Hoek's Tools!

Hoek’s Tools is a vast collection of portable utilities for the management, diagnosis and repairing of computer problems, recover lost or deleted f...

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Hoek's Tools alternatives

Hiren's BootCD

Hiren's BootCD (HBCD) is a completely free bootable CD that contains a load of useful tools you can make use of in a variety of situations like ana...

tags: Discontinued Portable analyzer bios bootable-cd
platform: Windows Linux Discontinued


SystemRescueCd is a Linux system rescue disk available as a bootable CD-ROM or USB stick for administrating or repairing your system and data after...

tags: system-restore bootable-media bootable system-repair bootable-cd
platform: Linux Self-Hosted

Ultimate Boot CD

The last Boot CD you'll ever need.

tags: Portable live-cd file-recovery boot-manager partition-manager
platform: Windows Linux


Knoppix is an operating system based on Debian designed to be run directly from a CD / DVD (Live CD) or a USB key (Live USB), one of the first of i...

tags: booting-from-usb linux-emulator linux-operating-systems live-cd livecd
platform: Linux

Boot Repair Disk

A simple tool to recover access to your Operating Systems.

tags: boot-repair linux-recovery stand-alone standalone system-fix
platform: Linux Self-Hosted

FalconFour's Ultimate Boot CD

F4UBCD, FalconFour's Ultimate Boot CD, will be the last Boot CD you'll ever need.

tags: Discontinued Portable bootable bootable-cd diagnostic-tool
platform: Windows Self-Hosted Discontinued

The Portable Freeware Collection

Huge, regularly updated collection of portable freeware or open source applications of all kinds. No specific launcher is distributed by this site,...

tags: software-repository portable-applications freeware-site
platform: Online


Rescatux is a GNU/Linux rescue cd (and eventually also Windows) but it is not like other rescue disks. Rescatux comes with Rescapp. Rescapp is a ni...

tags: boot-manager repair-system rescue-system system-repair system-rescue
platform: Self-Hosted

All in One – System Rescue Toolkit

From the site: "I have been a field service technician for many years, which means that I am out on my own fixing computers on-site and don’t alway...

tags: bootable-cd data-recovery fix-error hard-drive-recovery live-cd
platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux


Grml provides an excellent selection of software packages for installation, deployment and system rescue. You'll get sysadmin's favourite tools. Ch...

tags: system-administration live-cd debian sysadmins live-system
platform: Linux

Offline NT Password & Registry Editor

Windows stores its user information, including crypted versions of the passwords, in a file called 'sam', usually found in \windows\system32\config...

tags: Portable password-crack password-recovery password-reset registry-editor
platform: Windows Linux

ALT Linux

ALT Linux is a set of RPM-based operating systems built on top of the Linux kernel and Sisyphus packages repository

tags: analysis-tool diagnostic diagnostic-tool file-recovery forensics
platform: Linux

Anvi Rescue Disk

Anvi Rescue Disk was designed to be used when standard antivirus software fail to detect and clean various computer infections, especially boot-sec...

tags: antivirus bootable-cd ransomware registry-repair rescue-cd
platform: Windows

[email protected] Data Studio

[email protected] Data Studio (Live CD) contains a set of both desktop applications and a bootable image for booting up any system into a DOS or Windows envi...

tags: backup-tool cd-burner data-recovery data-security disk-imaging
platform: Windows


Finnix is a small, self-contained, bootable Linux CD distribution for system administrators, based on Debian GNU/Linux. You can use it to mount and...

tags: debian-based debugger linux-operating-systems live-cd network-monitoring
platform: Linux