Classical Carnatic Delights!

Dr. Chitra Ramakrishnan is a Carnatic vocalist and Bharatnatyam dancer by profession . She had great passion for music and dance from a very young age. List of Songs in Classical Carnatic Delights :- 1) Sri Ganesa Saranam 2) Nammamma Sarathe 3) Kanden Kanden 4) Enna Solli 5) Boologa 6) Kurai Ondrum 7) Vilayada 8) Sri Chakra Raja 9) Brammamokate 10) Sri Rama Chandra 11) Muthu 12) Maithrim Bhajatha

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iSruthi-Tampura Sruthi box

iSruthi is all in one tampura or tambura box for all carnatic music or Hindustani musics. All tampuras are professionally recorded which ensures top notch quality. Isruthi# One app for all your carnatic music studies# Real tampura tones professionally recorded# help for both hindustani and carnatic music lovers# non stop shruthi or sruthi box

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Karnatik Tyagaraja

A ready to use and easy reference of 703 songs(Free - 100, Available for in-app purchase - 603 songs) created by Tyagaraja, one of the greatest composers of Carnatic Music or classical South Indian music who lived in 18th Century. Now discover and explore the Songs of Tyagaraja and their raga, tala, lyrics, meaning and the web link to karnatik.comYou can also* Search the songs by name, raga or tala* View a list of Popular Songs* Create your favorite list of Songs* Share the web link of the song you like by email, sms and Twitter

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Kinchit En Pani

This app, En Pani, part of Kinchitkaram Trust, is where U.Ve. Velukkudi Krishnan Swamy talks on various subjects that are of interest to members. Please share your feedback using the Feedback link available in the app itself.

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Saregama Classical

Subscribe to the Saregama Classical App, the one stop destination for Indian Classical music with 10,000 music compositions featuring 400 artistes, 50 editors choice channels and 14 instruments. This app features:50 Curated Editors Choice Channels:- Listed basis artistes and instruments- Enjoy unique commentary by musicologists, aficionados and specialists. All content available on this application is legitimate and owned by publisher, Saregama India Ltd. Love Saregama Classical?- Like us on Facebook: - Follow us on Twitter: Please help us improve your experience by emailing to [email protected] Dont forget to rate the app and also write a review

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Twaang - Indian Music Library

Listen to the best Indian music in HD Quality - Hindustani, Carnatic, Fusion, Live Concert recordings & more on your iPhone. EXPLORE, DOWNLOAD and ENJOY 90,000+ music titles, 5000+ albums, 4000+ artists featured on Twaang. Privacy Policy: of Use:

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Sri Sathya Sai Bhajanavali

The year 1926 was known as Akshaya, meaning the Never-declining, Ever-full year, and November 23 (the day Sathya Sai Baba was born) is always a day to be devoted to the worship of Shiva. Moreover in this year a certain positioning of the stars made the day even more auspicious. List of songs in Sri Sathya Sai Bhajanavali :- 1) Athma Rama 2) Avo Pyarey Sai 3) Lakshmi Manohara 4) Lambhodara Hey 5) Mangala Daayaka 6) Parthiswara Sathya Sai 7) Prabhu Leela Prabhu 8) Ragukula Bhooshna 9) Ram Lakshmi Janaki 10) Sathya Sai Namam 11) Suramuni Vandhitha 12) Swami Take My Hand

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. 1- 2- 3- 4- 5- 6- 7- 8- 9- 10- 11- 12-

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  • version 1.0.4
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iMetronome (with quartz accuracy)

iMetronome is a precise pendulum metronome that maintains an extremely accurate beat. Features:Tempo: 20 - 240 BPMTime Signatures: 1/4, 2/4, 3/4, 4/4, 5/4, 6/4, 7/4, 8/4, 9/4, 10/4, 11/4, 12/4, 3/8, 6/8, 9/8, 12/8Screen auto-lock: enable/disable

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Dictator Radio

Dictator Radio Dr Jams Thank You For Choosing To Download The Dictator Radio Station App On To Your Mobile Device. With This App You Can Stream Music & Watch Music Videos From Todays & Yesterdays Top Recording Artists 24/7 Around The Clock. These Are Genres Of Music That The Station Plays: 1.Afro Beat 2.Bass 3.Blues 4.Comedy 5.Dubstep 6.EDM 7.Gospel 8.Hip Hop 9.House 10.Jazz 11.Pop 12.Reggae 13.Talk 14.Trance 15.Trip Hop

