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Get rid of error message like Error deleting or renaming file or folder, cannot delete folder: its being used by another person or program Unlocker...

tags: Discontinued Portable Bundleware delete-files locked-files
platform: Windows Discontinued Bundleware


It is a free tool to delete files blocked by something you do not know. LockHunter is useful for fighting against malware, and other programs that ...

tags: 64-bit-support delete-files file-unlock file-unlocker file-unlocking
platform: Windows


DeadLock is a free file and folder unlocking utility brought to you by CodeDead. It can help you unlock files or folders that you’re unable to dele...

tags: locked-files file-unlocker unlock-file
platform: Windows


Have you ever bored by this Windows message : "Error Deleting File or Folder, ... There has been a sharing violation. The source or destination fil...

tags: handle locked-file move
platform: Windows Windows Explorer


Sometimes, files on the Mac cannot be deleted, moved or renamed. This can be caused by insufficient access rights, or because some processes are st...

tags: delete-files locked-files
platform: Mac OS X

File & Folder Unlocker

File & Folder Unlocker is a powerful yet easy-to-use system utility that gives you complete control over the locked files and folders on your compu...

tags: Discontinued locked-files undeletable-file delete-invalid-file file-unlocker
platform: Windows Discontinued

Free File Unlocker

Free File Unlocker is an essential free utility to delete currently Used, locked, undeletable, busy files. Works with all 32bit and 64bit versions ...

tags: Portable locked-files
platform: Windows

SysTools UnBlocker

UnBlocker software unblocks all the files that are compatible with the NTFS alternate data stream security. The software is programmed to unblock a...

tags: file-unlocker unlock-file file-unlock
platform: Windows