MagikPad - Etch-A-Sketch 2.0 for iPad!

Introducing MagikPad - the nostalgia of the Etch A Sketch comes to the iPad MagikPad is a new drawing tool for the iPad - it allows you to create beautiful, line-based drawings without the need to shake them away at the end. From Gilthonwe Apps, MagikPad combines classic elements of the art with new social elements, too. - Optional grid for easy drawing.

MagikPad - Etch-A-Sketch 2.0 for iPad alternatives

Retro Art Studio

Retro Art Studio is a collection of Retro themed art games / toys from the 60s forward. Current version includes: Dial A Doodle- An Etch a Sketch (tm) inspired line drawing game. Settings->Privacy->Photos->Art Studio set to On.

  • size 75.8 MB
Retro Art Studio alternatives

Heat Pad - Relaxing Heat Sensitive Surface!

This app simulates various heat-sensitive surfaces reacting to the heat of your fingertips. Simple, yet surprisingly relaxing and entertaining Play alone or let your fingertips meet other fingertips from all around the world and doodle on the same surface Several kinds of surface available :- Heat : Regular heat-sensitive surface- Flame : Fire at your fingertips- Fantasy : Let the moving patterns hypnotize you- Sky : Relaxing clouds at your fingertips- Metal : Shiny chrome reflections- Spirit : Bending the Laws of Physics, really hypnotic- Rainbow: Psychedelic colors- Glow: Radioactive glowing surface- Islands: Create your own archipelago and much more Some of them available as in-app purchase. For best results move your fingers very slowly as the touchscreen needs time to heat Featuring:- Relaxing background music- Pause mode for easy doodling- Save your creations to your camera roll- Different inertia settings

Heat Pad - Relaxing Heat Sensitive Surface! alternatives

Scribblify - Draw Paint Sketch Doodle - Magic Art!

Grand Prize Winner of Intels App Innovation Contest * Celebrating 6 years and millions of imaginative doodles * Drawing app meets Tickle Trunk with this unique doodle app -MOMeo MagazineOVERVIEW Unleash your wildest creativity with Scribblify, a one-of-a-kind universal painting app for children and adults of all ages and skill levels. From natural to abstract and everything in between, Scribblify allows anyone to create spectacular artwork in secondslimited only by ones imagination. Please contact support for any assistance.

  • size 52.4 MB
Scribblify - Draw Paint Sketch Doodle - Magic Art! alternatives

Zoodle Pad - Free Sketching, Drawing, Coloring

This app is amazing Use it to paint, draw, or just doodle crazy designs, and then play them back as a movie. You can even control the color, width, and direction of your line while you are painting without lifting up your brush. Let your creativity flow like a glowing neon rainbow waterfall, with Zoodle Pad FEATURES: Playback drawing as a movie Use special effects like rainbow, neon glow, and gravity draw Dont worry, all the standard drawing tools are here (e.g. color palettes, background fill, zoom, eraser, undo, redo) Paint over existing pics Plenty of original artwork available in free and premium stamps and stickers Text feature and word balloons for creating comics and stories Save and share your images

  • rating 3.95833
  • size 152 MB
Zoodle Pad - Free Sketching, Drawing, Coloring alternatives

More alternatives

Crayon Style

Crayon Style is a painting application reproducing the warm experience of drawing with crayons. Transform your iPhone or iPad into a sheet of drawing paper and enjoy creating all kinds of drawings ranging from doodling and sketching to full-blown art. Main Features- Drawing engine reproducing the look and feel of crayon art.- 24 colors available.- Rub colors with the sponge tool to blend them together.- Eraser tool.- Color selection history (up to 3 colors).- 5 levels of line thickness (line thickness saved separately for each tool).- Undo / Redo (up to 4 times each).- Enlarge, reduce and rotate the canvas.- Toolbar can be moved to the top or bottom of the screen.- Artwork gallery feature.- Set a photo or image as a background with the Sketch Guide feature.- Output (export) to: - Camera roll (jpg format) - Share - Open In- Supports Apple Pencil (pressure).- Supports 3D Touch.

