SFTP Net Drive!

SFTP Net Drive lets you work with the remote file system as if it were a local disk drive, given that the remote system supports SFTP protocol.

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Go to http://www.eldos.com/sftp-net-drive/

SFTP Net Drive alternatives


Rclone is a command line program to sync files and directories to and from:- Google Drive- Amazon S3- Openstack Swift / Rackspace cloud files / Mem...

tags: amazon-s3 backup-and-restore backup-image cloud-sync command-line
platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux BSD Solaris FreeBSD NetBSD OpenBSD


Cloud storage as hard disk

tags: cloud-computing online-backup online-harddrive support-for-amazon-s3 virtual-file-system
platform: Mac OS X Windows


ExpanDrive is a Network file system client for Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows that facilitates mapping of local volume to any SFTP server the user ...

tags: amazon-drive-sync amazon-s3 aws backblaze backblaze-b2
platform: Mac OS X Windows


This is a filesystem client based on the SSH File Transfer Protocol. Since most SSH servers already support this protocol it is very easy to set up...

tags: filesystem fuse mounting-drives networking ssh
platform: Linux Xfce


win-sshfs is a SSH(SFTP) filesystem made using Dokan and SSH.NET library that allows you to mount remote computers via SFTP protocol like windows n...

tags: Discontinued filesystem sftp ssh ssh-manager
platform: Windows Discontinued

DirectNet Drive

With DirectNet Drive you can use the remote storage as a local drive: drag-n-drop the files in Windows Explorer, watch videos and play music in you...

tags: direct file-transfer-protocol sftp webdav webdrive
platform: Windows


Unlike a typical file transfer client, WebDrive allows you to open and edit server-based files without the additional step of downloading the file....

tags: amazon-s3 box-integration cloud-computing dropbox-client file-transfer-protocol
platform: Mac OS X Windows

StableBit CloudDrive

1. A Real Drive. Creates a virtual hard drive that is indistinguishable from a real drive. Stores the actual data in the cloud provider of your cho...

tags: aes-encryption backup-and-restore cloud-drive cloud-sync drive-encryption
platform: Windows Self-Hosted

Mountain Duck

Mountain Duck lets you mount server and cloud storage as a local disk in the Finder.app on Mac and the File Explorer on Windows. Open remote files ...

tags: developer-tools mount-ftp sftp-clients upload-to-dropbox
platform: Mac OS X Windows


Dokan SSHFS is a program that mounts remote file systems using SSH. Dokan SSHFS depends on Dokan Library which you can find on the application's we...

tags: ssh sshfs
platform: Windows


DriveMaker Freeware mounts or maps an FTP site to your desktop or Windows Server as a drive letter, for example: D:. Now you can use all kinds of d...

tags: file-transfer-protocol ftp-support ftp-upload ftps mount-ftp-drives
platform: Windows


WinFsp, Windows File System Proxy, is a set of software components for Windows computers that allows the creation of user mode file systems. In thi...

tags: filesystem fuse user-file-system
platform: Windows