A commenting server similar to Disqus and IntenseDebate

You will need version 4 or higher of `firefox` https://www.mozilla.org/firefox
to run Pencil as a Firefox Extension. Linux users will need version 4 or higher of either `firefox`, `iceweasel` or `xulrunner` https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Mozilla/Projects/XULRunner,
or version 25 or higher of `palemoon` https://www.palemoon.org/.
The Windows installer and OS X archive has everything you need built-in. Windows, Linux, OS X & Firefox Packages are available for download from the Releases Page https://github.com/prikhi/pencil/releases.
You can also install the Firefox Add-on from the Mozilla Add-on Repository https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/pencil-prototyping/.
To install the OS X package, unzip the archive and copy the `Pencil.app` folder t

Go to https://github.com/phusion/juvia

Juvia alternatives


Disqus is the web’s most popular discussion system. It's a global comment system that improves discussion on websites and connects conversations ac...

tags: comment-platform community-management discussion-board embedded-comments oauth
platform: Online Windows Phone Wordpress


Isso – Ich schrei sonst – is a lightweight commenting server written in Python and JavaScript. It aims to be a drop-in replacement for Disqus.

tags: comment-system
platform: Linux


HashOver is a PHP comment system intended as a replacement for services like Disqus. HashOver is free and open source software, under the GNU Affer...

tags: discussion comment-system community-solution
platform: Self-Hosted


talkatv is an open source comment service much like Disqus or IntenseDebate .

tags: Discontinued comment-system embeddable python
platform: Online JavaScript Discontinued


Commentar is a self hosted open source commenting system which can easily be integrated into any existing system. It is a modular system and some f...

tags: Discontinued comment-system community-solution discussion modular-system
platform: Self-Hosted Discontinued

Master Comments System

Master Comments System is a very compact comments system with basic options:

tags: discussion community-solution comment-system
platform: Self-Hosted


jskomment is an open source commenting system that is built on javascript and AJAX.

tags: ajax javascript php
platform: Linux BSD Self-Hosted


RbComment - Zend Framework 2 module for drop-in, self-hosted comments, with email notifications, Akismet, ZfcUser and Gravatar integration.

tags: discussion comment-system community-solution
platform: Self-Hosted


coComment is a service for managing, powering and researching conversations online. When using coComment, you can keep track of your comments acros...

tags: Discontinued firefox-addon tumblr blog-comment
platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux Firefox Discontinued


Livefyre is an embeddable real-time commenting platform that turns comments on any site into live conversations, increases the quality of those con...

tags: Discontinued wordpress conversations
platform: Online Discontinued


IntenseDebate is the premier commenting system available on the Internet for blogs and websites. IntenseDebate comments enhances and encourages con...

tags: comment-platform comment-system embeddable embedded-comments widget
platform: Online TypePad Tumblr Blogger Wordpress

Facebook Comments Box

Comments Box is a social plugin that enables user commenting on your site. Features include moderation tools and distribution.

tags: embedded-comments facebook-comments facebook-integration social-plugin
platform: Online


Almost every business owns a website these days. However, few of them are able to engage their visitors. We provide a solution. A comment widget wi...

tags: comment-platform comment-system commenting embeddable widget
platform: Online


Powering the Realtime Social Layer for Entertainment, Local Media and High Traffic Blogs. Realtidbits was acquired by Livefyre.com.

tags: analytics forums pinboard social-media user-generated
platform: Online Wordpress


SolidOpinion is a fun, new and dynamic commenting platform. Members earn points for being engaged in the discussion - for example, for posting and ...

tags: blogging comment-system commenting discussion
platform: Online