Marxio Timer!

Marxio Timer is an easy to use, yet versatile timer, reminder and scheduling tool that you can use to execute more than a dozen different task type...

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Marxio Timer alternatives


Hourglass is the most advanced simple countdown timer for Windows. Just enter a time in just about any format, and hit Enter.

tags: timer countdown-timer
platform: Windows


CookTimer is a simple cross-platform countdown timer that helps when cooking, making tea or eggs. It also works for any other timing purpose such a...

tags: Portable alarm-clock chronometer clock cooking
platform: Windows Linux

Ethervane Stopwatch

Ethervane Stopwatch is a simple timer for Windows 2000 or later. It can be used for example to track the time spent working or performing other act...

tags: Discontinued stopwatch
platform: Windows Discontinued


TTclock is a simple, compact alarm clock, countdown timer and stopwatch that can be minimized to the system tray. It has two display modes: pure cl...

tags: Portable alarm-clock countdown-timer desktop-clock stopwatch
platform: Windows


All the timers I tested were too complex for my taste. I decided to write one that was dead simple, so you could run it, type in a time and hit ent...

tags: Portable timer timer-utility
platform: Windows

OK Timer

OK Timer’s simple and intuitive design makes it a worthy alternative that allows you to manage multiple timers under one roof.

tags: stopwatch timer
platform: Android


Hourglass is a PSP (Personal Software Process) time tracking utility written in Java. It allows users to track the time spent on various programmin...

tags: time-tracking track-activities
platform: Windows Linux Java Mobile


A dead-simple timer that's been beautifully designed and crafted with a unique feature -- the timer repeats itself nonestopAdd up to 3 timers in a ...

tags: productivity-tool health-and-fitness timer productivity-app workouts
platform: iPhone

vijazedan Timer

This is a simple app that creates a timer, and when time finishes, a sound is played. It has two modes, GUI mode for user interface and terminal/co...

tags: Discontinued Portable clock command-line cross-platform
platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux BSD Discontinued


InerziaTimer is a small and easy to use application that can help you to measure time intervals. Its streamlined graphical user interface is not-in...

tags: timer alarm-clock countdown time-zone chronometer
platform: Mac OS X

Shutdown Scheduler

It is a utility allowing to automate shutting the system down or closing specified applications. It is also able to break a modem connection, resta...

tags: Discontinued timer automatic shutdown automatic-shutdown
platform: Windows Discontinued


Timer is a simple chronometer application. Enter a value and click Start to count down any number of hours, minutes, and seconds, or start at zero ...

tags: stopwatch countdown-clock
platform: Mac OS X Windows


MyStopWatch help you to quickly access your stopwatch with just a click in your menu bar.

tags: timer clock stopwatch countdown homework
platform: Mac OS X


Egg - Compact Multifunction Timer

tags: timer timers timer-utility
platform: Windows


KTimer is a little tool to execute programs after some time. It allows you to enter several tasks and to set a timer for each of them. The timers f...

tags: countdown countdown-clock
platform: Linux