Home Maker for Wemo!

The Home Maker for Wemo is the perfect companion for DIY home automation using Wemo products. It allows viewing live statuses and the controlling of Wemo devices such as Switches, Light Switches, Sensors and the Wemo Maker. Supports Wemo Light Switch, Wemo Power Socket, Wemo Sensor and Wemo Maker.

Home Maker for Wemo alternatives


The NETGEAR genie app is an easy way to manage, monitor, and repair your home networkfrom the palm of your hand. While on your home network, the NETGEAR genie app allows you to access all the cool features on your router with your mobile device. The NETGAR genie app currently does not support IPv6.iOS versions that support the genie app: iOS 8 and aboveRefer to below link for supported router list:https://kb.netgear.com/24686/Which-NETGEAR-home-router-models-can-I-manage-using-NETGEAR-genie-app?cid=wmt_netgear_organicFor more information about MyMedia, visithttps://www.netgear.com/support/product/MyMedia.aspx?cid=wmt_netgear_organic#docs

  • rating 4.34246
NETGEAR Genie alternatives

QuickSwitch for Belkin WeMo

Quickly toggle your Belkin WeMo switches, outlets, and lightbulbs from the Today View and Apple Watch Sleek, simple design Quickly turn all WeMos on or off Dim lightbulbs Rename devices and view detailed info Easily group and reorder Great accessibility support for VoiceOver users No adsNOTE: QuickSwitch requires you to be on the same WiFi network as your WeMo switches.

  • rating 3.09091
  • size 23.7 MB
QuickSwitch for Belkin WeMo alternatives

Reverb for Amazon Alexa

Reverb allows you to interact with Alexa from anywhere. Via Alexa, Reverb answers questions, reports traffic and weather, gives info on local businesses, provides sports scores and schedules, and more using the Alexa Voice Service. Please contact support for more information.

  • rating 4.0
  • size 43.4 MB
Reverb for Amazon Alexa alternatives


With the Wemo App, you can control all of your Wemos from anywhere in the world on your iOS devices. Wemo is the simple way to a smarter home. To see what else Wemo can do, visit www.wemo.comFor the latest Wemo Device GPLv2 Open Source Code please visit: http://www.belkin.com/us/support-article?articleNum=51238

  • size 67.5 MB
WeMo alternatives

More alternatives

OnSky Smart

OnSky Smart allows controlling home devices such as LED light, security plug, switch, motion sensoretc

  • size 43.6 MB
  • version 3.1
OnSky Smart alternatives

WeTap! for Belkin WeMo

Control your WeMo switches and lights from the Apple Watch and the Today View This app allows to easily control of your Belkin WeMo switches, via WiFi, from the Apple Watch and the Today View of the NotificationCenter. This app requires at least one WeMo switch/link in order to work. Cellular is not supported.

  • rating 2.35
  • size 5.6 MB
  • version 1.5
WeTap! for Belkin WeMo alternatives

Vera Mobile App

Vera Mobile is a home automation application, that allows you to control different devices in your home, like door locks, lights, switches and other devices.

  • rating 2.87273
  • size 3.9 MB
  • version 1.3
Vera Mobile App alternatives

Greenwave Systems IoT

Greenwave Systems is a global Internet of Things software and services company, offering a simple to use app that allows you to monitor and control your home devices from the convenience of your mobile phone. It supports various connected devices such as lights, thermostats, motion sensors, water sensors, smoke sensors, door/window sensors, energy consumption, power strips, wall plugs and more. - Schedule actions that allow you to control your devices based on time.- Turn on your lights or devices if motion is detected.- Stay up to date on the activity in your home with notifications.- Control your devices to turn on or off based on your location.- Monitor and control your energy consumption.

  • size 19.2 MB
  • version 0.9.28
Greenwave Systems IoT alternatives

Scout Alarm, DIY Home Security

Scout is a new breed of DIY home security that is smart, intuitive and affordable. Our home alarm system is self-installed and integrates with best-in-class smart home devices. Best DIY Security System 2016 & 17 - CnetIntegrate your Scout system with best in class Zigbee, Zwave, and connected products such as:- Scout Access Sensors- Scout Motion Sensors- Scout Door Panel- Alexa (Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Tap)- Google Home- Nest Protect- Nest Thermostat- Nest Cam- Hue Light bulbs- Lifx Light bulbs- IFTTTTo learn more, visit scoutalarm.com.

  • size 17.5 MB
  • version 1.5.100
Scout Alarm, DIY Home Security alternatives


The HA101 gateway is the gateway device that supports Home Automation (HA) functionalities. The gateway can control all the home automation devices in user home like alarms, sensors, thermal control devices, etc. This application allows the user to manage its account, its gateways and configurations.

  • size 48.5 MB
  • version 2.1.1
SCHWAIGER Home alternatives


OMGuard SHC (Smart Home Control) offers a remote control and surveillance for your household. View live streaming videos and record videos for later viewing. Monitor energy usage and control devices such as Power Switch , PIR Motion Detection , Door Contact.

