jHepWork is a full-featured multiplatform data-analysis framework for scientists, engineers and students. jHepWork incorporates many open-source ma...

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jHepWork alternatives


QtiPlot is a professional scientific data analysis and visualisation solution. It is meant to be a cheap alternative to proprietary and costly soft...

tags: cross-platform data-analysis educational plot scientific-plotting
platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux


SciDAVis is a free application for Scientific Data Analysis and Visualization. It's an application aimed at data analysis andpublication-quality pl...

tags: mathematics plot plotting
platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux


Data analysis and graphing software for scientists and engineers. It provides You with dozens of functionalities and options. The plotting engine i...

tags: statistics data-analysis plot plotting graphing
platform: Windows Linux


DPlot graphing software lets scientists and engineers graph, plot, analyze, and manipulate data.

tags: 3d-graphics data-analysis engineering graphics graphing
platform: Windows

Aveloy Graph

Aveloy Graph is an application for graph creation / data visualization - fast, easy to use and interactive.

tags: Portable business-intelligence statistics data-analysis mathematics
platform: Windows