  • rating 4.7
  • size 47.5 MB
  • version 1.04
Crayon Style alternatives

How to Draw 3d Art Pictures Free Tutorial

Are you looking for FREE about how to draw 3d drawings step by step with pencil for letters, shapes, heart, house, cube, building and more again?, Youll find here now. This app is for Lear how to draw 3d drawing also with 3d illusions some beautiful painting on hand , different type of illusions , 3d art, drawing tutorials, sketch tutorial, optical illusions drawings, and much more with Learn to draw 3d illusions VIDEO Tutorial. We did not upload any of the videos to YouTube.

  • size 49.8 MB
  • version 1.10
How to Draw 3d Art Pictures Free Tutorial alternatives

Ink Artist - Vector Draw, Paint, Sketch, Doodle with Natural Brushes

Ink Artist, a vector-based drawing tool, designed to create beautiful line work and enlarge painting without blurring. Ink Artist that built with the powerful vector drawing engine allows you to experiment with your own brushes with not-quite-natural painting. Feedback:Any suggestion will be appreciated, support email: [email protected]

  • size 28.7 MB
  • version 1.31
Ink Artist - Vector Draw, Paint, Sketch, Doodle with Natural Brushes alternatives

Interactive Sketchbook

Learn professional techniques, sketch your own ideas, and collect your digital art Practice advance techniques by drawing alongside tutorials from Matt Busch. Or sketch on your own with the option to import your own photo reference. Whether you are an occasional doodler or a professional illustrator, Interactive Sketchbook is a must-have tool for your iPad

  • size 55.2 MB
  • version 2.90
Interactive Sketchbook alternatives

Glow Pad Free

Glow Pad turns your iPad into a fun Glowing Sketch Pad Glow Pad is a perfect for leaving notes, playing games, or having your kids draw pictures, all without a mess The glowing neon colors make for beautiful vibrant drawings and keep users of all ages entertained for hours Using your finger as a pen Glow Pad lets you draw on the screen just as you would if you were painting on paper. Easily change line color and thickness too Features:- Choose from an Unlimited Number of Colors Using the Color Wheel - Undo Previous Actions - Easily Change Line Thickness - Save Drawings to Library or Email to Friends - Air Print Directly to your Printer

  • rating 4.0
  • size 1.9 MB
  • version 1.0
Glow Pad Free alternatives

Learn to Draw Tribal Tattoo

You have to go through step by step, Draw Trible Tattoo lesson by lesson, hold yourself each line to learn how to do it at a high level. Learn to draw Trible Tattoo it will teach you how to draw dozens of different Trible Tattoo and create amazing Trible Tattoo. Draw and Erase the sketch as per the drawings provided.- Each drawing is divided into a number of steps which are easy to follow.- starting from a few lines, you will end up with a complete picture.- You can create your own drawing and draw right on the screen.- You can Zoom In / Out Trible Tattoo Picture.- Practice the drawings with or without looking into actual drawings provided.- You can share/save Trible Tattoo images

  • size 23.7 MB
  • version 1.0
Learn to Draw Tribal Tattoo alternatives

Sketch Pi - Sketch up like a Master!

Sketch Pi, a most interesting social drawing tool, enables you to create everything from doodles to perfect art works with friends or those who love art. With our quality features, Sketch Pi brings you fun while sketching and painting on the go. Feature Highlights:- 50 levels of undo and redo- Powered by the fastest 64-bit painting engine- Continuous auto-savenever lose work again- Advanced quick menu for rapid interface interaction- Packed with 8 beautifully made brushes to satisfy different styles of drawing Relive Creative Journey with Instant Replay:- Repaint every stroke in stunning resolution of your work- Replay every brush and help greenhand to learn from the masterpieces Interesting Sketch- Continue the story of other drawings- Participate in various kinds of contests and activities Sketch to Social- Sketch and publish amazing works to attract more like-minded people- Follow your favorite artists and follow up all their masterpieces- Interact with your favorite artists by continuing and recreating their story- Share drawings with friends via Facebook and TwitterOptimized for iPad Pro and Apple PencilSupport 3D TouchiPhone only

