UniversalCodeGrep (ucg) is an extremely fast grep-like tool specialized for searching large bodies of source code. It is intended to be largely com...

GPL (Version 3 only https://github.com/gvansickle/ucg/blob/master/COPYING
UniversalCodeGrep binaries are currently available for Fedora 23/24/25/rawhide and Centos 7. Binaries for other platforms (Ubuntu, Arch, openSUSE are coming soon. If you are a Fedora or CentOS user, the easiest way to install UniversalCodeGrep is from the Fedora Copr-hosted dnf/yum repository here https://copr.fedoraproject.org/coprs/grvs/UniversalCodeGrep.
Installation is as simple as: # Add the Copr repo to your system: sudo dnf copr enable grvs/UniversalCodeGrep # Install UniversalCodeGrep: sudo dnf install universalcodegrep UniversalCodeGrep can be built and installed from the distribution tarball (available here https://github.com/gvansickle/ucg/releases/download/0.3.0/univers

Go to https://gvansickle.github.io/ucg/

UniversalCodeGrep alternatives


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The Silver Searcher

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