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Classical Moods - Bhajans

Anuradha was born to Sangeetha Kalanidhi Prof. K.V. Naryanaswamy & Smt. List Of Songs in Classical Moods Voice of AnuradhaKrishnamurthy :- 1) Sree Raamaabhi 2) Raama Bhakthi 3) Thoall Kandar 4) Kaaru Baaru 5) Jaanaki Ramana 6) Bhajore Bhaiyya 7) Yenna Gaanu 8) Deva Devam 9) Raama Raama 10) Kahaanke Patha 11) Pibare Raama12 Yenakkuniru 13) Sree Raama

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Bhairavar Kavasam - Tamizh Devotional Songs

Kala Bhairava temple in Hanuman Dokha located in Nepal has 12 foot high stone image of Kala Bhairava sculpted in the 17th century. Lord Kala Bhairava is the manifestation of Lord Shiva who manages Kaal. List of songs in Bhairavar Kavasam :-1) Sri Bhairavar Kavalam 2) Thendaralai Arul 3) Saranaakathiyae 4) Agilathil Valum 5) Sudaroli Amadhumagi 6) Sri Swarana Bhairava 7) Thirumbiya Thisai 8) Ashtakalakshmi 9) Sivanain Roopa 10) Kala Bhairava

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Phonics Farm Letter sounds school & Sight Words

WONDERFULLY EDUCATIONAL READING PROGRAM FOR BEGINNING READERS (AGES 2-7). Parents Choice Awards winner 2014 Developed in cooperation with educational specialists by an award-winning educational studio, 22learn, the creator of the best-selling apps for kids. 12 FABULOUS FUN GAMES THAT TEACH ESSENTIAL READING SKILLS: 1) Matching Sounds 2) Initial Sounds 3) Flash Cards 4) Letter Sounds 5) Tracing Letters 6) Uppercase and Lowercase Letters 7) Blending Sounds 8) Spelling 9) Reading 10) Sight Words 11) Fluent Reading 12) Word Bingo

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Classical Vocal- Karuna Sagarane

Krishna was born in a tense historical period preceeding a devastating war. The warring factions built up so many weapons that the burden on the earth became unbearable. List of songs in Classical Vocal Karuna Sagarane :-1) Anjike Yaatha 2) Orupozhudum 3) Nindathi Chandana 4) Thunbam Nergayel 5) Karuna Sagarane 6) Sakthi Parameshwari 7) Stiratha Nahi Nahi 8) Pinnai Manalanai 9) Kaatru veliyidai 10) Manadil Urudi Vendum 11) Senthamil Nadennum

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  • version 1.2
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Muraleedhara Classical Songs of Lord Vishnu

Vishnu is one of the most important gods in the Hindupantheon and, along with Brahma and Shiva, is considered a member of the holy trinity (trimurti) of Hinduism. He is the most important god of Vaishnaism, the largest Hindu sect. List of songs in Classical Melodies Muraleedhara :- 1) Kanbadeppodhen 2) Thayae Yashodha 3) Karpooram Narumo 4) Ennathavam 5) Muraleedhara 6) Ramanai Tharuvai 7) Varadan Pugazh 8) AlaiPayudhe 9) Kundreduthanirai 10) Srinivasa 11) Kannanidam Eduthu

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Quantum Mechanics - Theories

Different theories about model and structure of atoms. Contents: - Set variables - Postulates - Mechanism of photons - (H) Hydrogen model - (H) model - (H) model - (H) model - (He) Helium-4 model - (He) Helium-5 model - (Li) Lithium-5 model - (Li) Lithium-6 model - (Li) Lithium-7 model - (Be) Beryllium-7 model - (Be) Beryllium-8 model - (Be) Beryllium-9 model - (Be) Beryllium-10 model - (B) Boron-8 model - (B) Boron-9 model - (B) Boron-10 model - (C) Carbon-10 model - (C) Carbon-11 model - (C) Carbon-12 model - (C) Carbon-13 model - (N) Nitrogen-11 model - (N) Nitrogen-12 model - (N) Nitrogen-13 model - (N) Nitrogen-14 model - (O) Oxygen-13 model - (O) Oxygen-14 model - (O) Oxygen-15 model - (O) Oxygen-16 model - (O) Oxygen-17 model - Flame (2 H + O > 2 HO)

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  • version 1.3
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Number Bonds complete

