kalu (which could stand for "Keeping Arch Linux Up-to-date") is a small application that will add an icon to your systray and sit there, regularly ...

* **Available upgrades for installed packages**. That is, anything from one of the repos, or what would be upgraded with a `pacman Syu` * **Available upgrades for non-installed packages**. You can define a list of watched packages, that is packages for which you'd like to be notified when an upgrade is out, even though they're not installed. (E.g. packages you repack for yourself to apply a patch or something * **Available upgrades for AUR packages**. All foreign packages (i.e. not found in any repo, aka `-Qm` can be checked for upgrades available in the AUR. Any and all packages not found in the AUR will also be reported in a separate notifications, allowing you to spot e.g. packages renamed/removed. Of course, if all is fine those packages should be added to the ignore list, not to

Go to http://jjacky.com/kalu/

Kalu alternatives

pacman (package manager)

The pacman package manager is one of the major distinguishing features of Arch Linux . It combines a simple binary package format with an easy-to-u...

tags: software-management package-manager package-installer
platform: Linux Arch Linux


Octopi is a GUI package manager built on QT that makes using both of the Arch/Manjaro prime terminal package managers - pacman & yaourt - simple po...

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Graphical Package Manager for Manjaro Linux (based on libalpm).

tags: package-installer package-management persistent-history
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PacmanXG - is a GUI for pacman (package manager) , the package management system for Arch Linux .

tags: package-management software-installation software-updating
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tkPacman is a lightweight graphical user interface for 'pacman', the package manager of Arch Linux.

tags: package-management
platform: Linux Arch Linux