Warning: MIHTool is for professional developers, newbies wont get it. Theres no FRIENDLY guides, so see the docs and videos on the website then ask yourself if its the right tool for you before you click the install button MIHTool helps Front-End Engineers to debug and optimize their webpages on iPad and iPhone. A Inline Web Inspector that is a real Chrome like DevTool for iPhone Safari.2.Web inspector remote(weinre): remote to debug and optimize your mobile webpages on your computer(window, mac, linux with chrome).3.Online Web Inspector.4.Remote control (With HTTP Server): Remote to, Load URL in MIHTool|Safari|Chrome; Inject Javascript in current webpage; Clear website data; Get HAR data; Get source code; Get screenshots5.Show WebKit Debug Borders (Compositing Render Layers).6.Show Webkit Repaint Counter (Paint Rects).7.Evaluating JavaScript in the address bar.8.Disable cache *when the switch button is ON*.9.Full screen mode (Shake Device To Toggle Full Screen Mode).10.Keep awake (Default is ON).11.Performance API.12.Polyfill Manager (simulate APIs for javaScript to Objective-C communication)13.NPM Modules (To require() any module on npm in web inspector console with browserify)

MIHTool Basic - Web Debugger alternatives

HTML & HTML5 Editor

HTML Editor is a simple and practical the HTML source code editor. Software features:* Support for HTML code coloring. Facilitate and efficient manage files * Sorting by file namecreate time and file type * View, copy, move, delete, rename, email, zip Compression and unzip files/folders * Extract all files from a compressed .zip file * Glide deleting function * Select all and DeSelect all * Transferring files by wifi and itunes file sharing * Email multiple files, folder Supported * Photo import Supported * Landscape mode supported * iPad-compatible

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HttpWatch Basic - HTTP Sniffer

HttpWatch is the ultimate HTTP sniffer for monitoring and optimizing web pages. It shows cookies, headers, content, query strings, POST values and low level request/response streams for HTTP and HTTPS.Comments about the HttpWatch app on Twitter:Dream come true: @HttpWatch waterfall charts on iPhone Awesome @HttpWatch now available on iPhone For other sites only a limited amount of information is displayed - Result, Time and URL.

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View Source

HTML source code, CSS and Javascript browser with syntax highlighting and search Can be used as a standalone app or directly from Safari View Source offers developers and other curious people to view the source code of any website on the internet For any feature requests or problem reports tweet me @r00m

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iSource Browser

iSource Browser is a source-aware web browser for the iPhone & iPad. It is a fully functional web browser with the following additional features:- HTML source view- WHOIS lookup - DIG lookup - HOST lookup- HTTP Headers - all request and response headers with status codes- Javascript debug console - inspection and debugging of WebView controls- Full integration with Email, SMS, Twitter, Hipchat, Wunderlist, Asana, Fancy, and more As with any web browser, you can surf to any site on the web as you would in Safari, with the added bonus of transparency. With a tap of the screen you can view a pages HTML source, its HTTP request and response headers, DiG & host information, as well as information detailing who owns and administers the site (whois).However, iSources most powerful function is the new Javascript debugging console, where you can inspect console messages, query the DOM, and more Best of all, its free.iSource Browser is a must-have for any IT professional

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Inspect - View TLS certificate

Inspect is an action extension ( works in both Safari and Chrome) that allows you to inspect and export websites https certificate information. You can as well as copy or input https url manually in the main app to inspect it. Features:* View SSL certificates chain* View X509 certificate information* Export selected certificate* WOT rating integrations* Shortcut to scan in SSLLabs.com* Recently lookup histories* Possible MITM detectionsIf you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact [email protected]

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