TermBar is a terminal app that puts the command line in the Mac Menu Bar for easier access that can help alleviate clutter on the desktop.

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TermBar alternatives


This is a fork of the iTerm project hosted on Sourceforge, the development of which has been languishing for a while. iTerm2 is a full featured ter...

tags: annotate-history console customizable dual-pane growl-integration
platform: Mac OS X


Yakuake is a drop-down (Quake-style) terminal emulator based on KDE Konsole technology. Its design was inspired from consoles in computer games suc...

tags: built-in-search-engine console dropdown-terminal kde make-window-transparent
platform: Linux BSD

Guake terminal

Guake is a top-down terminal for Gnome (in the style of Yakuake for KDE, Tilda or the terminal used in Quake). Guake is already package by a number...

tags: console dropdown-terminal quake-style quake-style-terminal simple-user-interface
platform: Linux BSD


"A Quake-like Console Emulator."Proudly under the MIT License.

tags: console hot-key quake quake-style shell
platform: Windows

Windows Quake Style Console

Windows Quake style console wrapper (cmd wrapper), that shows at Win+~ key and allow to run inside it different programs, e.g. FAR Manager.

tags: Discontinued quake-style terminal-client
platform: Windows Discontinued