  • size 63.2 MB
  • version 1.3
Sketch Pi - Sketch up like a Master! alternatives


Top 10 photography iPad app in 16 countries including the US and Canada See why 20,000 artists & designers love Paintbook Paintbook 3.2.2 is the most recent version of this acclaimed vector-based drawing, painting and design tool. Heres what you get (all functions on both iPhone & iPad):Drawing Tools - Line, smart draw, filled shape modes - Carve and Sculpt filled shapes any time - 100% vector-based drawing engine for unlimited zoom and rotation - Pigment and Ink media simulation, plus erasing - Twelve brush pads let you switch styles easily - Intelligent curve smoothing algorithm for smoothness - Snap to grid and straight line mode for diagrams/architecture - 0.1mm to 100mm brush widths, with variable opacity - Filled regions, plus gradients, with just a swipe of your handColour Tools - Advanced colour palette wheel with preset natural colours - Colour adjusters let you access any hue/value/intensity - Eyedropper sampling of one layer, all layers, or just photos - Eyedropper can activate on every stroke for easy tracing - Palette colour mixer/blender makes shading trivialStroke Editing - NEW in Paintbook 3.2 * Edit the points that make up your strokes/shapes * Add/move/delete control points * Smart curve smoothing makes editing simpler * Move, resize, rotate shapes in-place * Change brushes, colours, sizes anytime. Typography Tools - NEW in 3.2 - Add text objects to your sketches - Create signs, notes, captions, LOLcats, etc - Sizes from 1 to 1000 points - Left/right/center/size-to-fit justification - Paragraph support for longer texts - Adjustable line spacing, tooImage Tools - NEW in 3.2 - Upgrade from dedicated image layers - No hard limit to number of images - Rotate, resize, replace images easily - Bring-to-front lets you reorder images, text, shapesMultiple Layers - No limit to number of drawing layers - Manipulate brightest/contrast/warmth/vibrance of ANY layer - Layer transparency and visibility - Drag, move, resize any layer with a touch of the finger - Copy and merge drawing layers for advanced effects - Drag and drop layer reordering - Import layers from other sketches (clip art) - Add photo layers from camera or photo album instantly Sketch Tools - Create drawings based on real units: inches or centimetres - Easily resize and switch your sketch from portrait/landscape - Move, zoom and rotate your sketch on the paper any time - Grid overlay for more precise lines and sketch layoutUser Interface - Zoom in and rotate your sketch to any level, no limit - Actual Size mode, plus rotation restrictions for drafting - Create massive amounts of detail with pure vector drawing - Super fast sketch navigation uses OpenGL - Draw as fast as you want, youll never overspeed Paintbook - Full iPhone/iPad touch functionality: nothings missing - Left-handed mode reverses icons to reduce reach-over - True undo/redo (20 steps) for any actionSketch Library - Organise your sketches into different books - Create as many books as you need - Drag and drop your sketches to change order and change books - Copy/duplicate sketches to explore variations - Easily manage hundreds of sketches - Transfer sketches from one iOS device to anotherPDF Book Creation - Create multi-page PDF books from within Paintbook - Print-ready PDFs can be sent to iBooks or other apps - Advanced layout options for margins, duplexing, and covers Ultra-high resolution JPEG and PDF exports - Create ultra-detailed JPEG images up to 16 megapixels - Create PDFs for high resolution printing or desktop editing - Send JPEG or PDF books/pages to other apps like iBooksPaintbook is a professional-grade tool - An App Store veteran, and still being developed - First released March 2009, now at version 3.2.2 - Countless hours of polishing and perfectionREAD THE ACTUAL ONLINE HELP TO LEARN MORE> Paintbook now and start creating

