Tasks Explorer!

Tasks Explorer is a freeware opensource computer program providing functionality for collecting extended information about processes running in sys...

# Mac OS X Internals http://macosinternals.github.io
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Tasks Explorer is a freeware opensource computer program providing functionality for collecting extended information about processes running in system in real time. http://macosinternals.github.io/images/TasksExplorer/main_window_flat.jpg
Application Tasks Explorer was designed as alternative to Apple's Activity Monitor, as information providing Activity Monitor does not correspond with the needs of software developers and advanced users. Process Explorer from Sysin

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Tasks Explorer alternatives

Process Explorer

Process Explorer shows you information about which handles and DLLs processes have opened or loaded. The display consists of two sub-windows. The t...

tags: Portable process-list process-management process-monitoring sysinternals
platform: Windows PortableApps.com

Process Hacker

Process Hacker is a feature-packed tool for manipulating processes and services on your computer. A free and open source process viewer with powerf...

tags: Portable network-monitoring process-management process-viewer
platform: Windows PortableApps.com


htop is an interactive process viewer for Linux. It is a text-mode application (for console or X terminals) and requires ncurses. htop is an intera...

tags: process-list process-viewer
platform: Mac OS X Linux BSD


System Explorer is an enhanced Taskmanager that provides detailed information about running processes, startup programs, IE add-ons (BHOs), drivers...

tags: Portable hardware-monitoring process-viewer system-information taskmanager
platform: Windows PortableApps.com

Windows Task Manager

Windows Task Manager is a task manager application included with Microsoft Windows NT family of operating systems that provides detailed informatio...

tags: task-management tasks task-manager task-list system-information
platform: Windows


Glances is a CLI curses based monitoring tool for GNU/Linux and BSD OS. Glances uses the PsUtil library to get information from your system. It is ...

tags: clear-interface command-line-interface filesystem hardware-monitoring micro-partition-information
platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux BSD


WinSpy++ is a handy programmer's utility which can be used to select and view the properties of any window in the system. WinSpy is based around th...

tags: developer-tools development net-framework
platform: Windows .NET Framework

GNOME System Monitor

System Monitor is a tool to manage running processes and monitor system resources.

tags: application-monitoring cpu-utility process-list process-management task-list
platform: Linux BSD GNOME


Mac OS X System Monitor and Process Explorer ToolatMonitor is the most advanced monitoring tool for Mac OS X that displays system activity in real-...

tags: Discontinued task-list hardware-monitoring process-list process-viewer
platform: Mac OS X Discontinued

Activity Monitor

Activity Monitor displays information about all the processes running on your Mac, including CPU, disk, memory, and network usage. You can see exac...

tags: memory-usage network-monitoring process-list process-monitoring system-information
platform: Mac OS X

Xfce Task Manager

Easy to use application for monitoring and controlling running processes.

tags: process-list process-management process-viewer taskmanager
platform: Linux

AnVir Task Manager

This tool controls programs, disk, CPU. Replace task manager, tweak and tune up XP or Vista. Speed up windows startup. Get rid of spyware and viruses.

tags: Warning Portable services taskmanager startup-optimizer
platform: Windows Warning

Resource Monitor

Resource Monitor is a system application in Microsoft Windows operating systems. It is used to view information about the use of hardware (CPU, mem...

tags: hardware-monitoring performance-monitoring system-information
platform: Windows


A neat free utility that helps you to take control of any file or folder when it is locked by some application or system. For every locked resource...

tags: explorer-integration locked-files undeletable-file
platform: Windows

Linux Process Explorer

Linux process explorer, behaves the same as the windows process explorer from Mark Russinovich.

tags: sysinternals versions procexp
platform: Linux