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Domain name research, including comprehensive Whois Lookup, Reverse Whois Lookup and Whois History. Domain name monitoring tools and buyer/seller t...

tags: dns domain-name domains registrar whois
platform: Online

Robtex Swiss Army Knife Internet Tool

Here you will find everything you need to know about domains, DNS, IP addresses, routes, autonomous systems, and much, much more!

tags: bgp dns domain-name domain-stats domains
platform: Online


DomainTally is a leading domain name intelligence and analytics platform that provides comprehensive insight and key metrics into any website.

tags: analytics dns domains web-analytics web-based
platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux Online

Free DNS related tools including Reverse IP Lookup, DNS Propagation Checker, Chinese Firewall Test, DNS Report and more!

tags: dns
platform: Online

Domain Details

Displays Server Type, Headers, IP Address, Location Flag, and links to Whois Reports. Shows links to check server status and cache when page fails ...

tags: location ip-address whois
platform: Windows Linux


Free tools for DNS lookup, dns tests, RBL check, Reverse IP, Website Worth, Reverse WHOIS and more!

tags: domain-name whois reverse-whois reverse-ip domain-stats
platform: Online

Domains Index

Domain Lists and Zone Files lists of all registered domain names, registered domains database. Over 290MM domains in our dataset. Daily updates and...

tags: bulk-whois domain-name domain-name-search domain-names domain-search
platform: Online Self-Hosted

Ponderworthy's Whois

A simple, reliable, and fast lookup, of the whois database systems, for Internet domains.Also has a lookup pulling all DNS records for fully qualif...

tags: dns dns-checks dns-report whois whois-lookup
platform: Online