EVERY child needs to know the basic number bonds which lie at the heart of all mental arithmetic. This app will challenge you in a fun way. As you progress up the difficulty ladder you can ask for each new set of numbers to be multiples of 50, 10, 5 or 1 (the hardest).Age range: 5 - 10PAGES INCLUDEDnumber bonds of 0, 1, 2 and 3number bonds of 0, 1, 2 and 3: flash cardsnumber bonds of 4 and 5number bonds of 4 and 5: flash cardsnumber bonds of 6 and 7number bonds of 6 and 7: flash cardsnumber bonds of 8 and 9number bonds of 8 and 9: flash cardsnumber bonds of 10number bonds of 10: flash cardsnumber bonds of 1 to 10: flash cardsnumber bonds of 11 and 12: flash cardsnumber bonds of 1 to 12: flash cardsnumber bonds of 20number bonds of 20: flash cardsnumber bonds of 50number bonds of 100number bonds of 200number bonds of 500number bonds of 1000

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  • version 3.2
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Mozart Variations for piano - SyncScore

Listen to classical music with flowing scores with your iPhone or iPad. SyncScore provides a new way of enjoying classic compositions. Album Information Variations for the pianoforte Performer: Walter Gieseking (Piano), 1953 Composer: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Total Length: 125minutesTrack Information 1: 8 Variations on an Allegretto, KV 24 2: 7 Variations on Wilhelm von Nassen, KV 25 3: 12 Variations on a Minuet by Fischer, KV 179 4: 6 Variations on Mio caro Adona by Salieri, KV 180 5: 9 Variations on Lison Dormait, KV 264 6: 12 Variations on Ah vous dirais-je, Maman, KV 265 7: 8 Variations on the March Mariages Samnites of Grtry, KV 352 8: 12 Variations on La Belle Franoise, KV 353 9: 12 Variations on Je suis Lindor, KV 354 10: 5 Variations on Salve tu Domine of Paisiello, KV 398 11: 10 Variations on Unser dummer Pbel meint for Pia in G Major, KV 455 12: 8 Variations on Come un Angello KV 460 13: 12 Variations on an Allegretto, KV 500 14: 9 Variations on a Minuet by Duport, KV 573 15: 8 Variations on Ein Weib is das herrlichste Ding, KV 613

  • size 143 MB
  • version 5.1
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Arabic Learn

Learn to speak arabic like a proLearn arabic fast and easy app. Contains more than 1000 important words and phrases, with native speaker audio. This application database covers : 1- Greetings 2- Help & Directions3- Personal Info 4- Wishes5- Misunderstanding 6- Expressions & Words 7- Islamic Expressions 8- Adjectives and Adverbs 9- Animals 10- Body 11- Food & House 12- Occupations & School 13- Places & Sport 14- Time & Weather 15- Verbs

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  • version 1.1
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My First 2

About the Game:Educational Game for toddlers of AGE 2 and Up with engaging and fun animations on each Level. The Game will reinforce the following skills in your children:- Sorting while classifying the items.- Encourages shape and Color recognition - Enhances Hand-eye Coordination.- Enhances Concentration.- Visual Perception. Level 1 - Unit 1: COLORS - Unit 2: SIZE - Unit 3: SHAPES - Unit 4: PATTERNSLevel 2 - Unit 5: SIZE - Unit 6: GROUPS - Unit 7: DAY & NIGHT - Unit 8: PLANTSLevel 3 - Unit 9: LAUNDRY - Unit 10: MY BODY - Unit 11: SIZE & COLORS - Unit 12: SHAPES & COLORSLevel 4 - Unit 13: ARROWS - Unit 14: FAMILY - Unit 15: GENDER - Unit 16: SEASONS

  • size 28.5 MB
  • version 2.36
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[10 CD]100 best classical

