exitbar.io alternatives

  • PromoRepublic

  • PromoRepublic is a Social Media Content Builder and Posting Tool. It provides users with more than 100 000 ideas, templates, and visuals for stunning Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn posts.

    tags: automated-marketing automation automation-tool content-creation content-discovery
    platform: Online
  • Rite.ly

  • Gently promote your event, product or service with a branded Call-To-Action header on all content you share. Create multiple CTAs for different clients or social profiles. Rich design customization options: colors, logo and text for brand alignment. Do one CTA as a video, a couple as text/image, others as banners or pop-ups. Set opacity, delay before the CTA ad appears and much more. Works seamlessly with Buffer, RiteForge, and RitePush. Use it as a baked-in option within Auto-Enhance in Sendible, Buffer, RiteForge, RitePush. »

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    platform: Online
  • Sharey

  • Spend 15 minutes a day sharing content and turn every social media post into a list building machine.

    tags: call-to-action lead-capture social-media-marketing
    platform: Online
  • Backly

  • Complete free to use. All features included with unlimited use.

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    platform: Online
  • AlexSci Soapbox

  • Soapbox lets you add value to the content you share on social media by wrapping articles in your own custom message. Call your followers to action and drive them back to your own website.

    tags: social-media social-media-marketing social-marketing social-media-marketing-tools social-network-marketing
    platform: Online
  • sniply

  • Sniply is a simple tool that allows you to overlay your own custom message onto any piece of content. This creates an opportunity for you to include a call-to-action like a button linking back to your website.

    tags: social-media social-media-marketing social-marketing
    platform: Online
  • AddCTA

  • Addcta.com offer adds affiliated call-to-action any website & provide a short link. When someone clicked this link affiliated call-to-action shows up, no need any technical and content writing skills, just add call-to-action and share the short link everywhere. Addcta.com is Powerful Affiliate Marketing Tool.

    tags: add-call-to-action marketing social-media-conversion url-shortening without-website
    platform: Online
  • Bulavard

  • Bulavard is an online marketing tool that converts regular web links into links with a call-to-action message and button overlaid on the content within the link. When content marketers share links to 3rd party content via email newsletters, blogs, or social media, they do not benefit directly from any visits to those links. Bulavard provides a way for content marketers to overlay their own custom messages with a button on the content within the links that they are sharing. This provides an opportunity for these marketers to convert the visitors to those sites. This can be used to drive brand awareness, offer lead magnets, promote products/services, promote other content, etc. »

    tags: content-marketing marketing marketing-software marketing-tools social-marketing
    platform: Online
  • Getspread.IT

  • Getspread.it is an interesting tool that works as a URL shortener with functionality that allows you to incorporate a message in the content you share, with a link to where you want, for example, to your website.

    tags: facebook social-media-marketing automation-tool shortener display-campains
    platform: Online
  • Insighter.io

  • Add a call-to-action to any link you share Turning every shared link into your best landing page. It’s FREE and takes seconds to setup http://insighter.io

    tags: automation-tool content-management content-marketing facebook marketing-software
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Android iPhone Chrome OS Windows RT Android Tablet iPad
  • Olay.io

  • Olay.io - The Ultra Simple Link Shortener Utility. Add any HTML/JS/CSS content to your links.

    tags: call-to-action content-marketing digital-marketing link-manager link-sharing
    platform: Online