IPSensor application monitor and control IPSW2210 and IPS2222 Ethernet controllers. No need for a central server or dedicated setup. Features:- display temperature and humidity sensor values- display analog and dry contact inputs- control relay outputs Typical applications:- Home automation- Server rooms- IT- Building management- Control of heating/cooling systems Supported devices:- IPSW2210 (Firmware version 2.07 or higher)- IPS2222 (Firmware version 1.3.6 or higher) More info at www.ip-sens.com


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IPSensor alternatives

Fing - Network Scanner

Wi-Fi Fing Wi-Fi DNS ping Fing + Wi-Fi / LAN + IP MAC + NetBIOSUPNP Bonjour + + Internet + ISP + + TCP + ping traceroute+ WOL+ DNS DNS + SSHFTP+ + + IP Fingbox + Internet + + Wi-Fi + Internet + Internet + + Wi-Fi

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TCW Control

TCW Control allows you to monitor and control your TCW controllers. Entering the IP address and HTTP port of your installed ethernet controller, this application will be able to display the data on your mobile device. To ensure proper operation, please make sure you have the following conditions:- your TCW controllers is updated with the latest firmware version (available at www.teracom.cc)- your TCW controller has static IP addressFeatures:- display sensor values (temperature, humidity, current, air pressure, CO2)- display analog and dry contact inputs- control relay outputs- adding descriptions of monitored parametersTypical applications:- home automation- environment monitoring- control of heating/cooling systemsSupported devices:- TCW122B-CM (Firmware version 2.11 or higher)- TCW181B-CM (Firmware version 2.10 or higher)- TCW240B (Firmware version 1.04 or higher)More info at www.teracom.cc.

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  • version 1.1.0


Our application is used to display the status of various sensors of the series Smart4house, In this time (Water leak detector, Binary sensor, Temperature sensor and Wifi relay). For using this app properly You have to own this Smart4house device Water leak detectorGuard against condensation, drips, leaks, and flooding. Application area:Remote control of entrance and garage gates, outdoor lighting control, remote switching of various heating or cooling modes, remote control of pumps- for iOS8 or later versions of iOS: added Geofence function to Relay device (controlling relay states by geo location)

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  • version 1.4.7

Wireless Sensor Client

[G7 Wireless Sensor Client] is a tool to view the temperature and humidity reading of wireless sensors. It provides: * Real Time Graphics Display of Temperature and Humidity * Hourly, Daily, Monthly, Annual Temperature Report * Comparison of Different Wireless Sensors reading * Alert of High or Low Temperature * Alert of Low Sensor Battery LevelDisplay Mode: *Meter View *HMI (Human Machine Interface) *Data Listing *Chart Comparison[G7 Wireless Sensor Client] works with G7 Wireless Sensors Server System. It works whenever your mobile device is Internet connected.

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  • version 1.0.2

@Home - Smart Home with Homematic

With @Home you have control of the central functions of home automation system Homematic (eQ-3 AG). A lean and simple kept app for the essentials The following devices are supported: Switch Key Dimmer Blind & Blind with Slats KeyMatic WinMatic Door Shutter Contact Window Rotary Handle Sensor LED status monitor RGBW Controller wired I/O-Modules Indoor Siren Siren and Flash Actuator Chime Smoke detector Inclination sensor Rain sensor Water sensor Motion Detector Light Sensor Sensor for carbon dioxide Capacitive Filling Level Sensor Energy Meter Sensor Shutter Contact (12-channel) Group heating control Radiator Thermostat & Valve Drive Room Thermostat Temperature and Humidity Sensor Weather Station Weather Data Sensor OC 3 Switch actuator with power measurement Status Monitor Osram Lightify (Light & Plug)Access to Homematic CCU via internal URL (e.g. via WiFi or VPN) external URL (e.g. @Home is still evolving Suggestions are welcome Contact me

