addappt: Live Contacts+Weather!

PRIVACY (more on We DO NOT store your address book on our servers.- We DO NOT spam any of your contacts.- We DO NOT and will not sell any data to third party services. Never Ever.- All your contacts and connections are always privateaddappt is a modern contacts app like no other. KEY FEATURES:- Merge Duplicates- Animated iMessage Stickers of acronyms like BRB, ROFL, TTYL, FTW etc.- Get Weather and Local Time based on address available- Set reminders to contact an individual or a group- Reminder list to track, reschedule or remove reminders- Get auto reminders for birthdays and anniversaries and wish with a tap- Update friends, not on addappt, of your new information with a tap- Recents that include new contacts created, viewed, edited or communicated with- Beautiful favorites for Contacts and Groups (with widget)- Directories: Global Directory and those for Universities- Use Nearby within directories to connect and share contact info instantly at parties and events- Notes that are easy to review and take when communicating - Create, edit and delete groups easily along with group messaging - Create groups easily by job title, company name or city- Contact info updates synced to your phones native contact list- Email multiple photos (iPhones Photos app limits it to 5) to a group easily- One tapp messaging (not stored on our servers) on iPhone and Apple Watch- Bulk delete, assign groups, merge- Live Favorites Today Widget- Email Me to send URLs/ news articles to yourself with one tap- Share your info, with your privacy settings, with anyone instantly by text when meeting in person- Share contact Info of an entire group of contacts (3D Touch only)- Easily confirm validity of entire contact info or individual property (long press any property) - In Case of Emergency on Widget and Apple Watch Complication- Open the app and simply shake the phone to call the phone number you select Contact Us: [email protected]; @addappt