access them easily from any app Stop wasting time, and start saying things in a snap DISCLAIMER: For the apps full features to work, you must Allow Full Access in your devices keyboard settings. If you choose not to allow full access, saving dittos from inside the keyboard will not work, but the rest of the app will function as expected

  • rating 4.9
  • size 12.6 MB
  • version 2.0.1


RPN-38 CX is the first photo-realistic simulation of Hewlett-Packards popular high-end programmable business calculator HP-38C for the iPhone. Produced from 1979 through 1983, it was the Chive member of the third-generation HP calculators known as the Spice series. Features: Photo-realistic look-and-feel Programmable (99 steps, program memory not shared with register memory) Subroutines, flags, loop control, extended conditional branching Insert and delete steps with automatic address correction 20 registers, continuous, with unlimited store/recall arithmetic Register view Program listing view Program library view Additional functions (nominal and effective interest rate) Shortcuts for often-used key combinations Store and retrieve any number of programs Sharing: e-mail, AirDrop, Dropbox, copy, paste, print 38 programs pre-installedCalculator functions: Percentage (%, %, %Total) Simple and Compound Interest Optional odd periods Nominal/Effective interest rate conversion Amortization Discounted Cash Flow Analysis Net Present Value, Internal Rate of Return Date and Calendar (actual or 30/360 day basis) Statistics (mean, weighted mean, standard deviation) Linear Regression Additional functions not found on the HP-38:- Subroutines, flags, loop control, random number, Pi, Log, x and moreDetails:

  • size 12.6 MB
  • version 2.1

EDS-5 Multifunction Calculator

EDS-5 Multifunction Calculator is a multi-purpose calculator that is simple to use, yet rich in functionality. Enjoy the details of the realistic graphics and well designed keyboards. Feature summary: The EDS-5 Multifunction Calculaton has excellent retina graphics with realistic calculator features Multiple keyboards that smoothly transition as you swipe horizontally with two fingers Customize which keyboards are available as you swipe as well as the order they are shown Commonly used scientific functions Trigonometry functions including the inverse functions Calculations with degrees or radians Loan calculations with principal, interest rate, number of periods (or months), and payment Special keyboard to sum a list of values, maintaining a scrollable list to keep track of your progress Memory buttons just as youd expect on any calculatorHave any questions or problems, please contact us at [email protected].

  • size 38.7 MB
  • version 2.51

Silent Touch Timer

Download now and streamline your life with the beautiful to see, lovely to use, and fastest to set timer Does exactly what it promises and with a sleek, innovative and intuitive interface. Would buy it again if I could - RistrettomanGREAT FOR PRESENTATIONS Easily readable up to 30 feet away on your iPhone. One of my most-often used apps An unobtrusive, light, very effective timer used while studying, exercising, interviewing people, teaching students and even when evaluating students answer-sheets - vobserveSUPPORTYou can find more information and support at, contact us at [email protected], or follow us on twitter at @yoctoApps.

  • rating 5
  • size 4.1 MB
  • version 2.0.4

English gourmet-select the vocabulary of grammar 100 copies

After 3 months, all the collection of 100 days. Collection grammar, sentence, articles, professional English, etc. Financial English 5 Obama the state of the union address Obama inaugural address To deal with the formalities vocabulary Newspapers and English words essence Programming English commonly used words Financial English vocabulary basis Rookie learn English Common English Starting from zero to learn English Words word formation Documents English Film spoken English Legal English Legal science specialized books Crazy English 900 words High school English phrases International trade English term Offshore vocabulary Black English The chemical pipeline design vocabulary Accounting term English Computer English Remember the words Concise medical records manual Desperate housewife, season the closing Desperate housewife, last word Class notes The air oral English 100 article Oral practice method Li Yang English 365 words Li Yang English pronunciation treasure dian Slang 20 Tourism English MeiDeMing interpretation tutorial A daily (English) American slang daqo Interview with the classic question and answer Interview English Interview English with Dont learn English How to read English contract Business English Born to win refers Time magazine commonly used words Practical computer English 42 days to learn English model essay Like people New Oriental 30 texts The new stone English series The subjunctive interpretation of the material Degree English Foreign minister Yang jiechi speech Invitation letter Medical English the second book Medical English third book Medical English first book Medical English conversation English refers English self introduction English proverb used English words commonly used real combat Morning read English essence English idioms English stem affix memory Sources of the English vocabulary English words classification memory Oral English highlights Oral English improve 1 Oral English improve 2 English daily spoken English Practical English proverb thousands English synonyms comparison English this paragraph appreciate English trap English learning high-quality goods English learning tips The secret of the English speech English proverb 500 words Learn English medical terms Use simple English business How to practise English listening The secret of master English The Chinese pop vocabulary dictionary

  • size 45.7 MB
  • version 8.2


The premier communication program for parents. You must be a subscribed user of ParentScope to use this appSign up today by visiting www. Some of the many features youll find in ParentScope include:PARENT & CHILD INFORMATION DATABASE- Securely store and share school information, medical contacts, and insurance cards- Save copies of your most recent court order- Manage contact information for you and your co-parentADVANCED CUSTODY MANAGEMENT CALENDAR- Manage your parenting time through a color-coded calendar- Split holidays, birthdays, and other recurring events based on your order- Share event details for your child- Notify or request vacation time, with any court-ordered timeframe limitations- Request and manages trades to parenting timeFAMILIAR, TRACKED MESSAGING- Text message styled communicationno more email threads - Send and save photos of your child- Secure messaging on servers used by Fortune 500 and major financial companies - Inability for either parent to edit or delete sent texts EASY EXPENSE & REIMBURSEMENT MANAGEMENT- Upload receipts and submit expenses directly to your co-parent - Add payment information and proof or contest expense- Auto-calculate due date, expense split and amount due based on court orderUSEFUL REPORTS- Generate detailed reports for Calendar, Messaging, and Expenses- Includes the information courts need to enforce orders- Email PDF copies of the report from directly within the app

  • size 15.3 MB
  • version 1.1.0