Exif Editor!

Edit image EXIF and IPTC metadata on the Mac. The easiest and the simplest way. Edit multiple files at once.

* Correcting time the photo was shot * Viewing and editing camera settings * Removing camera, author or software information * Adding information about scanned analog photos *

Go to http://www.exifeditorapp.com

Exif Editor alternatives


ExifTool is a platform-independent Perl library plus a command-line application for reading, writing and editing meta information in a wide variety...

tags: Portable change-file-dates drag-and-drop exif exif-editor
platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux


Graphical user interface to ExifTool for reading and writing metadata in images.

tags: Discontinued Portable exif exif-editor iptc
platform: Windows Discontinued


pyExifToolGui is a graphical frontend for the open source command line tool exiftool by Phil Harvey.

tags: exif exif-editor metadata-editor python-app
platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux


Exiv2 is a C++ library and a command line utility to manage image metadata. It provides fast and easy read and write access to the Exif, IPTC and X...

tags: exif exif-editor iptc metadata metadata-editor
platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux


EXIFManager is a free software that allows to:* quickly enter image description / user comment / author on a set of JPG picture, inside the EXIF da...

tags: Portable exif exif-editor exif-metadata exif-renamer
platform: Windows


PhotoME is a powerful tool to show and edit the meta data of image files. Thanks to the well organised layout and intuitive handling, it's possible...

tags: browser-extension exif exif-editing exif-editor explorer-integration
platform: Windows Internet Explorer Thunderbird Opera Flock SeaMonkey Firefox

Exif Pilot

Exif Pilot is a Free EXIF Editor that allows you to manipulate META data within image files.

tags: exif exif-editing exif-editor image-editing meta
platform: Windows