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RouteXL alternatives

  • Roadtrippers

  • An online map built specifically for travel. Great at finding amazing places, planning trips and routes, and much more.

    tags: map-online mapping maps road-trip-planner travel-planner
    platform: Online Android iPhone
  • EuroTrip Planner

  • EuroTrip Planner lets the user plan a trip to Europe, it focuses on travelers from outside Europe who are not yet that familiar with the continent. With a map orientation and a top down approach the user will discover Europe on its own pace.

    tags: travel-planner travel-organizer travel-guide trip-manager europe
    platform: Online Android iPhone Android Tablet
  • Travel: Route Planner

  • Travel: Route Planner is a travel app for Mac and iPhone.

    tags: share-on-facebook share-on-twitter travel-planner travel-organizer route-planner
    platform: Mac OS X iPhone
  • portatour

  • portatour® is your personal route-planner software, trusted by sales reps, field sales force, consultants, and service team members. Visit more customers – drive less miles. portatour® schedules calls to A, B, and C-priority customers in the right frequency – while also optimizing the driving route. Automatic scheduling cuts up to 25% of miles driven to customer locations, reducing fleet costs and CO2 emissions.

    tags: business-and-commerce route-planner trip-planner route-maker route-planning
    platform: Online
  • TravelMap

  • TravelMap is a blogging platform that lets travellers create their blog centered on a one-page interactive map.

    tags: blogging geolocation gps gps-tracking mapping
    platform: Online
  • Routes guide

  • Routes - amazing things to do in a day in your city. In Routes, people have put their favourite spots together to form unique travel guides. These are called Routes!

    tags: travel-guide location-services
    platform: Online iPhone

  • A useful tool for trip planning which combines route optimisation and sightseeing, making it really social. It helps to plan the trip with maximum efficiency of visiting places of interest. It shows all the main sights nearby travel route in each region all over the world on map.

    tags: travel-planner route-planner trip-routing
    platform: Online