Would you like to follow your acquintances who travel by Air France on air too? Dont you wonder the destination, the model or the speed of the Air France planes that you see? You can do detailed search and easily access and monitor the information of the Air Frances airplane you like in the real time.

Flight Navigation for Air France alternatives


In flight, Xavion constantly imagines engine-failed glides to every runway in gliding range, and then shows you the safest-possible route as Highway-In-The-Sky to take in the event of engine failure. This, finally, gives you guidance after an engine failure that is based on energy-management all the way down, where the computer does the glide-planning for you you just fly through the hoops to the runway. Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.)

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Direct To Aviation GPS

Thanks everyone for making FlyGo-Aviation apps so successful, with over 100.000 downloads This FlyGo-Aviation product is a real time VFR navigation system for pilots. We keep it simpleOur aviation GPS application is specially designed to make flight navigation easy, quick and safe. Enjoy the app & FLY SAFE The FlyGo-Aviation Team.

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AvPlan EFB

Get flying faster with AvPlan EFB - the premier lifetime Electronic Flight Bag that grows with you. Continuing to lead the market with unparalleled innovation and functionality, AvPlan features multiple firsts with terrain warning, touch to display restricted airspace status, automatic IFR airway planning and geo-referenced airport taxi & instrument approach diagrams to arm you with superior situational awareness. AvPlan EFB Plan faster, fly sooner

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Air Navigation Pro

Air Navigation is a high quality flight planning and real time GPS navigation application for VFR pilots. With Air Navigation you plan your routes within a few seconds, track your flights and you have access to a database of worldwide airspaces and waypoints. You should always use certified navigation devices when performing a flight.

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