  • size 34.5 MB
  • version
OMGuard SHC alternatives


This is the controlling end software of intelligent household system. With the i-Smarthome App, you will be able to control any devices directly from your smart phone, tablet or other device wherever you are in the world. Away,DIY 2,The function of ip cameras video monitoring: Real-monitoring/Remote monitoring/Pan and Tilt operations/Snapshot , video recording/Motion detection alarm notification push etc.3,The function of Controlling: You can control smart sockets ,smart switches ,WIFI speaker etc.4,The function of alarm: PIR sensor, door sensor,infrared curtain detector ,smoke detector,emergency button etc.5,Easy to operate ,DIY your own smart home.

  • size 24.3 MB
  • version 1.1.2
iLifesmart alternatives

@Home - Smart Home with Homematic

With @Home you have control of the central functions of home automation system Homematic (eQ-3 AG). A lean and simple kept app for the essentials The following devices are supported: Switch Key Dimmer Blind & Blind with Slats KeyMatic WinMatic Door Shutter Contact Window Rotary Handle Sensor LED status monitor RGBW Controller wired I/O-Modules Indoor Siren Siren and Flash Actuator Chime Smoke detector Inclination sensor Rain sensor Water sensor Motion Detector Light Sensor Sensor for carbon dioxide Capacitive Filling Level Sensor Energy Meter Sensor Shutter Contact (12-channel) Group heating control Radiator Thermostat & Valve Drive Room Thermostat Temperature and Humidity Sensor Weather Station Weather Data Sensor OC 3 Switch actuator with power measurement Status Monitor Osram Lightify (Light & Plug)Access to Homematic CCU via internal URL (e.g. via WiFi or VPN) external URL (e.g. @Home is still evolving Suggestions are welcome Contact me

  • size 36.8 MB
  • version 1.13.2
@Home - Smart Home with Homematic alternatives

Roome Home

The Roome app is designed to control smart home automation products made by Beijing HOMI Technology Co., Ltd. The Roome app allows you to control your devices even when you are away with ease. With the Roome app, you can control all the Roome products including Roome Light, Roome Mini Plus, Roome Switch, Roome Gateway and other licensed products approved by Roome brand.

  • size 18.1 MB
  • version 5.1.0
Roome Home alternatives

Bolt - HTTP Command and Control

Controls all those DIY Electronics projects from one easy app - even use your voice There are numerous devices available that can be controlled with simple HTTP commands via APIs, such as home automation, cameras, thermostats, even connected toys. A simple application that makes it easier to manage and control the connected world around you is needed. * IP Camera Viewing

  • size 31.8 MB
  • version 1.5
Bolt - HTTP Command and Control alternatives

Smart Casa - SmartHome Solution

SmartCasa is design to access and manage various devices such as weather sensor, door sensor, power plug, LED light and so on. Any place and any time, you are able to make your home as cozy as you are at home with SmartCasa system. The possibilities of peripheral interaction is only limited by your imaginations Supported Peripheral Product:Smart Weather - Local Weather Station Smart Plug - Power Control And MonitoringSmart Light - Lightning ControlSmart Door - Security and MonitoringSmart Shock - Detect ShocksSmart Smoke - Detect Smoke&HeatSmart Switch - Inlet Switch for your lightings

  • size 64.1 MB
  • version 2.4.68
Smart Casa - SmartHome Solution alternatives

Curler - Your HTTP API's interface

Curler allows you to build and manage an interface for your HTTP APIs or web hooks. Many devices can be controlled with HTTP commands, such as home automation, switches, cameras, thermostats, servers, and the whole ocean of connected devices. This app will allow you to manage it all

  • size 10.4 MB
  • version 1.1.1
Curler - Your HTTP API's interface alternatives


Build your smart home easily monitor the status of the Smart Sensor having remote control of the Smart DeviceWe have different kinds of Smart Sensors, such as Door Sensor, PIR, Temperature Sensor etc. You can monitor their status 24 hours through NetzHomeWe have different kinds of Smart Devices, such as Smart Plug and Smart LightBulb. You can control them everywhere through NetzHome

  • size 82.4 MB
  • version 2.1.2
NetzHome alternatives


FHEMobile is the best native app for controlling a FHEM-based house automation server on the AppStore Features: Easy control your FHEM-Server Rename, Sort, Delete your devices FS20-Code Calculator Logbook Support for all FS20 devices Support for all HMS/S555TH devices Support for FHT heating controls Support for TRX_LIGHT (KAKU) devices Support for Homematic switches Support for Homematic heating controls Support for MAX - window sensors Support for MAX - heating regulators Support for Philips HUE multicolor lamps Support for Logitech Squeezeboxes States of devices is updated live Individually configure the device controls Elegant user interface with two styles

  • size 36.4 MB
  • version 3.9
FHEMobile alternatives