Community Security Group!

Community security issues can be captured by users with the app. These security alerts can be accompanied with photos and GPS coordinates in order to track situations and issue appropriate responses.

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Official Kodi Remote

Official Kodi Remote is a full-featured remote control for Kodi Media Center. It features library browsing, now playing informations and a direct remote control. Features- Control Kodis volume- Manage multiple Kodi instances- Live view of currently playing playlist- Displays music cover art shown where available- Displays movie poster and actor thumbs where available- Play and queue albums, songs, genre selections and much more directly without having to turn on your TV Switch to live TV channels and trigger recording on your PVR/DVR setup- Browse files directly and much more Please noteSupported Versions are: Kodi/XBMC version Eden (11) or higherAdditional actions can be accessed by long pressing items and remote control buttons.

  • size 23.7 MB
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Quick Scan - QR Code Reader

, ,,, , , , , , ,,Google Map,, ,, ., ,,:- - ,,,,,,,- , , , - , URL- - - - - - , - iPhone4/4S, iPod touch4

  • rating 5.0
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SwiftKey Keyboard

NEW: All themes are now completely free SwiftKey Keyboard for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch is a smart keyboard that learns from you, replacing your devices built-in keyboard with one that adapts to the way you type. The app learns your writing style to give you super-accurate autocorrect and intelligent next-word prediction, reducing keystrokes and getting smarter over time. SwiftKey Keyboard for iPhone & iPad supports the following languages:-English (United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada)-Afrikaans -Akan-Arabic (Arabic)-Arabic (Egyptian)-Aragonese -Asturian-Bambara -Bashkir -Basque -Bosnian -Breton -Bulgarian (Cyrillic) -Catalan -Cebuano -Chichewa -Chuvash -Cornish -Corsican -Croatian -Creol Haitian -Czech -Danish -Dutch -English (AU, CA, UK, US) -Esperanto -Ewe-Faroese -Fijian -Tagalog -Finnish -French (BE, CH, CA, EU) -Frisian -Friulian -Galician -Gallo -German (CH, DE) -Greek (Greek) -Greenlandic-Gujlish-Haitian Creole -Hausa -Hebrew (Hebrew) -Hinglish -Hungarian -Icelandic -Igbo -Indonesian -Irish -Italian -Javanese -Jrriais -Jola-Fonyi-Kashubian -Kazakh (Cyrillic) -Kikuyu -Kurdish (Kurmanji) -Latgalian-Latvian -Lingala-Low German -Luxembourgish -Malagasy -Malay (Malay) -Maltese -Manx -Maori -Maranao -Marshallese -Mossi-Ndebele -Northern Sami-Northen Sotho -Norwegian (Bokml) -Norwegian (Nynorsk) -Occitan -Oromo -Papiamento -Papiamentu -Persian -Polish -Portuguese (BR, EU) -Romanian -Russian (Cyrillic) -Rwandan -Serbian -Sesotho-Shona -Sicilian -Slovak -Slovenian -Somali -Southern Ndebele -Spanish (EU, LA, US) -Sundanese -Swahili -Swasi -Swedish -Tamlish-Tsonga -Tswana -Turkish -Uzbek -Venda -Walloon -Waray -Wolof-Xhosa -Yoruba -ZuluSupports iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices running iOS 9 and above. Help and Support: Watch quick how-to videos for features and tips: our FAQs: news and feature updates, engage with us on Facebook: Twitter: Google Plus: Instagram:

  • rating 3.36667
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311 Universal

By the time you finish reading this description you could have reported the graffiti, potholes, broken streetlamps, or other issues to your local government. 311 Universal organizes your issue report to include photos and pinpoint GPS coordinates in the most efficient way possible. Buy this app now and start making the world a better place.

  • size 7.3 MB
  • version 8
311 Universal alternatives

ACT Chula Vista

Its easy to report non-emergency issues while on the go. You can Alert, Connect and Track with the ACT Chula Vista mobile app. Staff will then take appropriate action to address the problem and close the issue.

  • size 13.8 MB
  • version 4.6.5
ACT Chula Vista alternatives

Ada County Highway District Reporter

ACHD Reporter is used by members of the Ada County, Idaho community to report problems to the Ada County Highway District (ACHD), including issues with roadway debris, potholes or other problems with the roads in Ada County, Idaho. Citizens can use this easy-to-use interface to report these issues to the Ada County Highway Districts reporting infrastructure. Users select the type of issue to report, take a photo (or upload and existing one), geo-locate the issue via GPS or interactive map, add comments, and send their report directly to the ACHD for resolution.

  • size 2.2 MB
  • version 2.0.2
Ada County Highway District Reporter alternatives

Security Gaze

Security Gaze is a personal safety and security app that sends, Pictures, GPS Location and Movement to your Emergency Contacts when serious and potentially dangerous situations are encountered. Security Gaze is discreet, fast and easy to use. INSTANT ALERTS / CONTACTS ALERTED :Distress emails with visual alerts are instantly sent to Emergency Contacts, when an incident occurs.

