Bulavard alternatives

  • Rite.ly

  • Gently promote your event, product or service with a branded Call-To-Action header on all content you share. Create multiple CTAs for different clients or social profiles. Rich design customization options: colors, logo and text for brand alignment. Do one CTA as a video, a couple as text/image, others as banners or pop-ups. Set opacity, delay before the CTA ad appears and much more. Works seamlessly with Buffer, RiteForge, and RitePush. Use it as a baked-in option within Auto-Enhance in Sendible, Buffer, RiteForge, RitePush. ยป

    tags: marketing social-media social-media-marketing marketing-tools social-marketing
    platform: Online
  • Sharey

  • Spend 15 minutes a day sharing content and turn every social media post into a list building machine.

    tags: call-to-action lead-capture social-media-marketing
    platform: Online
  • Backly

  • Complete free to use. All features included with unlimited use.

    tags: advertising pdf-form-filler share-on-facebook share-on-twitter social-marketing
    platform: Online
  • sniply

  • Sniply is a simple tool that allows you to overlay your own custom message onto any piece of content. This creates an opportunity for you to include a call-to-action like a button linking back to your website.

    tags: social-media social-media-marketing social-marketing
    platform: Online
  • exitbar.io

  • Exitbar.io is a free link shortener that allows you to add your Call-To-Action to any content you want. It has a lot of features and animations to customise your message. And is absolutely free without registration.

    tags: content-management content-marketing marketing marketing-software marketing-tools
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux Online iPhone Android Tablet iPad AlexSci Soapbox Rite.ly Backly sniply PromoRepublic Getspread.IT
  • AddCTA

  • Addcta.com offer adds affiliated call-to-action any website & provide a short link. When someone clicked this link affiliated call-to-action shows up, no need any technical and content writing skills, just add call-to-action and share the short link everywhere. Addcta.com is Powerful Affiliate Marketing Tool.

    tags: add-call-to-action marketing social-media-conversion url-shortening without-website
    platform: Online
  • Getspread.IT

  • Getspread.it is an interesting tool that works as a URL shortener with functionality that allows you to incorporate a message in the content you share, with a link to where you want, for example, to your website.

    tags: facebook social-media-marketing automation-tool shortener display-campains
    platform: Online
  • Olay.io

  • Olay.io - The Ultra Simple Link Shortener Utility. Add any HTML/JS/CSS content to your links.

    tags: call-to-action content-marketing digital-marketing link-manager link-sharing
    platform: Online