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  • version 1.13.2

Mitsubishi Electric Zone Control

The Zone Control app allows for the monitoring and controlling of Mitsubishi Electric Cooling & Heating systems. This level of access can be utilized by building or campus managers, maintenance personnel, building owners and homeowners to name a few. Network settings may vary from locations so check with your administrator for any login information that might be needed to access the LAN.Each indoor unit can be monitored and controlled in terms of:On/offModeSet temperatureSpace temperature (monitor only)Fan speedVane directionZone Control is configured through menu-driven settings that support the following:Multiple locationsMultiple controllers per locationCustomizable names for indoors units(setup may need to be done with support from the installing contractor to create the network access point or assign the indoor unit location names)Note: You must press the Refresh button when you are viewing the controllers to update the indoor units settings.

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  • version 1.3.0

Barometer antique

Use your iPhone or iPod Touch as real Barometer. Additional: Big temperature display, felt temperature, air humidity, wind speed. town- Temperature in C or F- felt temperature- humidity in %- Wind speed in km(h, MPH or kn- Date + time of the weather data- Data: Internet, online (a few bytes only)- Map of the position of the weather station- 4 day preview- Barometer HistorySettings:- Your City with Test function- Temperature in C or F- Barometer in mb, hPa, Torr, PSI, inHG- Wind speed in km/h,MPH, kn, ms, BftMore features:- update-button for the data- Doubleclick on Barometer: Pointer moves a bit towards the air pressure tendency (like a real analog Barometer)- Device does not turn off automatically, while the program is runningNew Version 1.7:- Universal App (for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad)- Barometer History- Exactly Weather dataSystemrequirements:- iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad with OS 8.0 or higher- Internetconnection

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Total Control Remote

Total Control Remote is the official iOS client for the light and multimedia software Total Control presented by www.multimedia-installationen.atThe free version of Total Control Remote allows you to fully remote access your Total Control overview similar to the touch control of the Windows Software. The App needs no further setup as it automatically searches and finds your Total Control PC within seconds if it is in the same local (WiFi) Network. Features:# adapted UI for iPhone and iPad Version# Remote control of the currently loaded project# Secured connection establishment to the server by configuring a server PIN# Custom Screen Lock while connected to a Server to secure the app from unauthorized use (iPad only)# Screen Saver to protect the display (iPad only)# iPad version applicable for fix installations of an iPad for remote light and multimedia control# automatic server search# automatic reconnect if connection to the server is lostFor any questions contact your Total Control Administrator or contact us on www.multimedia-installationen.at

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Extron Control

Extron Control is an easy-to-use AV control system app that gives users complete access to Extron control systems directly from an iOS device. After a quick initial setup, the iOS device connects to the desired room, allowing for a seamless, highly-responsive control experience. Features Provides a convenient point of control for Extron control systems Supports all TouchLink, TouchLink Pro touchpanels, Ethernet-enabled MediaLink, MediaLink Plus controllers, and eBUS devices Familiar user interface provides the same experience as the touchpanel, controller, or button panel Supports Extron LinkLicense Room Manager allows users to easily add touchpanels, controllers, or button panels and customize room lists Quickly switch between rooms with a single tap on the screen Button tracking allows mobile device and Extron control devices to stay in sync Provides real-time status and remote control of multiple rooms for troubleshooting and management Compatible with iOS VoiceOver feature that provides text to speech option for button labels and states Wireless control using a Wi-Fi network allows users to move freely around a room and between rooms Demo mode is a convenient way to simulate app functionality without being connected to a control processor Full Screen Mode displays a larger image of the interface on the iOS device Auto-reconnect recalls the previous session even after the app is closed Auto-lock override keeps the iOS device screen on and allows the app to stay active at all times A finger swipe permits access to MediaLink control modules like the IRCM-DV+, CM-9BLB, and CM-3BLB

