Near Peer!

Near Peer is offline chat application which allows user to chat without internet within 100m range.

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Near Peer alternatives


Briar is a messaging app designed for activists, journalists, and anyone else who needs a safe, easy and robust way to communicate. Unlike traditio...

tags: blogging bluetooth-support communications decentralized encrypted-chat
platform: Android


FireChat introduces a new way to chat: "off-the-grid".Now you can chat with people around you – even if there is no Internet connection or mobile p...

tags: chat-clients chat-without-internet cross-platform decentralized group-chat
platform: Android iPhone Android Tablet iPad

The Serval Mesh

It works by using your phone's Wi-Fi to not communicate with other phones on the same network. Or even by forming impromptu networks Consisting onl...

tags: communications mesh chat-without-internet push-to-talk offline-file-sharing
platform: Android


Meet new people and find your friends on NickEgo, free chat without registration, your nick is your ego.

tags: chat-clients no-registration social-network
platform: Online


A New Way to Share and Connect, YO! is the off-grid messaging, sharing and content discovery app. Connect at high speeds without data or the Internet.

tags: chat-without-internet no-internet-required offline-file-sharing offline-file-transfer social-network
platform: Android iPhone


When the world goes dark and the cell towers stop working, ZombieChat carries on.

tags: chat-clients chat-without-internet instant-messaging no-internet-required peer-to-peer
platform: iPhone


OC is a communication app that allows users to discover other nearby users,limited to 100 meters,and create a peer-to-peer connection without any I...

tags: chat-without-internet instant-messaging no-internet-required smartphone-messaging
platform: Android

Jott Messenger

Text friends online and offline

tags: bluetooth-support chat-without-internet mesh-networking offline-access social-network
platform: Android iPhone Android Tablet iPad


Connect with those you know...No data or network? No worries..

tags: chat-without-internet mesh-network
platform: Android

Chat Offline

Even if you were in a zone where there is no signal and internet and you are split from your other members, you can still chat with them.

tags: chat-without-internet no-internet-required
platform: Android

VMC Next Messenger

VMC Next Messenger is an offline Messaging with the OITS Engine. Stay in touch when you're offline.

tags: chat-without-internet
platform: Android

Fire Message

Chat wirelessly over Bluetooth Low Energy. No internet required.

tags: social-network chat-without-internet
platform: iPhone


Chat with the people nearby without Internet connection!

tags: chat-without-internet no-internet-required social-network
platform: iPhone iPad

Hood (mesh:ine)

Stay linked in big crowds and wherever the signal is poor. Hood is the new way to say GOODBYE to weak signals, expensive data plan costs and loneli...

tags: chat-without-internet cross-platform mesh no-internet-required
platform: Android iPhone Android Tablet


Loud-Hailer works like a walkie-talkie, letting you send messages from your iPhone to others nearby without cell reception, WiFi or an Internet con...

tags: chat-without-internet mesh-networking
platform: iPhone