Leafnode is a software package that implements a store & forward NNTP proxy (client and server) that supports TCP connections across IPv4 and IPv6....

Leafnode is easy to install, requires no maintenance and can run unattended. It will recover from most problems without user intervention if possible. No configuration of a newsfeed at the upstream server is necessary, leafnode looks to the upstream server like a regular newsreader program. Leafnode will automatically figure which newsgroups are read locally and will download them, and it will stop downloading from these newsgroups if they haven't been read locally. It allows for simple filters to limit the number of articles downloaded, the size or exclude articles with particular headers (Perl-compatible regular expression match. It has a mode to optionally download only headers in a first run, lets the user mark these through his newsreader (note that not all newsreaders will work and d

Go to http://leafnode.sourceforge.net/

Leafnode alternatives


SABnzbd is a free/open-source cross-platform binary newsreader written in Python.It simplifies the process of downloading from Usenet dramatically,...

tags: rss-feeds usenet usenet-news-client nzb news-client
platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux


NewsBin Pro is a Usenet NNTP newsreader that downloads and decodes binary file attachments to Usenet posts.

tags: news mp3 usenet rar jpg
platform: Windows


HelloNzb - The Binary Usenet Tool

tags: Portable usenet usenet-news-client nzb nntp
platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux


A powerful Mac usenet client to browse usenet, create and reply to messages and download files.

tags: Discontinued usenet usenet-news-client newsgroups newsgroup
platform: Mac OS X Discontinued


GetNZB is a free Newsreader software with integrated NNTP access for downloading files from Usenet. Register and get free Trial account now! GetNZB...

tags: usenet usenet-news-client usenet-access news-reader nntp
platform: Windows


alt.binz is a powerful binary newsreader, for downloading and managing articles from Usenet. Checking the downloaded files, auto unpausing missing ...

tags: news rar usenet newsgroups unrar
platform: Windows

Nzb Leech

The official website of NZB Leech. NZB Leech is a simple native usenet download client for android. Import nzb files into NZB Leech and download on...

tags: nzb-downloader usenet-search
platform: Android


The small and efficient NZB client for OSX, optimized for performance and ease of use.NZBVortex is very fast in comparison to other usenet clients ...

tags: usenet nzb
platform: Mac OS X


GrabIt is a free application that enables you to easily find and download content from Usenet news servers. The familiar looking interface makes se...

tags: news usenet usenet-news-client newsgroups newsgroup
platform: Windows


Pan is a newsreader, loosely based on Agent and Gravity, which attempts to be pleasant to use for new and advanced users alike. It has all the typi...

tags: news-reader newsgroups nntp usenet usenet-news-client
platform: Windows Linux

Newsflash Plus

Newsflash Plus is a powerful Usenet binary reader which provides lots of advanced features like integration with archivers and media players, autom...

tags: built-in-rss-reader integrated-search nzb usenet-news-client
platform: Windows Linux


Newsgroup reader for OS X

tags: usenet newsgroups usenet-news-client newsgroup nntp
platform: Mac OS X

MicroPlanet Gravity

Gravity is a usenet news client for reading news over NNTP on Windows Operating Systems. Gravity has been a popular newsreader since 1996 when it w...

tags: news-reader usenet-news-client news-client
platform: Windows


NewsLeecher is a tool made for fetching and managing articles from the Usenet. It downloads Usenet articles in a snap, and uses its inline engine t...

tags: news usenet usenet-news-client newsgroups
platform: Windows


Simple and automated Usenet downloader for Newzbin (NZB) files.

tags: usenet nzb
platform: Linux