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Create polls, votes or surveys without having to leave your inbox. You no longer need to go to a website to create a poll, as Clubble works with ev...

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E-mail polls by Clubble alternatives


With thousands of customers in over 40 countries, theres a good chance that someone you know already uses us. Free:Only 10 Questions and 100 Respon...

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platform: Windows Online

Straw Poll

Strawpoll.me is a very simple tool for creating online polls.

tags: poll polling polling-tool surveys
platform: Online


xoyondo makes it easy to schedule events, create polls and start private discussions. It is free - no registration required!

tags: create-poll event-planning message-board no-registration scheduling
platform: Online


SmartSurvey is an online survey software designed to help users to create and design surveys, publish them online and analyse results graphically i...

tags: multi-language offline-surveys online-service online-survey opinion
platform: Online


Unlike the most others solutions, SurveyJS Project consists of three fully independent parts: run-time SurveyJS library, SurveyJS editor and Survey...

tags: javascript-library online-polls online-surveys polling-tool polls
platform: Online Self-Hosted


Very easy to use polling tool. Every visiter can easily post their own suggestions.

tags: surveys polls brainstorming vote suggestions
platform: Online


With your free account from PollDaddy you can start creating surveys in minutes: Survey sharing is a Pro only feature, not included in the Free pla...

tags: statistics surveys wordpress poll german
platform: Online


With Engageform you can create quizzes, polls & surveys in only a few minutes. Publish them and they will look amazing on all sorts of screens.

tags: create-poll customer-analytics export-to-excel marketers mobile-friendly
platform: Online


SurveyMoz is designed with the user ‘you’ in mind. It requires no previous experience or knowledge on how to create online surveys. You can create ...

tags: customer-feedback employee-feedback market-research polls questionnaire
platform: Online


Schedule meetings faster with Vyte.

tags: appointment-scheduling project-scheduling resource-scheduling schedule-meeting staff-scheduling
platform: Online iPhone


Create simple polls in seconds. No registration required.

tags: create-poll decision-making event-planning minimalistic no-registration
platform: Online iPhone


EUSurvey is the European Commission's official survey management tool. Its main purpose is to create official surveys of public opinion and forms f...

tags: online-polls online-survey online-survey-tool poll polling-tool
platform: Online


ChilledLime is a minimalist poll maker that converts links into rich embeds.

tags: embed mobile-friendly poll poll-maker poll-tool
platform: Online


Creative ideas are the things you should be spending time on. Your audience doesn't care about programming, scalability, security and those kinds o...

tags: poll polling-tool poll-maker poll-tool
platform: Online


Easiest and fastest way to create a poll. Stickpoll allows you to create an online poll in seconds!

tags: survey-tool surveys poll polls vote
platform: Online