Inspect is an action extension ( works in both Safari and Chrome) that allows you to inspect and export websites https certificate information. You can as well as copy or input https url manually in the main app to inspect it. Features:* View SSL certificates chain* View X509 certificate information* Export selected certificate* WOT rating integrations* Shortcut to scan in* Recently lookup histories* Possible MITM detectionsIf you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact [email protected]

Inspect - View TLS certificate alternatives

Kryptonite - Protect your SSH Private Key

Kryptonite is the new home for your SSH private key. Generate a new public/private keypair, pair your phone with one or more computers, and use SSH as you normally would. A Kryptonite SSH key can be used without modifying any servers, allowing users to secure their GitHub, AWS, and Google Cloud SSH authentication without any changes to their infrastructure.

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TLS Inspector

Trust & Safety On-the-go. With TLS Inspector you can be sure that the connection to your favourite website is secure from hackers & criminals. TLS Inspector is free & libre open source software (FLOSS) with source code available on GitHub.

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Master Server Monitor

Master Server Monitor je aplikace, kter zkaznkm spolenosti Master Internet ( umouje monitorovat stav server. Podmnkou je zakoupen sluby administrace nebo monitoringu. Aplikace je aktuln k dispozici pouze pro zkaznky MasterDC (divize spolenosti Master Internet) se servery umstnmi v datacentrech Master DC Praha nebo Master DC Brno a slubou administrace nebo monitoringu.

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HTTP Web Server Response Diagnostic Tool - Curl for iPhone and iPadiCurlHTTP is a simple, easy to use app that allows you to run MacOS/Linux-like cURL tests against URLs. It can simulate different web browsers (user-agents) to retrieve the raw HTTP headers and HTML response from web servers. iPhone and iPad support Verbose and Basic Detail HTTP Timing Details (Name Lookup, TCP Connect, SSL Handshake, First Byte and Total) Set custom User-Agent, Host Headers, Timeouts, HTTP Authentication, SSL Mode and POST Data Share Feature to send output to Clipboard, Printer and Email HTTP/2 Support IPv4 and IPv6 DNS Resolution with Option for Manual Address Resolution (via HOST:PORT:ADDRESS)

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Decode - Explore with NFC

Discover the world of IoT with Decode - now with NFC. Decode scans NFC chips, detects Bluetooth beacons and more all within a unified, clean interface. Decode Features- Tap NFC- Discover and preview nearby Physical Web objects- Reads and opens QR codes in under one second- Decode up to four barcodes at once- Notification center widget displays nearby Physical Web objects- Clean interface with no ads- 75% lighter than the average iOS QR reader- Analyzes content up to 6x faster than the average QR reader- View, open, or clear all of your previous scans- Quickly search UPC codes and more on Google- Toggle flash on supported devices- Augmented reality: view decoded content overlaid on the camera

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