  • size 9.8 MB
  • version 2.01
Security Gaze alternatives


Gary 311 is a free application for Gary, IN that allows users to report community issues, pinpoint the issue location with GPS, and attach photos right from your Smartphone. Now, no matter where you are within Gary city limits, you can help City officials respond faster by identifying potholes, downed trees, streetlights in need of repair, etc. You can even request a recycle bin Subscribers will also receive status updates as their reported issues are resolved.

  • size 17.7 MB
  • version 4.6
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On Track: Project Management Tool and Dashboard

Is your project going off the rails? Get ON TRACK now Dont lose or forget important project information and details while youre away from the office; ON TRACK captures your project tasks, issue, risks and meetings when they arise. The usual details of the project elements such as tasks, issues, and risks can be captured; these provide you with a detailed status and reporting capability to succesfully manage any project.

  • size 2.4 MB
  • version 1.0
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Desktop Alert

Desktop Alert iOS application can be installed on users mobile devices and activated with a Desktop Alert server to receive mobile alerts (via push notification), and view recently received mobile alerts, and send alerts (if the user has the appropriate permissions to execute scenarios). In order to provide this functionality, the mobile app needs to communicate with its associated Desktop Alert server.

  • size 177 MB
  • version 3.4.6
Desktop Alert alternatives


TimeSkets enables users to keep track of the hours worked at a client or a project. By using the GPS coordinates of the iPhone/iPad, users can checkin when they arrive at their client/project and checkout when they finish. Custom filters can be placed to filter the report and an export can be mailed in CSV format.

  • size 1.5 MB
  • version 2.1
TimeSkets alternatives

Army Knife

A Swiss Army Knife for your iPhone, the ultimate toolbox for difficult situations The app provides: GPS module that estimates geographical coordinates and heading. You can share the data easily via e-mail. All these in one package, simple and handy

  • size 1.4 MB
  • version 1.2.0
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Join the smart online community to make Mauritius a safer, greener and cleaner place. With the eCitizen app, you can collaborate with your local authority by reporting issues impacting our environment and society in a few clicks. Be a smart citizen, be an eCitizen Features:- Snap the picture of an issue and report it to relevant authority through the app.- Get notified when the issue is resolved.- Gain access to a map of the island with all existing issues on it.- Filter issues by categories.- Instant notification of new issue.- Share issues with your friends.

  • size 44.0 MB
  • version 2.0
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Bothered by a barking dog? Have an electric, gas, sewer, or water issue? Alexandria Connects is a free application that allows you to report community issues, pinpoint the issue location with GPS, and attach photos right from your iPhone or iPad.

  • size 14.5 MB
  • version 4.6
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gpm311 is your solution to keeping your town safe, happy and beautiful. Our technology allows easy online reporting which connects residents and government seamlessly. Features: Easy online reporting from a desktop or through the gpm311 mobile app Get the issue to the right government department the first time Track the progress of the issue and watch a solution form Report issues in an unlimited number of towns See issues in your area reported by other gpm311 users

  • size 50.6 MB
  • version 1.1
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CWRU Shield

If youre in a dangerous situation, use the CWRU Shield application to quickly and easily send alerts to your pre-set emergency contacts and campus police. Also use the application to text photos and videos of crime tips and service needs, these tips can be sent anonymously GPS disclaimer:Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

  • size 10.1 MB
  • version 1.11
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Cell 411

Cell 411 is a De-centralized, micro-social platform that allows users to issue emergency alerts, and respond to alerts issued by their friends. Cell 411 is ideal for use by activists, neighborhood watches, students, friends and other groups of people willing to organize themselves independently in order to manage and respond to emergencies. Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

Cell 411 alternatives

SELCO Card Manager

SELCO Card Manager is a free mobile app that gives you advanced control and security over your SELCO Community Credit Union credit and debit cards, right from your smartphone or tablet. SELCO Card Manager puts security and convenience at your fingertips:You can conveniently set when, where, and how your cards can be used, track spending, and set alerts all in an instant. Set alerts for any purchases made by another authorized user of your card.

  • size 11.3 MB
  • version 1.0.0
SELCO Card Manager alternatives


You need a fashion advice and there is no one near able to help you? Interested in what colors fits you the best? This feedback, obtained as a result of a color matching algorithm applied over the users captured picture, can be used in order to improve the outfit and to help the user to choose appropriate color(s) for his or her clothes.

  • size 14.8 MB
  • version 1.1
Fashion8 alternatives

Authentify 2CHK

2CHK is a secure app linked to a secure data communication channel. It is used for security and authentication purposes. Additionally, 2CHK can be used in situations when a sensitive message must be delivered, but email or SMS text do not offer an appropriate level of security for HIPPA compliance or other legal requirements.

  • size 3.7 MB
  • version 1.0.32
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