10 CD, 40 classical masters, 120 most favorite classical music,Just the best. RO Player, Innovation for You, Characteristic: Edit the playlist, [move up] [move down][like][dislike] A powerful album management More than 10 skin, select the style you likemusic list:DISK 11,BEETHOVEN:Symphony No.5 Lse Mvt 2,MOZART:Piano Concerto No.21 3,BACH:Menuet4,TCHAIKOVSKY:Nutcracker Trepak5,MOUSSORGSKY:Pictures At An Exhidjtion 6,MOZART:Horn Concerto 7,SIBELIUS:Karelia Suite 8,J.STRAUSS II:Voices Of Spring 9,J.STRAUSS II:Tales From Vienna Woods 10,BRAHMS:Acadmic Festival Overture 11,LECLAIR:Tambourin12,SAINT-SAENS:Carnival Of The Animals The SwnaDISK 21,PACHELBELS:Canon In D 2,GRIEG:Morning Mood 3,VIVALDI:The FourSeason 4,TCHAIKOVSKY:Swan LakeScene 5,MOZART:Eine Kleine Nachtmusil 6,BEETHOVEN:Piano SonataMoonligt 7,DVORAK:Symphony No.9 From The New World 8,WAGNER :Ride Of The Valkyries 9,CARLORFF:Carmina Burnan10,GERSHWIN:Phapsody Burnan 11,HAQNDEL:Water Music Suite 12,J.SIRAUSS II:The Blue Danube DISK 31,MASSENET:Meditation From Thais2,RACHMANINOV:Rhaosody On A The Me Of Paganini3,BACH:Air On G String 4,LISZT:Liebestraum No.3 5,CHOPIN:Nocturne In E Flat 6,MOZART:Clarinet Concertos 7,VAUGHAN WILLIAMS:Fantasia On Greensleeves 8,TCHAIKOVSKY:Sugar Plum Fairy 9,ALBINONI:Adagio 10,BACH:JESU,Joy Of Mans Desiring11,SAINT-SAENS:Carnival Of The Animals 12,WALDTEUFEL:Les Patineurs DISK 41,TCHAIKOVSKY:Piano Concerto No.1 2,BEETHOVEN:Piano Sonata Pathetique 3,MYERS:Cauatina 4,UERDI:Mandolin Concerto 5,MOZART:Symphony No.25 6,TCHAIKOVSKY:Sleeping Beauty 7,MOUSSORGSKY:La Grande Porte De Kiev 8,COPLAND:Fanfare For The Common Man9,WILLIAMS:Olympia Trampt10,MENDELSSOHN:On Wings Of Song11,MOZART:Symphonies No.41 Jupiter12,SIBELIUS:FinlandiaDISK 51,BEETHOVEN:Symphony No.6 Pastoral 2,HANDEL:Arrival The Queen Of Sheba 3,BACH:Preludio Josef Suk Violin4,TCHAIK OVSKY:Andante Cantabile 5,PAGANINI:Moto Perpetuo 6,HANDEL:Music For The Royal Fireorks 7,CHOPIN:Fantaisie 8,TCHALKOVSKY:Serenade For Strlngs 9,ELGAR:Salut Damour 10,DUORAK:Slavonic Dance 11,MASSENET:Ballet 12,MENDELSSOHN:Midsummer Ights DISK 61,MOZART:Symphony No.40 2,TCHAIKOVSHY:Nutcracker March 3,SUPPE:Overture Light Gavalry4,HAYDN:Trumpet Comcerto 5,OFFENBACH:Orpheus In The Underworld6,BIZET:LarlesienneFarandole7,CLARKE:Trumpet Voluntary8,BOCCHERINI:Minuet9,PROKOFIEV:Lientnant Kije 10,KHATCHATURIAN:Gayne Suite Sabre Dance 11,MAKLER:Symphony No.1 12,HOLST:The PlanetsJupiter DISK 71,BACH:Brandenburg Concerto No.32,SAINT-SAENS:Symphony No.3 3,MOZART:Eine Muslkalische 4,SATIE:Gymnopedie No.15,CHOPIN:Waltz No.11 6,VIVALDI:The FourLe Quattro Stagion7,DEBUSSY:Clair De Lune 8,BEETHOVEN:Synphony No.79,BEETHOVEN:Synphony No.810,MENDELSSOHN:Spring Song 11,DVOPK:Songs My Mother Taught Me 12,WEBER:In Vitatton To The DanceDISK 81,BACH:Toccata And Fugue2,RAVEL:Bolero 3,BRAHMS:Hungarian Dances No.64,R.STRAUSS:Also Speach Zarathustra 5,MENDELSSOHN:Wedding March 6,MOZART:Turca March 7,WALTON:Coronatlon March 8,EIN STRAUSSFEST:Champage Polka 9,BACH:Gounod Judex Mors Et Bita10,DEBUSSY:The Girl With The Flazen Hair11,ELGAR:ThemeEnigma12,VERDI:AidaDISK 91,SCHBERT:Piano Quintet In A The Trout 2,BACH:Suite No.2 3,CHOPIN:Etudes In E FlatPathetique 4,SIBELIUS:The Swan Of Tuonela 5,HAYDN:Symphony No.94 6,HAYDN:Symphony No.101 7,ROSSINI:Sonate A Quattro No.48,OFFENBACH:Barcarolle 9,SCHUMANN:Romance 10,KREISLER:Liebesleid 11,KREISLER:Liebsfreud 12,SCHUBERT:Ave MariaDISK 101,BRAHMS:Hungarian Dances No.5 2,MOZART:The Marriage Of Figaro 3,KETELBY:In A Persian Market4,ELGAR:Pomp Circumstance March5,BIZET:Carmen Prelude To Act

  • size 517 MB
  • version 2017.0
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