Keeble is an iOS keyboard that allows users with fine motor-challenges, switch users and users with vision impairments to type in almost any app. The keyboard offers word prediction, timing options, Select on Release, Select on Dwell, auditory feedback and other accessibility features. Alternative access- Prevent accidental selections with Timing options- Compensate for motor challenges with Select on Release or Select on Dwell- Use scanning-optimized keyboards with Switch Control: ABC and frequency of useAuditory feedback- Turn on keyboard clicks- Use spoken cues as you move your finger across the keyboard- Hear each key, word or sentence you type with Speak as you TypeSelf-learning word prediction- Choose between word completion, next-word prediction or multi-word prediction- Configure the number of suggestions and suggestion order- Adjust the size of the prediction bar to your needsSpeed up typing- Benefit from the phrase bank providing quick access to your iOS keyboard shortcuts- Use the cursor keys to navigate through text quickly- Turn Auto-Capitalization and Auto-Spacing ON or OFFOptimize for different users- Use with beginning readers and select lowercase key labels, ABC layout and colored vowels- Customize for adults by allowing access to all characters and selecting QWERTY layout- Choose from 5 different themes or create a custom themeUser comfort- Use Keeble on iPad, iPhone and iPod touch- Select one of the 11 available languages, including regional keyboard layouts- Choose your preferred font, including dyslexic and school-friendly fonts

Keeble - Accessible keyboard alternatives

inku - tool for dyslexia

inku is an intuitive and powerful dyslexia tool that helps you write your notes without spelling errors. It allows a person to type a message using the sophisticated word and phrase prediction, which learns their pattern of use, making writing even faster. Key features of inku: - self learning intelligent word prediction available in UK English, US English, German, Spanish and French- speech-to-text that recognises the word you would like to write- thematic options for the US English dictionary: math, physics, chemistry, history, biology, engineering, sociology- spell check - inku suggest words even if you have misspelled them- speech recognition- plenty of customisation options - listen to your word before you select it- Bluetooth keyboard compatibility- word processing options- set up for dyslexia level- custom pronunciation- Dropbox syncing- save your notes inside the app- iOS voice integration- phrase prediction- export or share your documents via email, Facebook or Twitter

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Speak for Yourself

Speak for Yourself is an application designed by two speech language pathologists specializing in Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) with an evidence-based foundation. This application is consistent with motor learning principles, uses a word-based vocabulary of the most frequently used words in communication, and contains features important in developing automaticity and language. Regardless of their current language level, this application can meet people where they are and provide language for a lifetime, because its a basic human right to Speak for Yourself.

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Description Multi-award winning app for people with speech disabilities who need a sleek, simple and smart way to communicate Predictable speaks out the messages you type using your favourite from a selection of keyboard layouts (including 10 key keyboard, Apples own iOS keyboard, or any keyboard extension from the app store also works). Intelligent word prediction, which learns an individuals pattern of use, makes communication even faster. Available on iPhone in Direct Touch access method only You can find more information about Predictable (including a full feature list to help gauge suitability) at

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TouchChat HD - AAC with WordPower

TouchChat is a full-featured communication solution for individuals who have difficulty using their natural voice. TouchChat is designed for individuals with Autism, Down Syndrome, ALS, apraxia, stroke, or other conditions that affect a persons ability to use natural speech. TouchChat also enables users to subscribe to iShare and store custom files for safe keeping, or choose to share customized pages with an online community.iPhone, iPod touch and iPad are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.

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