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  • Roadtrippers

  • An online map built specifically for travel. Great at finding amazing places, planning trips and routes, and much more.

    tags: map-online mapping maps road-trip-planner travel-planner
    platform: Online Android iPhone
  • Wanderling

  • Wanderling is a community of travelers and travel lovers. Find, share, and promote the best content for every destination.

    tags: community-based travel-site traveling
    platform: Online
  • Travel: Route Planner

  • Travel: Route Planner is a travel app for Mac and iPhone.

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    platform: Mac OS X iPhone
  • EuroTrip Planner

  • EuroTrip Planner lets the user plan a trip to Europe, it focuses on travelers from outside Europe who are not yet that familiar with the continent. With a map orientation and a top down approach the user will discover Europe on its own pace.

    tags: travel-planner travel-organizer travel-guide trip-manager europe
    platform: Online Android iPhone Android Tablet
  • Tripsidea

  • Trips idea searches hundreds of travel sites to get the best travel deals on things to do, tours and activities and make it bookable from one place. The idea is to combine all aspects of a trip and provide it through a single interface which could save hours of research for any savvy traveller. The app also provides reviews & ratings for each activity from Google and Yelp.

    tags: adventure-game deals local-deals tour-booking travel-planner
    platform: Online iPhone
  • RouteXL

  • RouteXL is an online road route planner for multiple destinations, that rearranges your waypoints in the most efficient order. The optimal route saves you time, money and fuel emissions. By calculating better routes you help saving the planet!

    tags: route-planner road-trip-planner journey-optimizer trip-routing round-trip-planning
    platform: Online
  • RueBaRue

  • RueBaRue was built to solve a single problem. How to take a trip. It takes minutes to book a flight or a hotel but hours to plan a trip. WithRueBaRue you can plan a once in a life time trip to Rome or Tokyo, a weekend getaway to NYC or Chicago, a day trip at the end of your business trip to Amsterdam. You can build a plan on the go and it is perfect for anyone with a smart phone, especially the millennials. Our starter guides will provide places to see, time needed at each stop, distance between them, directions and maps. All in one place and fully customizable. You can restaurants, stores or add any place you like. Our plans are smart. The stops are organized based on proximity and factors in opening and closing hours. It also provides in-destination alerts for closures. This is the smartest way to travel. ยป

    tags: leisure-travelers
    platform: iPhone
  • Travel Indicator

  • Travelindicator takes an interactive and data-driven approach to generating travel ideas. While the rest of the travel world is still writing extensive travel guides that go into minute detail of travel destinations you had already chosen to travel to anyway, our travel idea generator is all about putting you in charge and letting you discover, explore and share potential holiday destinations on your own.

    tags: travelers digital-nomads tourists
    platform: Online
  • Tripster

  • Tripster is the easiest way for meeting travelers around the world, see travelers nearby, chat, meet up and share your travel photos. Discover places from other tripsters.

    tags: travel-agencies travel-app travel-guide travelers
    platform: iPhone