  • rating 2.16667
Paintbook alternatives

Sand Drawing App:Write On Sand

Sand Drawing App:Write On Sand is the cutest sand drawing game for kids which allows them to draw using their fingers and create masterpieces in the realistic sand Once the drawing on sand is done, save it to your phone and let the waves wash out the drawing then, start finger painting again on the canvas of sand FEATURES: Simple and intuitive interface, perfect for kids Many types of sand to use as a background for your drawings and doodles on sand Choose different width of the stroke or alternate between thin and thick lines to draw stunning drawings in the sand Pick cute decorations such as seashells, pebbles, even fish, flowers and more Realistic sea waves wipe away your drawing once youre finished Dont forget to save your sand art before you wash it away Create a drawing book of your sand drawings and show everyone your artistic skills Practice your drawing and doodling skills in a fun and creative way Let your kids doodle on your phone, use your tablet as a drawing pad or sketch pad for drawing quick sand art while driving in the car Keep little minds busy and entertained with educational drawing games Use your phones touch screen to draw or write whatever you want this simple game for kids will make quick drawing their favorite activity Creative drawing apps will help you learn to draw anything draw a stickman, Santa Claus, animals or cute cartoon characters Have you tried many classic drawing games for kids with predefined drawings that kids need to replicate? Well, drawing on sand gives kids much more freedom to express their artistic talent because they can draw, doodle or write whatever come to their little minds Drawing app like this one give parents many opportunities to play with their kids give kids drawing tips, play guess what I am drawing or create sand drawings together step by step Download Sand Drawing App:Write On Sand and enjoy the best of 2017 games for kids doodling and drawing has never been this much fun

  • size 153 MB
  • version 1.1
Sand Drawing App:Write On Sand alternatives

Photo Graphics Design, Illustration PaintBrush,Pencil,Pen,Ink and AirBrush Art Studio

Artists of any skill level will love This Illustration and Graphic Design Bundle No matter where you came from, The Drawing Set Bundle is easy enough to pick up for the beginner and powerful enough for pros. Draw and discover an authentic, natural drawing experience that is as close to pencil, pen, marker, or brush on paper as a digital art tool can be. Apple Chose ePaper as New and Noteworthy in iTunes Home Page Reviews by our users:Great buy - unbelievable that an app for this price can do everything and do it well and with ease You cant go wrong, this is one of the best bargains in iTunes Apps by wawright62 Ink Artist, a vector drawing tool, designed to create beautiful line work and enlarge painting without blurring.

  • size 116 MB
Photo Graphics Design, Illustration PaintBrush,Pencil,Pen,Ink and AirBrush Art Studio alternatives

NetSketch - Collaborative Drawing

DRAWING FOR ARTISTS ON THE GONetSketch sports a powerful vector graphics engine that has been fine-tuned for mobile artists. Create detailed drawings with infinite pan and zoom, a full-spectrum color picker, and a fast eyedropper tool. You can watch drawing replays, leave comments, and even download finished work into Adobe Illustrator A new community browser allows you to browse, replay and comment on drawings without leaving the app Features:- Full spectrum of colors and brush sizes- Infinite pan and zoom- Infinite undo- Eyedropper tool- Zoom-to-fit and Zoom-back- Live WiFi sharing (no 3G/EDGE)- Sharing privacy controls- Export to photos and email- Replay drawings- Full access to the NetSketch community