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Remotely control your lights, security system, heating, cooling, shades or irrigation. Monitor your energy consumption and save by conserving energy. ALL IN ONE:* HOME SECURITY: protect your home from burglary, fire, flood and more* ENERGY MANAGEMENT: save money by monitoring and managing energy usage* HEALTH CARE: get emergency alerts in case of fall or other incident* HOME AUTOMATION: automate your lights, thermostats, shades, irrigation and moreDescription :SECURITY unlimited number of virtual alarms (partitions) trigger alarms in case of:o intruder (motion sensors and door/window sensors),o fire (smoke sensors),o flood (water leakage sensors),o gas (CO sensors)o panic button,o duress (if someone force you to disarm your system)o health care (in case of missing actions during particular time e.g. motion, door opening, laying on bed) remote arm/disarm and status-info with any smartphone vandal proof - Thombox is 24/7 monitored by central station which triggers alarm in case of connection loss easy integration with existing alarm systems (DSC, Honeywell) easy online setup and configuration through web based interface use of same sensors for security and automation purposesENERGY MONITORING real-time monitoring energy consumption with your smartphone automatically turn on/off your appliances in accordance with electricity prices see detailed analysis of your energy consumption save energy by automating lights, thermostats, sun shadesLIGHTING easy installation of wireless modules support remote dimming and on/off switching with any smartphone unlimited number of scenes supported turn lights on during emergencies advanced event based rules configuration auto-pilot lighting programs to discourage intruders while home is emptyCLIMATE multi room heating and cooling control with your smartphone advanced programming scheduler online, accessible over web browser easily create unlimited number of custom zones (thermostats) multi zone humidity control by using standard humidifiers and dehumidifiers advanced event based rules to automate home climate based on other environmental and home events include climate control in automation scenes together with alarm, lighting, shades, etc notification and automated actions in case of over-temperature events, power outages, and other incidentsIRRIGATION control unlimited number of irrigation zones use advanced programming options online to setup perfect irrigation process automate irrigation system based on Internet weather forecast integrate your irrigation scheme together with your complete home automation scenariosSUN SHADING control blinds, roller-shutters, curtains and pergolas using your smartphone automate motors by using fun and easy programming tool online add your sun shading commands into home scenarios together with lights, climate, alarms automate your shades to react to outside weather conditions easy installation using pre-configured wireless modulesBut also: : Energy Metering, Video monitoring and more

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  • version 2.5

Process Control Basics - Industrial Engineers

Process Control Basics contains a large selection of Process Control equations, tables and reference material. Table of Contents: - Adding Kv or Cv Values- Chemicals and Hazard Rating Systems- Control Valves and Cavitation- Control Valves and Flow Characteristics- Dust Explosions- Dynamic or Absolute Viscosity Converting Chart- Firestep Ratings- Flash Point- Flow Coefficients Cv and Flow Factor Kv - Flow Coefficients of Straight Through Diaphragm Valves- Flow Coefficients of Weir Diaphragm Valves- Flowmeter Accuracy- Gasses - Specific Gravities- Hazardous Areas Classification- Hazardous Areas Protection Techniques- Ingress Protection Ratings- ISA Instrumentation Codes- Leakage Classification of Control Valves- Measuring Air Humidity - Metals and Corrosion Resistance- Non Destructive Testing- Office, Nozzle and Venturi Flow Rate Meters- Piping and Instrumentation Diagram - Process Flow Diagram- Pressure- Process Control and Common Terms- Process Controllers- Reliability of Machine Components- RTD - The Thermal Resistive Sensor- Sluice Gate Flow Measurements - Steam Control Valves- Target Flow Meters- Temperature- Temperature Sensors- Thermocouples- Utrasonic Doppler and Time of Flight Flowmeters- U-Tube Manometer- Valve Authority- Vortex Shedding Frequency - Waste Water and Flow Capacity - Water Control Valves* All Content is Searchable* All Content is available offline (no need for WiFi or Internet Connection) * Please send us any questions, comments or suggestions using our website

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  • version 3.7