  • size 5.3 MB
  • version 1.6
NetSketch - Collaborative Drawing alternatives

Graphic - illustration and design

Graphic is a full-featured graphic design and illustration application for iPad. True desktop-class editing and illustration tools on the gothe iOS answer to Adobe Illustrator - Padgadget Finally, Professional Vector Editing Comes to the iPad; 9/10 - AppStorm.netNumerous options; easy to use - Macworld Graphic has all of the tools you need to create everything from detailed technical illustrations to beautiful works of art. Latest features:- Photoshop PSD import/export- PDF and SVG import/export- Layer FX - shadows, glows, multiple strokes and fills, etc.- Multi-color linear, radial, and angle gradients- Shape libraries- Dimension labels with precision settings- Boolean path combinations- Canvas scale, Rulers, and units (mm, cm, inches)- Pen tool multi-point selection and editing- Smart alignment guides and point snapping- Magnifier Loupe- Dropbox Integration- Autosave Layers, Text, Images, Object Groups, Multi-color Gradients, RGB / HSB / Hex color pickers, Brushes, Bezier Pen Tool, customizable Canvas Styles, Grid and Smart Guide Snapping, Image Masking, vector-based PDF and SVG file import/export, and much more FEATURES- Brush and Pencil tools for fluid drawing and sketching- Essential set of shape tools- Multiple Layers allowing you to create complex designs- Powerful Pen tool for creating custom shapes- Color picker wheel / RGB and HSB sliders / Hex colors- Magnifier Loupe- Eraser Tool- Unlimited Layers- Linear, radial, and angle multi-color gradients- Multi-style text support, TrueType (.ttf) font import- Text gradients and text path clipping- Convert Text to Paths, Place Text on Path- Apply shadows and effects to shapes, text, and images- Rotate, scale, and shear transform tools- Snap to Grid, Smart Alignment Guides, and Point Snapping- Line dash and arrow styles- Image fill masking and cropping- Canvas StylesEXPORT / SHARE- Export drawings as vector-based PDF and SVG files- Export layered Photoshop PSD files- Export transparent PNG or JPEG images- Save and Import from Dropbox- Sync designs using iCloud- Save designs to your Photos Library- Send designs via email- Send designs directly to other iPad application- Copy and paste to and from other iPad applications- AirPrint document printing

  • rating 3.42683
  • size 32.6 MB
  • version 3.2.5
Graphic - illustration and design alternatives

Zen Brush 2

Added support for new iOS 10 feature iMessage Apps Zen Brush 2 is a drawing app focused on the strong yet beautiful feel of the East Asian ink brush. With a new drawing engine that brings to life a feeling of silky fluent painting and the delicacy of an ink brush, providing a simple and intuitive user interface imbued with the Zen spirit, this app is designed to be optimal for performing Zen art. *Apple Pencil / Wacom Intuos / Adonit Jot- Support for iPad Pro.- Support for 3D Touch.- Adjustable brush pressure sensitivity (5 levels).- Supports multitasking (Slide Over / Split View).- Support for iMessage App.

  • rating 4.22222
  • size 69.8 MB
  • version 1.14
Zen Brush 2 alternatives


Express yourself with impressive sketches like a pencil on a real paper. See unbelievable video in which a famous Japanese artist Yoshitoshi ABe sketches with an iPad version LiveSketch HD: OVER 2 MILLION USERS LOVE LIVESKETCH Tips:- Draw faster to make a thin line.- Draw slower to make a thick line.- Tap the screen to hide/show toolbar. The idea of the app is based on the procedural drawing tool Harmony by Ricardo Cabello -

  • rating 3.55
  • size 1.6 MB
  • version 1.8
LiveSketch alternatives

Easy PDF

Easy PDF v1.1 features support for DropBox and email, allowing PDF files opened in other iPad apps to be read in Easy PDF.Easy PDF also features a new browser-based file upload, allowing PDF files to be transferred over wifi without needing iTunes. Easy PDF v1.1 also adds much faster page zooming, and improves the page movement controls for easier navigation. Easy PDF comes with a free book of Alices Adventures in Wonderland so you can try Easy PDF straight away.

  • rating 2.10101
  • size 1.7 MB
  • version 1.11
Easy PDF alternatives

My Notes

My Notes is Quick and Simple Notes App to write quick notes on your iPad or iPhoneDesigned for the iPad pro and the Apple pencil, But works great on any other iPads and iPhonesHand write notes, Sketch, draw notes. Compatible with Apple PencilView and Edit your notes from a Sliding NavigationThe objective of this app is to replace your Paper based notepad/drawing padIf you are an artist doodle away. New Features Added * Pen Tool Box , now you can choose various Brush colours and Brush Sizes* Share Your Note, via Email, Whats App, iMessage, One Note* Smoother Lines* Pen Pressure Responder* New Eraser Function Now you can erase with your finger* Natural Pencil drawing * New Apple Pencil Features

  • rating 3.25
  • size 25.4 MB
  • version 2.3
My Notes alternatives